It was a power-packed Easter service that saw the man of God lay hands on congregation even up to the late hours of the night. Because of the multitude of people who worshipped, Prophet T.B. Joshua was moved by compassion and was led by the Holy Spirit to attend to everyone. Healing, deliverances and blessings were released from Heaven as the man of God prayed with the congregation during the Mass Prayer. The testimonies were too many to be counted – a signal that the power of God never departs from the Arena of Liberty.

Speaking on FORGIVENESS AND UNFORGIVENESS – the main reason Christ died on the Cross, the man of God warned Christians not to allow themselves to fall into the trap of unforgiveness, stressing that man’s spirit – if it is not free, cannot contact the Spirit of God. He said, “Many Christians today are victims of the trap of unforgiveness. Many of us have never felt the presence of God, they just use ideas. Many of us have never felt the presence of God due to years of holding unforgiveness – griefs, grudges, pain of the past, bitterness or resentment in their heart. An unforgiving spirit will put you in the dark, outside God. Whether you are right or wrong, you don’t have a right to hold the pain.”

He stressed that we must learn to forgive ourselves so that we would be able to forgive others. He maintained that a man does not give what he does not have, “Someone may have done horrible things to offend you but for you to receive God, you must forgive. How will you forgive? First, learn to forgive yourself. Then, you can forgive others. What you do not have, you cannot give to others. Everybody hurts somewhere. You must give them another chance”.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua left a very deep message to Christians, “Many who are better than you or live right better than you are in the graveyard. Their dreams hit the rock of disappointment. You are looking, sitting and talking freely. Jesus never disconnects Himself from those who have made mistakes with their lives. Your accuser, offender or enemy – give them another chance”.

In an earlier message, titled A NEW LIFE, Evangelist Yinka had admonished Christians to free their hearts and use the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection as a time for reconciliation and repentance. She said, “When we talk of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we are talking of the rare opportunity He has given to all believers to experience a new life, a new beginning – that is an opportunity to be released from the captivity of satan and sin. Freedom from offence comes from knowing the truth. Offence produces bitterness, hatred and envy but your ability to see beyond your present situation frees you from the trap of satan”. She added that no matter what a person is going through, as soon as he or she embraces Jesus, he or she will become winners. She summed up the importance of her message with the following admonition, “Don’t forget, to release forgiveness to your offender might be a hard thing to do but it is the way to break satan’s hold over your life”.



He had vowed never to come to The SCOAN even though his wife had been an Emmanuel TV Partner since 2013. Most times, when she watched Emmanuel TV, he would either change the channel or go to another room to feed his viewing appetite with whatever pleased him. Dr Chiteba had told his wife that rather than follow her to The SCOAN, he would prefer to visit the Vatican. Somehow, as his wife’s travelling time approached, the Lusaka-based Zambian changed his mind and decided to follow his wife to The SCOAN. About that time, he had a medical condition, high blood pressure for which he needed an urgent solution. For 13 years, that medical condition had stolen the peace in his heart.

But his eventual visit to The SCOAN in company of his wife brought a new lease of life. After attending a Sunday Service and enjoying the Spirit-filled fellowship, he proceeded to the Prayer Line where God had another refreshing package for him. At the Prayer Line, Dr Chiteba received the anointed touch of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had expected something to happen after the man of God touched him but the whole thing played out as if the man of God didn’t even touch him. The Zambian and his wife continued to pray.

That night, he took a decisive step, declaring that he was healed and that he no longer needed the medication he had been taking. His confidence and faith arose from the fact that he had not taken the medication throughout the day leading to that historic night. And true to his faith-filled declaration, Dr Chiteba had not taken the medication since 2015 when he visited up to this very moment. His total healing has indeed been confirmed by the God who created Heaven and earth. Subsequent tests to ascertain his blood pressure level showed that it was and is still very normal.

Dr Chiteba also testified to his rescue from career stagnation. According to him, he had been in a particular work position for more than 10 years without promotion. As an Information Technology professional, most of his colleagues had overtaken him on the career ladder and he couldn’t understand why life was treating him in a malevolent way. In spite of his eminent educational attainments, he still could not rise above a certain position. But one day, he dared the odds with absolute faith in God. There was a very big opening in his organisation but the challenge was that the position was usually an exclusive reserve for foreigners.

His friends and acquaintances who looked at things from their limited human faculties told him to forget about applying for that position, arguing that it was unprecedented for a local to be offered that position. Dr Chiteba would not make their suggestions the basis for his own decision. Rather than dance to their discouraging tunes, he went home and prayed about the whole process, committing it into God’s Hands. In his heart, he harboured that indomitable conviction that the position was befitting for him. Teaming up with his wife, he prayed to God fervently, stressing that if the position was destined for him, there was nothing that could stop him from getting there.

Ministering the Morning Water on all necessary documents, he submitted them after which he was invited for an interview. According to him, the interview was almost like a walk-over for him. After one week, he received a call informing him that the position, which is three times above where he was, had been offered to him on a platter of divine grace. From an Infrastructure Manager, he was promoted to a Branch Chief in charge of Health Informatics. To cap the whole turnaround, Dr and Mrs Chiteba were blessed with their own house – a massive storey building with exotic fittings and an exquisite architecture.

The couple have also been blessed with an abundant yield in their agricultural ventures (crop and animal farming) which they started after keying into Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophetic counsel to people all over the world to return to farming in the face of dwindling oil revenues across the world.

For Mrs Chiteba, she had been suffering from a sharp pain which started while she was on board an aircraft. The pain eventually stopped after she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. According to her, while praying with the man of God, she felt a shocking sensation. That same night, she dreamt about Prophet T.B. Joshua coming to minister deliverance to her. Since then, all her troubles are over including the alcohol-drinking habit she had developed in the course of her travails. “We keep certain things in our hearts that block our blessings. We should pray to God and wait on Him for His supply,” she advised. For Dr Chiteba, he urged people to always leave everything for God.


Mr Senanu King Dovoh knew that something was wrong with him. He would sweat profusely, palpitate excessively and exhibit an unusual excessive reasoning faculty. Doctors were not wrong when they diagnosed him with hyperthyroidism –  a medical condition in which the thyroid gland overfunctions. Because of that condition, he avoided protein-rich foods. In school, he would always draw the ire of fellow students who considered him a genius because he assimilated easily from lecturers while they were left at sea. And so, he was somewhat a loner who had too much to grapple with. According to him, even when an air conditioner was on, he would still sweat profusely.

After a psychologist had examined him and ruled out any psychological issue, his doctors suggested that either surgery or what they called nuclear medicine would be the best bet. While the former involved an outright operation on his thyroid gland, they warned that he could lose his voice in the process. For the latter, it involved swallowing a special capsule filled with nuclear substance. But the big issue was that he had received several other medications yet, no sign of improvement. When matters became complicated, it was a doctor – an Emmanuel TV Partner –  that advised him to visit The SCOAN, the Arena of Liberty – a proof that doctors only treat while God cures and heals.

Having given up on all medications, the Ghanaian who had even been told to jettison the idea of marriage, visited The SCOAN against all discouraging realities. Watching Emmanuel TV and building his faith gradually, Mr Dovoh received and started ministering the Morning Water right away, placing a demand on the anointing. As days ran into weeks and weeks into months, the young Ghanaian is no longer having those disturbing symptoms of hyperthyroidism. As a sign of the restoration of his thyroid gland to its normal state, he stopped selecting the foods he ate. All those foods that were a no-go-area for him are now on his menu, to the glory of God. Even his most recent medical report shows that his thyroid gland is functioning normally.

Testifying last Sunday, Mr Dovoh thanked God for bringing an end to a medical condition that made him recede into himself. For a man who was once quarantined (medically isolated), there is a lot to be grateful to God for. Aside from the restoration of his thyroid gland, he has also been blessed with a baby after initial medical reports suggested that he would not be able to father a child. “There is God here, at The SCOAN. All you need is to watch Emmanuel TV, build your faith and receive from God,” he advised.


On the 5th day of April 2017, Mr Osita Reuben Nwosu, a driver working for a prominent transportation company had successfully loaded his passengers at the Maza-Maza motor park heading to Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. Not long after he had hit the road, something mysterious happened. As he approached the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, his sight started capturing objects in doubles. As he tried to fathom what was happening to him, everywhere went blank – he had gone totally blind. In the ensuing commotion, he was able to pull over to safety while some passengers assisted him. Lost and absolutely dejected, the blind man, through the aid of some passengers was able to get across to one of the senior staff of his company.

Mr Nwosu was taken to a hospital in Onitsha where an international doctor told him that his eye balls were drifting back into his head, meaning that he was going totally blind. Further, saddened by the outcome of events, the blind man rejected the idea of an operation. A good Samaritan was able to help him get through to his wife as well as his elder brother based in the UK. On hearing about the unfortunate development, his brother in the UK told him to run to Prophet T.B. Joshua. Heeding his elder brother’s advice, Mr Nwosu was led to The SCOAN and attended the Monday Healing Service. As the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the auditorium, ministering healing and deliverance, the blind man cried out for God’s mercy and favour to locate him. Getting to his position, Prophet T.B. Joshua, without uttering a word, placed his hands on Mr Nwosu’s face and cleansed his eyes. What happened next is one of the most dramatic experiences witnessed in recent times at The SCOAN.

Rising up to his feet, Mr Nwosu exploded, “I can see… I can see… Thank You, Jesus!” The congregation erupted into hysteria, praising God and declaring the wonder He has wrought in the life of his son. To confirm that he could actually see, Mr Nwosu was able to identify colours and the people around him. His Healing is reminiscent of the powerful miracles performed by our Lord, Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. During his testimony in company of his wife, he went as far as reading a portion of the ministry’s weekly publication. “Instead of running helter-skelter, believe in God and he will heal you,” he advised.


In a most gruesome motor accident that claimed the lives of five persons, Mrs Elamah did not die but had gone into a coma. For those who were present at the scene of the unfortunate incident, there was no sign that she was alive. Some members of her husband’s family had even concluded that she had passed away. But while she laid in a coma, something was going on in the spirit realm courtesy of the Good Morning Sticker that she had in her grip while her friend and colleague, Mrs Momodu, prayed for her with the Believer’s Card.

After five days in a coma, it was noticed that the only thing Mrs Elamah did was to clutch on to a Good Morning Sticker in her hand, shouting, “Leave me alone!” As she would later reveal when she regained consciousness, Mrs Elamah told the congregation that she was already on her journey of no return when she was intercepted by Prophet T.B. Joshua who ordered her to go back. As much as she could remember, she even encountered her five deceased colleagues in the spirit realm. She therefore attributed her being alive today to the fact that God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to send her back to the earth while she clutched the Good Morning Sticker and as her friend, Mrs Momodu, prayed for her with the Believer’s Card.

After she was discharged from hospital, Mrs Elamah who had been bedridden at home, feeling serious pains, unable to walk and eat properly, visited The SCOAN to give her testimony. According to her, as soon as she stepped into The SCOAN premises, she felt a new surge of strength all over her body. Since that moment till now, she has been walking freely without feeling pain or any form of discomfort. She also eats very well now. During her testimony, she advised people all over the world to always believe in God, adding that with faith, all things are possible.


She had been told by her doctor that she would have to be induced in order for her to deliver her baby. According to her, the doctor went ahead to say that, should the induction fail, then operation would be the next option. Knowing that she was overdue for delivery and fearing that the success rate of an operation is on a 50-50 ratio, she ran to The SCOAN to seek divine intervention. As at the time she came to The SCOAN, her blood pressure was already rising and so, she was in dire need of God’s grace.

Attending the Sunday Service, Mrs Kelechi Mole received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning her condition, “Let me just call the woman who is about to go into labour; she is pregnant. Will I say overdue? This is nine months. You are there. The baby is a male child. I think the doctor has given you the certificate for the operation. You will not be operated… She will give birth on Wednesday, precisely 9pm, 10pm, 11pm. That labour will drag till that time before you finally give birth to a male child.”

And just exactly as the man of God had prophesied, Mrs Mole delivered a baby boy without induction or operation. Testifying last Sunday in company of her husband, she recalled that, after prophesying to her, the man of God also prayed for her before she left the church that day. According to her, all the man of God prophesied about her came to pass accurately. She thanked God for fulfilling His Word in her life. Most importantly, she expressed great joy for the fact that God did not allow her to undergo an operation. “If you have any problem, run to God,” she urged people all over the world.


Miss Vivian Sunday was a dealer in car oil from Delta State, Nigeria. The young ambitious woman had great plans for her future but those plans were eventually truncated by a deceiver who cajoled her into prostitution. According to her pathetic story, the man behind her woes told her that she would work in a boutique and receive a handsome salary from which his expenses on her would be settled gradually. Overwhelmed by the prospect of travelling abroad, Vivian could not withstand the excitement. She sold her business and belongings and followed the stranger.

The journey to overseas began with high hopes for the young woman, though she wondered why they had to travel by road, knowing that most people who travel overseas do so by air. Her apprehensions notwithstanding, the man kept reassuring her that there was no cause for alarm. In her mind, the rough, bushy and untarred roads through which they travelled were not in tandem with her imaginations about ‘overseas’ but the man always had a defence – they had to travel through that route to avoid being apprehended because he knew they were on an illegal mission.

Getting to the Republic of Benin, Vivian and three other girls were housed in a room and were barred from coming outside lest they were apprehended by the authorities. By this time, she was still hoping to see those fantastical architectures and the classic people that flock the streets of Europe or America. After spending some days in the Republic of Benin, another journey began. This time around, the roads they travelled through were even worse than the one that led to the Republic of Benin. Vivian could not reconcile the bushy and undulating roads with the beautiful ‘overseas’ she was being taken to. Her persistent questions almost drew the ire of the wicked man.

Arriving in a place which was later discovered to be rural Mali, Vivian received the rudest shock of her life. Though it had already dawned on her that she was nowhere near Europe or America, she was still optimistic of working in a boutique and receiving a good salary. The moment of truth came when the man who promised her heaven and earth told her outright that she would have to work as a prostitute and that it is from that job that she would pay him back all he had spent to bring her there. Vivian’s world went crumbling. She imagined how she would cope in that ungodly job with her little frame. The man was not ready for excuses. All he wanted was for her to make money and pay him back.

Being in an area populated by prostitutes of different nationalities, their job description was simple. All the girls needed to do was to service Malian miners inside the bush. The girls were asked to dress seductively and sometimes, approach the miners. In the event that the miners showed no interest, then they would stimulate them by caressing them into the immoral act. That was how dehumanising it was for Vivian because she had no choice but to do the bidding of a wicked man who had even threatened to kill her. According to her, apart from the possibility of contracting diseases through that illicit business, many girls had been killed for rituals.

Though the man had succeeded in cajoling her into prostitution, she had a serious challenge. She was not patronised as expected and that threatened her chances of making money with which she would settle her master. When she complained to him, he promised to do something about it and took her to a native doctor who gave her a black soap and a sponge to bathe with. She was also instructed to apply a concoction on her private part so that men would swarm after her like insects after nectar. After using the items as instructed, the story remained the same – no customers! Vivian’s health would soon be faced with grave challenges.

A terrible stomach ache soon set in as she felt an object moving around inside her stomach. She could not sleep well. Whenever she closed her eyes, she saw a horrifying entity. She was no longer herself. At best, she was a pathetic shadow of her former self. Confiding in a man who offered listening ears, she narrated her ordeal and how she was deceived into prostitution. The man advised her to feign death. By this time, her master was out of town. As she continued to behave like a dying soul, her fellow ‘prostitutes’ rallied around, raised some money and paid her way back to Nigeria. Even before she got to Lagos, she had enquired about Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN, saying that she needed to be delivered from the spirit of prostitution.

Vivian was delivered penultimate Sunday during the Mass Prayer as Prophet T.B. Joshua commanded all infirmities out of congregation in the mighty name of Jesus. Due to the intensity of the prayer, Vivian vomited a live insect. According to the man of God, that insect was spiritually invoked into her when the native doctor in Mali prepared the man-attracting concoction for her. During her testimony last Sunday, Vivian told the congregation that she is now free from all the stomach aches and strange experiences she had grappled with in the past. According to her, ever since she vomited the live insect, the moving object stopped. Her peace and joy have known no bounds. She thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver her from prostitution, sickness and destruction.


Ms Letlhogonolo Komane had always been more of a tomboy in her childhood days. She would play soccer with boys and associate with them more often. One day, she found herself watching pornography involving two women and ended up having an uncontrollable urge to copy what she had watched. It was from that moment that she became possessed with the spirit of woman. Eventually, her dreams were affected as she would find herself dreaming of sexual affairs with fellow women. Ms Komane started sleeping around with fellow women physically to the extent that they fought over her.

As a miner involved with heavy duty equipment and vehicles, she was more of a man with the nature of her work. Realising that something was wrong with her, her aunt introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After watching the anointed channel, Ms Komane also realised that sleeping with fellow women was not right. She visited The SCOAN all the way from South Africa. During the prophecy time, the man of God, through divine revelation, saw her problem and prophesied to her. Commanding the evil spirit out of her, Prophet T.B. Joshua set her free from that yoke in the mighty name of Jesus.

During her testimony last Sunday, the South African told the congregation how she had tried on her own to free herself from the problem only for it to get worse. According to her, what she could not achieve through self-effort had been made possible by the mighty power of God. Ms Komane who came to The SCOAN without a hairdo and earrings now dresses like a real woman. She no longer experiences those nightmares in which she always found herself sleeping with fellow women. She is indeed free in Jesus’ name. She urged people who might be facing her kind of challenge to seek the face of God rather than rely on self-effort.


When the hand of God touched his head, using Prophet T.B. Joshua, during the last Monday Service, the demonic spirit in Mr Prince Obaerechi was arrested and it began to manifest. It roared with anger, talking about how it had dwelt in Mr Obaerechi’s body and used him to execute its malicious activities for so many years. In its rattling rage, the demon said it was the spirit of Mr Obaerechi’s late witchdoctor maternal grandfather and that it was responsible for the cancer that he and his daughter suffered from. The demon also blurted that it killed both Mr Obaerechi’s maternal grandfather and mother and that he was meant to serve it. He would grow up to learn that, indeed, he had been dedicated to the idol and shrine his late maternal grandfather worshiped when he was only 7 days old.

In recounting his turbulent life’s history, Mr Obaerechi told the congregation and viewers all over the world that between the ages of 10 and 12, he joined a youthful gang of thieves and went on stealing spree. He stole money and livestock. He would steal a goat, drag it to a nearby bush, kill it and cook the amount he could consume. He would then go to the market to sell the rest of his flesh loot.

He was told that from the first day of his birth, he cried loud and non-stop for days. Baffled by such an unusual thing that kept his mother up for nights without quality sleep, the family decided they needed to find out from the oracle what may have gone wrong with the newborn child. The top witchdoctor the family consulted told the nursing mother and other family members that Baby Prince was the incarnation of his witchdoctor maternal grandfather and that the baby came too early. In order for either one of them to survive, a sacrifice must be performed for one of them to live at the expense of the other’s life. Mr Obaerechi’s diabolic grandfather agreed to sacrifice his life for his incarnation in the body of Baby Prince. The necessary rituals were performed and shortly after that, the witchdoctor grandfather died. Prince was only 7 days when he inherited his late grandfather’s shrine with idols. Soon after such demonic transition, Baby Prince stopped the incessant crying.

In the aftermath of the dedication, Prince recalled how he gained spiritual powers from darkness. He said, some sort of superpower came over him and he could use mind-power to stare at a glass till it dropped into bits. If you offended him, his wrath wreaked havoc in your life. With anger characterizing his personality, Mr Prince Obaerechi grew up to be a nightmare in other people’s lives until one day, lymphatic cancer in his pelvic area brought him down to his knees. Finding it strange, he consulted witchdoctors for both diagnosis and prognosis. When the situation became unbearable, he agreed to travel to India to undergo surgical operations. However, before embarking on the journey, he consulted the witchdoctors again to enquire as to whether the operations would be successful.

After two occasions of travelling to India and undergoing the two gruesome operations, no solution was in sight. Whilst his third submission for the Indian visa was in progress for his third intended medical visit, someone told him to visit The SCOAN to collect the Morning Water. He thought to himself that it was worth giving it a try as the Indian medical doctors had told him that he had 25% chance of surviving under the knife as opposed to the usual 50-50 he had expected to hear.

Although he had doubted Prophet T.B. Joshua to be a true man of God, he gathered the courage to put God’s healing to a test. He visited The SCOAN and received prayers and returned home with the Morning Water. Shortly after ministering the Morning Water, the lymphatic cancer that looked incurable began to shrink rapidly. His swollen leg and genitals that had bloated out of proportion were all reduced to normal states. The excruciating pain that came with the cancer also became a thing of the past, to the glory of God.

Unfortunately, after receiving his miraculous healing, Mr Obaerechi turned his back on God. This exposed him to his past life and unity with bad friends. Finding himself financially broke, one of his associates took him to a witchdoctor who gave him incisions and performed various rituals on him. The shrine he visited was blood thirsty and so Mr Obaerechi was made to promise that he would offer the shrine blood as regular as required. He said that after the rituals and sacrifices, he hated himself for returning to such darkness again. Alas! It was too late. He said his life became very miserable and he became penniless the more. Thereafter, the thought of visiting The SCOAN became a torture to the evil spirit within him. It became a battle of evil thoughts versus a spirit of sanity. After much troubles within him, he finally made it to The SCOAN, where the Sunday Mass Prayer with Prophet T.B. Joshua arrested the demon in him. He vomited poisonous substances during the Mass Prayer. He returned to The SCOAN the following Monday and received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The demonic spirit manifested and began to list the havoc it had wreaked in his life since he was 7 days old.

Having been delivered and walking in the testimony of the goodness of God in his life, Mr Prince Obaerechi advised parents not to expose their children to demonic spirits in their desperate quest of seeking protection for their wards. He also went on to advise the youth to look for Jesus Christ in a living church.

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