An Observation On The Persecution Of TB Joshua

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Prophet T.B. Joshua

This article is an observation from one of our readers:

Orchestrated and organized persecution of individual Christians, their leaders, the burning down of Church buildings and destroying the Bible or restricting its distribution is not new. For example, Paul and Silas were beaten with rods, cast into prison in chains (Acts 16:16). Their offence was that they delivered a demon-possessed girl. Daniel was cast into the den of lions (Daniel 6) because he was too straight in his daily dealings. The early apostles suffered different degrees of persecutions, rejection, and castaway. This same trend went on in Europe, Asia, and now Africa.

Today we think that Prophet T.B. Joshua and his Ministries, SCOAN, and all his disciples are of the order of the early apostolic Church. The early Church era was faced with real evil. We still have an occurrence of this today in many nations of the world where Christians are burnt, beheaded, brutally treated and denied their basic rights. In Nigeria, many things suggest to us that Christian persecution is not abating but mixed with political, socioeconomic and regional pursuits.

Again, SCOAN and his founder and leader are at the forefront because they are a class on their own. They offer effective Christianity and producing many true believers across the globe.

We are not praying for more persecution for Prophet T.B. Joshua, or for any Christian group, but we know the effect of persecution on the growth of the Church. It was like when Satan mistakenly brought Jesus to the Cross only for Satan to experience a defeat because Jesus went to Hell and opened the gates to let out captive Saints. But these persecutors don’t learn from the scriptures or even from history because they are blind and possessing contrary spirits. Their minds are closed to doing only evil perpetually.

Hence, we shall continue to pray for Prophet T.B. Joshua, SCOAN, all Christians and the entire Church of Christ worldwide. Specifically, T. B. Joshua, his Ministries and all his followers at different levels (i.e. those who see Christ the way T.B. Joshua practically presents Him) should continually rest on the unfailing promised Word and the abiding presence of Jesus Christ.

I was in Synagogue several times and benefitted from the large generosity of the Church through T.B. Joshua. I went to Arigidi, the Prophet hometown to find out about T.B. Joshua. He is a true man of God. It is so difficult to know when Prophet T. B. Joshua would have free time for himself or mix a life of sins with a life of doing exploit for God.

We can understand persecution, but it is difficult for a Christian to continue to live in sin expecting more anointing. The Church of Christ in Nigeria is therefore probably receiving an organized attack from the goddesses and queens of various coasts from the pit of hell across the world because Christ is currently in Nigeria. This same wave of opposition to the Church almost cancelled the Two-Day meeting of T. B. Joshua held in Nazareth and certainly discouraged many from attending. But it was a success at the end.

The Church of Christ should not only pray for their church leaders and other Christians but also for their persecutors. Had these persecutors known the right thing they wouldn’t have ventured touching what even Holy Angels would dare to go near. There are things we see in the open and journalists are free to write their limited opinions on such, but those invisible are more in numbers and in strength. Hence, individuals or groups of individuals desirous to bring down the Church of Christ should be careful not to end up on a mission of self-destruction.


HOW TO OVERCOME NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, preached by Chris. Taking his reading Daily Worshipfrom Matthew 9:1-8. He noted that negative thoughts would often show up in our hearts but we have a duty to repel them and speak positivity into our situation. Arguing that “the battles on the outside are simply an extension of the battles on the inside,” Chris admonished the church to avoid entertaining thoughts from satan, the enemy of our soul. If we avoid feeding our negative thoughts, he added, they will not translate into words and actions that portray us as people putting on a camouflage, rather than true Christians. Pushing home his point, Chris stated “harbouring negative thoughts is like holding a bomb” that we must quickly drop before it explodes. Furthermore, Chris described reality as truth and asserted that “there is no reality outside of Christ.” He also reminded the congregation to cast their burdens on Jesus and leave vengeance to Him since God Himself is our Judge. To sum up his message, he cited the story of Joseph who, in Genesis 50:20, forgave his treacherous brothers while assuring them that their supposed evil actions had in fact been God’s way of leading him to his destiny as a man of substance and influence in a foreign land.

Surely, it was a Spirit-filled day at The Arena of Liberty as many received deliverance, healing and breakthrough in the all-conquering name of Jesus Christ. Below are the faith-building testimonies shared during the service.