Bisola Johnson (Accuser Of TB Joshua) EXPOSED as a Fraudster by American Businessman!


It appears the last has not been heard of the saga surrounding Bisola Johnson, her credibility and the contentious accusations she levelled against Pastor T.B. Joshua.

Surprising new footage has emerged from an American-Ghanaian businessman unveiling evidence of fraud perpetrated by Johnson – an ex-worker at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) – and a male accomplice named Theo.

In a video published to YouTube, Stephen Amponsem narrated how Johnson – who has been in the news for her public accusations against Joshua in the wake of the COZA rape scandal – defrauded him to the tune of $2,000.

“Bisola lied to me to get money from me and my wife. She’s been lying to many other people,” he insisted, before explaining the circumstances that led to his encounter with Johnson.

Amponsem revealed that a mental breakdown intertwined with spiritual attacks led him to abandon his home in Los Angeles, USA and left him ‘roaming the streets’ of Nigeria.

“There was no solution; doctors could not help. I went through all the country,” Stephen explained, adding that he finally resolved to visit The SCOAN following a surreal ‘spiritual’ attack.

“A woman – a spiritual woman – knocked at my door at 1am… She started to become a snake all over. She told me, ‘You can go to all churches around but don’t go to The Synagogue. That encouraged me to go to the church,” he revealed. 

Footage dated back to 1996 then shows his encounter with a markedly younger Joshua. “I have a spiritual wife. Every night, I see her,” Amponsem is heard frantically complaining to the cleric who proceeds to pray for him after which he falls to the ground.

According to Amponsem, the prayer was followed by a strange encounter in the dream where his ‘spiritual wife’ reneged all contact with him after his visit ‘to that church’.

Returning to USA and reconciling with his Jamaican wife, Stephen’s sanity was fully restored and his business ventures soon prospered after this ‘deliverance’.

Explaining the involvement of Johnson, who now identifies herself as ‘Evangelist Theresa Hephzi-bah Johnson’ on social media, Amponsem revealed he met her during a visit to The SCOAN.

“One day, Bisola called me from Nigeria and said a young man named Theo would be coming to Los Angeles and we should entertain him,” he explained. 

Unbeknownst to the Amponsems, Johnson had severed ties with Joshua and left his ministry at this time.

After welcoming Theo – under the impression he was affiliated with The SCOAN – Stephen gave him $2,000 of “financial support” for Emmanuel TV and two new suits as a personal gift for Joshua, requesting he give them to Bisola.

In a subsequent phone call with Johnson, she confirmed she had received the gifts and handed them over to The SCOAN.

Upon learning the resources were in fact never received by Joshua and Johnson had left the ministry in contentious circumstances, Amponsem was understandably irate.

“She is a 419 (fraudster) who is making money out of lying,” he asserted, speaking in the presence of several foreign ‘business partners’.

The clip ended with footage of Mr and Mrs Amponsem’s visit to the White House as a special guest of then US President George W Bush where they were honoured for their community contributions.

“I will never forget Pastor T.B. Joshua,”Stephen emotionally concluded. “Without his anointing and his ministry, I would be a crazy person begging on the streets of Los Angeles or Nigeria.”

Johnson has levelled several accusations against Joshua although footage released by Emmanuel TV revealed she had returned to the church on several occasions previously to retract her ‘false statements’ which she attributed to ‘irrational behaviour’.

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