TB Joshua: The Misunderstood & Misrepresented Prophet at SCOAN

Never a time like our time has the church being so divided on diverse metrics than now.

tb joshua,scoan
Prophet T.B. Joshua

We see each other as rivals rather than brethren. We spend too much time arguing over scripture, the right or the wrong denomination, doctrines, creed, who is a man or woman of God and who isn’t, who is a devil and who is a saint. Most believers usually only have fellowship with those in their own church or group. This segregation is divisive to the detriment of the singular mandate Jesus gave every believer to go out and make disciples of all nations teaching them to obey all that He has commanded us – Matthew 28:19,20.

The early church was one, this was Jesus prayer for his church in John 17:21-23. Let’s spend the time that we spend fighting each other by showing the love of Christ, giving our time to helping others supporting the church as commanded.

The assignment of making disciples of all nations cannot be handled by one ministry even if it has 2 billion members. Every part has a function that others can’t supply effectively. The eye is not the leg and the leg is not the hand. Each part of the body of Christ is optimized for a particular function that displays the diversity of our heavenly Father.

TB Joshua, the misunderstood and misrepresented prophet at Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) to draw us to the need to extend a hand of fellowship with SCOAN and our brothers and sister in other fellowships around the world. This cannot happen without knowledge of the ministry. Only in knowledge can understanding come.This is driven by our burden in otakada.org to see the body of Christ united in spirit. By the time you are done reading this book, you will gain information you never had before on the need for unity as shown to me. You will be desirous to engage other ministries like SCOAN as you will see the need to open channels of communication with other ministries beyond your own so that you will be an answer to Christ prayer on unity because of your selfless action to engage lovingly with other brethren.

“Now let’s put this all together: Jesus prayed in John 17 that the Body of Christ would be united with the Godhead in the same way that He Himself is united with His Father. The implication is that when people see us, they have seen the Father. And if they don’t believe us on account of our words, they should believe us on account of our works, because we are to do greater works than Jesus did. That is the kind of unity that will cause the world to know that the Kingdom of God has come near them!” – Kris Vallotton

Daily Devotion – LIVING FAITH – TB Joshua

Daily WorshipIn her message titled LIVING FAITH, evangelist Catherine urged Christians to submit themselves to the will of God by imbibing the principle of faith which is the only thing that connects them to the Father. “Faith is the route to Jesus – our movement towards God”, she said, adding that “Faith is where God wants you to be.”

She declared that Peter was able to make a huge catch when he humbled himself and believed in the power of Jesus to turn around his situation from bad to good. “When Peter’s eyes were opened to faith, he became a blessed man. Peter, when he saw Jesus at the seaside, saw the power and anointing of God… Peter went from a hopeless man to a faith-filled man. Peter changed when he allowed God’s Word to prevail over sense evidence. Peter saw himself clearly. He realised that there was something far greater than his ability to catch fish”, she said.  

She warned that, in keeping faith with God, a good Christian is supposed to worship the Producer of the products and not the products themselves, as Peter realised when he came in contact with Jesus. “It dawned on Peter how much he had misplaced Christ in his heart, worshipping the product instead of the Producer”, she pointed out.

Concluding, she reminded them of these Spirit-filled words of our father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua – “If I can get you into faith and get you to stay there, you will be victorious.”