Being Palm Sunday, Christians all over the world commemorated the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem with pomp. The SCOAN children created mementos of that Biblical event with a grand parade in and outside the church premises. As they sang and danced along to the glorious tunes from the choir, the presence of God was felt by all and sundry. Speaking to congregants, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged them to develop the attitude of putting a demand on the anointing by faith, adding that it makes the work of a miracle easy. According to him, “The force behind your action determines your action.”


The man of God also admonished Christians to call on God to release them from the mental entanglements that prevent their prayers from being answered. He added that it is only God that can release us from such entanglements when we sincerely ask Him to do so through our prayers: “When you say this with all your heart, the job is half done.”4.jpg

In an earlier message titled OBEDIENCE IS THE KEY, Evangelist Racine tasked Christians to hearken to the instruction of God, adding that it is the best way they can walk with Him in peace and receive their blessings: “God does not necessarily reward good, smart or intelligent people but He rewards the obedient. Knowledge is not the key; obedience is.” He further added that the Word of God is the ultimate answer: “God’s Word is the answer to all fundamental issues of life. God always instructs us to do something we cannot do ourselves, so that He can teach us how to do it. It is God’s Word that teaches the believer how to please God.”

Making reference to Peter’s encounter with Jesus at the seaside and how his obedience of our Lord’s instruction led to an unprecedented catch, Evangelist Racine noted that obeying God puts an end to human struggles and confusion, just as it put an end to the dark days of Peter’s fishing career. Concluding, he left the following words of wisdom for people of God all over the world: “Those who obey His instruction seek two qualities: righteousness and humility. So this Easter, if you follow Jesus in righteousness and humility, what seems impossible will become possible for you! Happy Palm Sunday!”




Mrs Ebelechukwu Ulasi was suffering from high blood pressure and was hoping to find a way around the health condition. Somewhere along the line, it was discovered that the high blood pressure had affected her kidneys. The discovery jolted her, bearing in mind the fact that kidney-related issues are very delicate. She had been told to continue to drink plenty of water, lest the condition degenerates to a level where dialysis would become inevitable. The native of Anambra State, Nigeria would not resign to fate; instead she chose to go God’s way. Amid the pains, discomfort and inability to sleep well, Mrs Ulasi was very optimistic of a turnaround.

An opportunity to place a demand on the anointing came when she visited her daughter who had just delivered her baby. There in her daughter’s house, Emmanuel TV was accessible on all the televisions in all the rooms and so, she could not afford to ignore the anointed channel. As she watched, she marvelled at the wonderful miracles at the Arena of Liberty and concluded that her case was a minor one. Filled with faith and an overwhelming passion to be healed, Mrs Ulasi would visit The SCOAN every weekend just to worship God and remind Him of her heart’s desire. As she continued worshipping at the Arena of Liberty, she also received the Morning Water which she would minister on her body, into her bathing water and into her body cream.

After six months, she realised that those debilitating symptoms had disappeared. In her heart, she knew something divine had taken place. Returning for further tests, she insisted that they had to be comprehensive enough. When the results of the tests were released, she was certified very okay. The kidney disease was no more. According to Mrs Ulasi, even her doctor confessed that her kidney looked like that of a young person. The woman who selected what she ate in the past and who had been tormented by the ailment now eats her choice and is full of life. Thanking God and bubbling with a reinvigorated burst of energy, the Enugu-based educationist urged people to believe in God as He would always meet them at the point of their need.


She had passed through a lot of difficult times in her life and yet remained resolute with a mind-set that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way. For twenty-seven years, Mrs Anna Acayo had difficulties in communicating within her immediate family. Her hearing loss problem was that bad that the only solution her doctors could offer was a hearing aid. Even with the hearing aid, she knew quite well that it was not natural and could never be like that of a normal person. The Ugandan would later be introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend and since then, her faith was immensely boosted, culminating in her decision to visit The SCOAN penultimate Sunday.

During the Mass Prayer of the Sunday service, as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the auditorium, ministering prayer and deliverance, Anna was one of those whom God’s benevolent hands located. Approaching her, the man of God clasped her ears with his two hands after which she went down on the floor under the influence of the anointing. As soon as she stood up, she discovered that her blocked ears had been opened by the mighty hands of God. For the first time in twenty-seven years, she heard people talking clearly without the hearing aid. Thanking God for her healing Mrs Acayo urged congregants and people all over the world to run to God whenever they encounter problems.


He came to The SCOAN with a severe back pain that had trailed him for twenty-two years, rendering his career almost comatose. There were even instances when he had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Those embarrassing scenarios affected his performance at work and saw him go on medical leave on several occasions to the extent that his employer almost got fed up with him. Before coming to the Arena of Liberty, Mr Emmanuel Okwii was considering the option of resigning his employment out of frustration.

Emmanuel Okwii.jpgEmmanuel Okwii +

His condition was very precarious as he could not sit properly. At night, sleep would become a lonesome struggle. The best his doctor could do was to give him painkilling injections and a lumbar device meant to produce heat around his back region in order to alleviate the pains. Against all odds, the Ugandan based in the United Kingdom visited The SCOAN last Sunday where he had an encounter with God as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the auditorium, ministering prayer and deliverance. Getting to his position, the man of God commanded Mr Okwii’s problems out in the mighty name of Jesus.

Swept off his feet and landed on the floor by the influence of the Holy Spirit, Mr Okwii began crying wildly while the Spirit of God continued its operation. As he gradually regained consciousness, he felt two forces pulling his spine until one surrendered. By the time he regained full consciousness, the back pain had stopped. Recounting his ordeal, during his testimony last Sunday, he lamented the pain and discomfort he endured for twenty-two years. He however thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to heal him. In his advice, he urged people all over the world not to limit God, no matter the circumstance.


To her, it was just bleeding that had persisted for two years, embarrassing her in public places and leaving her with a lot of psychological agonies. According to her, she had visited many hospitals and herbal homes and yet no solution. Mrs Ihuoma Obioma never knew that she had fibroids until she visited the Arena of Liberty penultimate Sunday. Due to the severity of her bleeding, even some family members had deserted her. According to her, there were occasions when she fainted only to be resuscitated by God. The Nigerian from Imo State had spent a lot on the problem and was left with no other option than to come to Jesus.

One of the things that gave her hope all through those trying times was the appearance of Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dreams. According to her, the man of God had appeared in her dream several times, assuring her of divine protection and help. During the Mass Prayer of penultimate Sunday service, Mrs Obioma was in the auditorium as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered healing and prophecy to the congregation. Prophesying about her case while the atmosphere was charged with serious prayers, the man of God pointed out that there was a woman whose fibroid had burst and that she was bleeding. According to Mrs Obioma, before the man of God would finish that prophetic statement, she felt something burst inside her and she suddenly started bleeding profusely. After that, she was taken to the convenience to clean up by the ushers. Since that moment, the bleeding has stopped!

Thanking God last Sunday, Mrs Obioma testified to the wonderful work God has done in her life by removing the reproach and yoke of bleeding from her. She added that if not for God, she would have continued to lose her blood gradually – a situation that would have led to severe anaemia and possibly, sudden death. She was full of praises for the Almighty in words and even in her victorious body language. “No matter your problem, come to Jesus and God will take it away from you,” she advised.



While she was in the womb, her mother, fed up with having only baby girls, had wanted to ‘help God’ by visiting a native doctor who claimed he would change her sex from a baby girl to a baby boy. Trouble would later ensue after she delivered a baby girl. The native doctor had categorically warned Mrs Ibrahim to present the baby after one week of birth so that he would perform certain rituals. But owing to her disappointment with the sex of the baby, she refused to keep to the agreement. Instead, she gave her life to Christ, acknowledging that she had made a mistake. However, the damage had already been done.

In a matter of weeks, the baby started manifesting some strange traits. She would always cry inconsolably between the hours of 1am and 4am every day. By the time Sagira clocked sixteen, she had started sleeping with older men. According to her, she would dream of snakes and strange entities. When she eventually got into higher institution, she teamed up with a group of ungodly friends with whom she exercised her immoral urges. Together, they would go to clubs and other social gatherings where they had flings with married men. The spirit of lust and seduction possessed Sagira to the extent that the married men who came her way would even abandon their families because of her.

Because of the magnitude of her engagement in those immoral acts, a time came when she became recurrently ill, taking medication almost ceaselessly. Her mother was not happy because she knew all along that she somehow had a hand in the unnatural experiences that her daughter was going through. After taking her from hospital to hospital, Mrs Ibrahim became the more confused.

She once remembered her encounter with the native doctor twenty-two years ago and had confessed to her family, saying she wanted to return to the man for settlement. Her family were not keen on such a fetish venture. They immediately discouraged her and washed their hands off the whole saga. But she needed a way out desperately in order to save the life of her daughter and so, something urgent had to be done.

Being an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Mrs Ibrahim encouraged her daughter to devote time to watching the anointed channel. Realising that there was no other hope of salvation for her daughter, she concluded that Prophet T.B. Joshua is the one God would use to deliver her daughter. And as if the whole episode was crafted by God himself, Mrs Ibrahim did not have any hassles in convincing her daughter to come to The SCOAN for deliverance. Sagira received her deliverance penultimate Sunday during the church service as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved round the congregation, ministering prayer and healing to congregants. As the heat of the prayers grew in intensity, the evil spirit inside Sagira manifested, confessing the harm it had done in the life of the young woman – how it had used her for prostitution and had afflicted her with all sorts of ailments just to distract her from achieving her God-given potentials in life.

The mighty power of God took over Sagira’s life and turned it around for good. After receiving her deliverance, the young woman regretted her past life, promising to live the rest for God. According to her, she is now free as her body feels great and well. The urge to engage in immorality has since been displaced by a passion for Christ and things of the Spirit. She advised young people to draw close to God so that He would uphold them in whatever they do. For her mother, parents should wait on God because in His time, all things are beautiful.


Possessed by sixty-five demons, she had come to The SCOAN all the way from Tanzania afflicted from birth with strange spiritual attacks. However, the moment she stepped her feet into the Arena of Liberty, the demons in her manifested, confessing that they planned to crash the plane she travelled in. For Dr Beatha Assey, her problems started when she was a child. Then, she would find herself dreaming of snakes, insects and eating all sorts of concoctions. Her woes were further compounded when her stepmother performed some negative ritual on her. As she grew in age, she discovered that her menstrual cycle started very late and then completely stopped.


With recurring abdominal pains and on the advice of her aunt, a team of medical doctors decided to carry out an operation on her to ascertain if there was anything in her womb. A day to the proposed operation, she had dreamt that a mighty snake came out of her womb and was swallowed by her aunt. Sharing the horrible dream with her parents, they seemed not to understand what she was talking about. Their seeming indifference to her challenges somehow made matters worse as they left her at the mercy of those evil dreams.

When it was time for her to undergo the operation, there was serious confusion in the theatre among the doctors. Eventually, all other doctors except one were forced out and her aunt was left alone with her already anaesthetised niece. As she would later be told by the other doctors who peeped through the window, her uterus was cut out and physically eaten by her aunt after an operation that lasted twelve hours.

When she regained full consciousness, her aunt came to her and told her three things: she is not going to have a child because she had swallowed her uterus; she would never get married; she would always be sick. Dr Assey would later experience a failed marriage after just six months of its consummation. Her second attempt seemed successful until her husband later died. She became very sad about life as nothing she placed her hands on ever worked out well. She had lost a lot of money on several occasions after paying for land only to discover that the same land had been sold to other people. Sometimes, while at work as a medical doctor, she would see dead people coming to visit her. It was just bizarre!

Even though she later adopted a child, it did not bring the desired peace to her life because she kept beating the child at the slightest provocation – a scenario that showed that her actions were being tele-guided by some wicked forces. Discovering Emmanuel TV, Dr Assey, after seeing the great works of God on the anointed channel, decided to come to The SCOAN for her deliverance against all odds. And as soon as she stepped her feet at the Arena of Liberty, the demons in her could not stand the fire of the Holy Ghost that permeates the whole atmosphere. And so, her manifestation was not a surprise.

Kneeling down to pray at the Prayer Line, she lost consciousness as the demons confessed their heinous activities in her life. Dr Assey received total deliverance after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, casting out the demons from her. During her testimony last Sunday, she was very joyful with what God has done for her – replacing her woes with peace and hope. According to her, she will still return with greater testimonies very soon. “Put your faith in Jesus Christ and He will take all your problems,” she advised.


Bishop Guillermo Barrera, an ordained bishop and phycologist with an outreach ministry throughout Latin America, travelled to The SCOAN from Uruguay to seek the deeper power of God in his life and ministry. Accompanied by his wife, a minister of God and medical doctor, he explained that 10 years ago in 2008, a strange buzzing noise in his ears started after a flight and, much to his frustration, persisted. He went to medical specialists in Argentina and in Paraguay and after the suspicion of wax was discarded after an examination, they could not diagnose the cause of the strange buzzing in his ears.


The days turned to weeks, months and years and the buzzing sound soon became a part of his daily existence. As a minister of God, even praying to God was not a peaceful experience as the silence was never free from this incessant noise. After 10 years and many journeys throughout the world to different centres of Revival, he had resigned to this frustrating persistent noise in his ears.

One day, a friend gave him a DVD of the miracles of God in the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua and despite all his experiences in renowned ministries all over the world, he knew this was something different. Together with his wife he finally decided to travel to Nigeria to visit The SCOAN and it was in the Sunday Service when just one touch set him free. He fell to the ground overcome by the presence of God and it was during breakfast the next morning that he suddenly realised that the buzzing noise of ten years was no longer there.


Ecstatic at his healing, Bishop Guillermo advised viewers that the power of God is present in The SCOAN and that all should watch Emmanuel TV. His wife, with her stethoscope in one hand and Bible in the other, said that she could hear the heartbeat of Jesus in The SCOAN and that Jesus is the Doctor of all doctors!

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