Sunday Adelaja-The man who sponsored Bisola Johnson Against TB Joshua

We are beneficiaries of the deliverance, healing and blessings of God through T.B Joshua and would like to counter the fictitious lies of the saboteur Bisola Johnson which have led many to blaspheme against the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of T.B Joshua.

For those who have contributed negatively the Bible tells us clearly to be careful of what we look at, what we listen to, what we read and what others tell us. If not, you may be a Christian yet controlled by satanic devices.

A Christian is one whose life comes from Christ himself and Christ preached the good news, in His teaching you’ll never hear condemnation. So Bisola, now that you call yourself Evangelist of Jesus Christ, is it condemnation your Bible has taught you?

Many of you heard rumours that T.B Joshua does not call the name of Jesus or read the bible and without finding out the truth, you judged him. Today T.B Joshua has become contentious and probably the most persecuted man of God in the whole world. Little do his persecutors know that their actions have done. As TB Joshua says, persecution is a tonic to the anointing!

Bisola Johnson was raised from the wreckage, as it were, to serve the Living God in the ministry. She witnessed great miracles of healing, deliverance etc. performed by our Lord Jesus Christ using Prophet T.B. Joshua as His instrument not for one, or two years but for virtually a decade. Yet for reasons best known to her and her sponsors Adelaja, she decided to deny the great works of God and declare them fake and now accusing TB Joshua of raping her. Mentioning names of people who are still in the SCOAN.

Bisola you claimed the healing of cripples, cancer patients etc. at The SCOAN is stage managed. May God have mercy on your miserable soul. We know that it is a terrible thing

to fall into the hands of the Living God. One would have wondered the wheelchairs for those healed during Prophet T.B. Joshua’s crusades in Ghana, Singapore, Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay etc. Perhaps, you Bisola also brainwashed them to get into the wheelchairs.

Bisola, tell us, what of the hundreds of thousands of people from across the world who have benefitted from God’s outpouring of His Spirit at The SCOAN through His servant, Prophet TB Joshua, and of course, testify, to the genuineness of the miracles they received from God. God is not the author of falsehood. Did you go there to brainwash them too? May l remind you that you were the same person who first saw the lady the video below when she first arrived at the Church and put her on the prayer line to be prayed for. It the wound on her foot fake too?

Let genuine Christians concentrate on the true teaching of the gospel and effectively commit themselves to Christ Jesus so that He will confirm their teaching with miracles, signs and wonders as He promised in the Scriptures. We must see it as our duty to acknowledge the goodness of God anywhere and at any time. We cannot build up our ministries or propagate the gospel through blasphemous campaigns targeted at other ministries, churches or even other religious organizations. However, we note that all shall give account of what they have said or done at the point of judgement by God. For Bisola and her group, we say – may God be our judge.

We hereby strongly disassociate ourselves from all Bisola’s claims and blasphemies.

Finally, all children of God must be very careful not to mistake the mantle for the monk or observe form more than the power. We must always pray fervently that God should lead us by His Spirit to discover ourselves and others too. For we believe that any true seeker of Christ would find Him, not in the verbiage of reckless condemnation of churches/ ministries but in true humility and appeal for God’s grace and wisdom.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Adelaja-The man who sponsored Bisola Johnson Against TB Joshua

  1. The devil is angry at you T b Joshua because you are his enemy. Everybody has a past. Just keep on working for God. I love you. Tell God to give me money so I can send some to you


  2. Good morning
    Greetings in Jesus name Amen.
    I personally I don’t want to be told by you bishola , I know who Prophet TB Joshua is. To me he is one of God’s General,Senior Prophet TB Joshua is a real Man of God. I have so many testmonies, which God uses Prophet TB Joshua for my healing, deliverance and many more.
    Bleeding for 5 year none stop, was healed instantly, Spirit of death in my family stopped instantly after a touch from Prophet TB Joshua. People of God, I have so many testmonies.
    Just 3 days ago I saw a vision where by I was in Nazareth at the Amphitheatre at Mount precipice on prayerline and waiting for Prophet TB Joshua to attend to us , people of God for my surprise I saw Jesus came and stood in front of me and others while waiting for Prophet TB Joshua. And Jesus spoke to me and afterwards, I saw Prophet TB Joshua and his wife doing 1:1 with people and he called next when I went to him he asked what did Jesus said to you and before I started telling him whatJesus told me. Prophet TB Joshua started telling everything what Jesus told me.
    So to me this is a conformation that Prophet TB Joshua was sent by God and there is no doubt about it. So bishola you are sent by the devil to attack Prophet TB Joshua. bishola the devil in you his time has expired and the kingdom of darkness will be destroyed in Jesus name. Prophet TB Joshua we love you lots my Father in the Lord.
    We pray that may God almighty continue to give you strength, more anointing and more Grace in Jesus name Amen.
    God bless you
    Thank you Jesus.


  3. Madam, is laps are loosely opened, that Mr.A rapped you today tomorrow another ,is it means only men of God that are after you ? madam BJ. remember is easier for God to forgive ones sin than a person/ sinner who made others to fall; any court or groups of people paying attention to you has no work to do. you are just an instrument of distribution.


    1. An Ex disciple of TB Joshua and the one of the people in charge of coordinating the international visitors I can confirm that bracelet Johnson has not only defrauded a business man but has also defrauded many South Africans were over $30,000
      Bisola finally picked fence when the foreigners who had join TB Joshua his followers started running the voiceovers and it tend to do it better than she was let to her grievances that me that you finally leave this one


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