Daily Devotion – TRUST – MOVE THE IMPOSSIBLE By Propheters Yinka

With abundant references to other parts of Scripture – Genesis 1, 15 & 22, John 20: 29, 2 Corinthians 5: 7, Daniel 3: 17-18 and Hebrews 12 – Yinka demonstrated God’s expectations of Christians, especially when they are going through challenging situations. She exhorted the congregation and viewers to understand that unpleasant situations are mostly meant to test their ability to wait on God ‘til the very end. She said, When you experience things contrary to God’s promise for your life, always remember it is an opportunity to cultivate an attitude of Christ Jesus,” adding that tests and trials are inevitable in the Christian race. Rounding off her message, Yinka Daily Worshipadvised: “Stay focused. Be calm. Don’t take a step back. Stay steady, even when everything around you is unsteady.” With those words, the woman of God manifested God’s incredible anointing as she prepared the congregation’s heart for the miracles that followed. Stretching forth her hand in the name of Jesus Christ, signs and wonders followed as the Spirit of God healed the sick and revealed the deep things of God. As she prayed for the sick on one side of the auditorium, people on the other side of the auditorium began vomiting blood and poisonous substances. This miracle demonstrated that when the power of God is present, healing is just like breathing! The sick stood up from their mats of sickness and walked to the glory of God; those oppressed received messages of prophecy that unlocked their futures and lives were transformed. The men of God, Racine and Chris came to join Yinka as the powerful manifestation of God’s glory and power filled the auditorium and homes of those watching around the world on Emmanuel TV