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For 35 embarrassing years, Mrs Elizabeth Gideon had to bear a life of bedwetting that evaded those around her through secondary boarding school to marriage. At home, she would cleverly place her little child in the pool she created each night she would bedwet. Her husband confirmed he never suspected his wife of bedwetting and covering up in such manner. The situation was so bad she refrained from drinking water past the hour of 6PM, for fear it would stimulate urination. She prayed and fasted for as much her efforts could get her, but solution was never within reach. Last Sunday, while at The SCOAN church service, the Holy Spirit of God singled out Mrs Elizabeth Gideon from the large number of congregation. When Prophet T. B. Joshua categorically gave the prophecy about a woman bedwetter, Mrs. Elizabeth Gideon battled coyness to come out to confirm the prophecy. Her husband was at his brother’s with their child, watching The SCOAN live broadcast at that hour. However, when the power in the prophetic message exposed the spirit of bedwetting in her, Mrs. Elizabeth Gideon came forward and was delivered by the Holy Spirit through Prophet T. B. Joshua.

Coming forward to share their testimony today, Mrs Elizabeth Gideon and her husband thanked God for taking away the shame from their married life.

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Mrs Martha Pintos from Argentina stood with her husband, Pastor Pintos in The SCOAN to thank God for wiping away her tears of pain. The native of Bolivia living in Argentina recounted how the debilitating sickness started twenty years ago when an unfortunate fall lead to excruciating back pain and a later diagnosis from the doctor of herniated disc. The doctor recommended physiotherapy and put her on three courses a year each consisting of ten sessions as well as a constant flood of anti-inflammatory drugs. To the dismay of the couple, the pain worsened. When doing her daily tasks became a challenge, Mrs Martha resorted to the aid of a lumbar corset provided by the doctor but it was not a permanent solution. When the option of an operation was breeched by her doctor, fear made her say no as the medical specialist could not guarantee a successful outcome and even stated the possibility of her ending up on a wheelchair.

As pastors in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the sickness was a challenge to their faith and they continued to pray together believing that one day, God would heal her. One day, as Mrs Martha was browsing the internet, she came across the videos of Prophet T.B. Joshua and despite the language difference, she fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and from that moment on started watching Emmanuel TV. Asking her children to translate the words of the prophet, she firmly believed that The SCOAN was where her destined healing would take place.

By the grace of God, her dream became a reality as in February 2017, the family journeyed together to The SCOAN where she received her healing. She explained how the power of God fell on her like wind and fire on her back as the prophet stretched his hand towards her.

One week after the healing encounter, Mrs Martha twisted, turned, ran and threw away her lumbar corset, full of joy to God – who had wiped away her tears of pain.

She advised all to never stop believing in God and to watch Emmanuel TV as the Gospel of Jesus Christ can pass all barriers in our lives.


A kind gesture to offer a helping hand regarding a gas system change went eerily wrong, quickly engulfing Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh in flames. He was burnt to such a severe degree that his burnt body reduced him to a decomposing being. The stench that accompanied his every move made the hospitals to reject admitting him. He was eventually placed on admission at one clinic, where he recalled his face started to rot by the day.

Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh received the Morning Water and one day after ministering the Morning Water, his face began to show signs of rapid healing. The restoration of his severely burnt body skin occurred by the second, and today Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh looks as if he’d never experienced any fire burns at all, to the glory of God.


Hajia Sohiya Abu and her husband came to the SCOAN to testify how God saved them from constant robbery attacks. Hajia sofiya, a big time trader said she had frequent robbery attacks where her money and goods would be taken away anytime she travelled by road. She usually loved travelling at night but because of the incessant attacks, she decided to travel by day only to face the same situation. She met someone who introduced her to Emmanuel TV where she discovered the Morning Water. She was encouraged and came to receive the Morning Water. She then travelled for her business and after purchasing her goods, she ministered the Morning Water on them and on herself. She said everyone in the bus she boarded were looking at her in amazement. As they journeyed on, she heard screams and gunshots and then knew that the men of underworld had forcefully taken over their vehicle once again but this time, she was ready for them. They looked into the truck and saw goods which looked the most enticing and demanded to know who the owner was. Lo and behold, those goods belonged to Hajia Sohiya. She said unlike before she would be frightened to say a word and the robbers would abscond with all the goods and money but because she had ministered the Morning Water, she was filled with boldness and stood up to acknowledge ownership of her belongings. They led her away to the bush where she saw other people that had also been captured. The robbers then instructed he to pull off her clothes and she vehemently refused. This provoked them to shoot at her 3 times but to their utmost surprise, the bullets failed to discharge on each attempt. They shot into the air and the bullets fired and then pointed at her again to shoot and yet again it failed them. They were taken aback and demanded to know which church she attend or what form of charm she used of which she replied” I am a Muslim but I minister the Morning Water given to me by Prophet T.B. Joshua of the SCOAN”. At that point, she said she threw the Morning Water on one of the armed robbers who began to shake in fear, dropped the Morning Water and all fled as fast as their legs could carry them. She walked back to the vehicle where the other passengers were and quaking in fear, they thought she was a ghost and told her they were certain they heard gun shots and believed that she and others were dead. She told them about the delivering power in the Morning Water. To the glory of God, none of the passengers’ money or goods had been taken thanks to the Morning Water. Her husband was so full of gratitude to God and confessed that before now, he never believed in Prophet T.B. Joshua and would have nothing do with him. He said his wife always encouraged him to watch Emmanuel TV whenever he felt ill but he would prefer to travel abroad for a medical checkup believing that nothing good could come out of TB Joshua and his Emmanuel TV. He said one day, after much word from his wife, he decided to pray with TB Joshua and to his amazement, he found himself vomiting for almost 30 minutes after which the severe joints pain he experienced for years disappeared after that. Again he had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua saved him from the spirit of death. He said these series of events along with that of his wife led him to be convinced in what God could do and see TB Joshua as a true servant of God.

The couple advised viewers to always believe in God, His servant and whatever medium God chose to use like the Morning Water.

Free from 15 Years Jail Court case – Promotion SCOAN Testimony 05/03/2017

When the then Warrant Officer, Mbhalati Simon Kita from the South Africa came to The SCOAN to testify of a promotion at work, little did he know that it would open up doors for greater breakthrough. After giving his testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave him a word which turned out to be a prophetic declaration: “Better is not good enough; the best is yet to come”. He afterwards received prayer from the prophet before returning back to South Africa with the Morning Water. God was on the case. After a few months of ministering the Morning Water, he was ‘prophetically’ promoted from a Warrant Officer to the rank of Captain, leading 34 members including the P.A. As a leader in the South African Police, he is in charge of two groups that receive instructions from him as a Unit Commander. He brought along with him photos showing him wearing three stars on his uniform indicating his new position of captain.
He was encouraged by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s word of wisdom, “Great problems bring great promotion”. Some members of his group had a brush with the law and were facing severe punishment if found guilty. But Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita prayed with the Morning Water and assured the accused and their families that they would be acquitted. Low and behold, when the matter went to court and the men appeared before the judge, they were all acquitted to the surprise of everyone.



Entrapped by abject poverty, Mrs. Hleziphi Doreen Goge, a South African native, survived each day by engaging in petty trading. She sold sweets along the streets. Coming from a poverty-stricken family, her household never knew a TV or experienced what constitutes luxury. By a stroke of luck, a neighbour told her about Prophet T. B. Joshua and the life-transforming testimonies that scroll across the Emmanuel TV screen. She sought her neighbour’s support to allow her to drop by to catch a glimpse of Emmanuel TV each day she was on her way to vend. This became a part of her daily routine.

The first time she watched Emmanuel TV, what she saw astounded her and gave her hope: it was Prophet T. B. Joshua’s own documentary on how God raised him from a humble beginning to bless the nations. Touched by this, she pleaded with her neighbour to allow her to touch the screen and pray with Prophet T. B. Joshua, at the end of each sales day. She believed that God would also touch her case. She kept this routine up until one day, she received the unexpected favour of God. The once shy woman with low self-esteem, became strong and bold. To her ultimate surprise, she was nominated as the Counsellor and Treasurer of the ANC Women’s League. This recognition came in spite of her poor spoken English and being an ordinary community woman.
Encouraged by this transformation, she returned to the classroom and went on to graduate successfully. Her breakthrough continued and money came her way in abundance. She built her new house without falling on any bank loans.Following in her the steps of her mentor, Prophet T. B. Joshua, Mrs Goge is now blessing the have-nots through charity activities. People of all races are benefitting from her giving-back to society as she has learned from Prophet T. B. Joshua’s message that love is a language that transcends all barriers.

Advising people all over the world, Mrs. Doreen Goge said whatever problem or situation you are in, don’t cry to man, cry to God. The more you give, the more you receive and watch Emmanuel TV.

Her testimony reflects the address to all Africans, given by Prophet T. B. Joshua’s message that “no African country can succeed alone; Africans need each other to develop.”

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SCOAN Praise & Worship Time Emmanuel Singers – 05/03/2017

How powerful is the name of Jesus – all authority in Heaven and on earth has been invested in that Name above all names. Join us to lift that Name of Jesus high in your life, in your situation this morning! Get connected by faith as we worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness with The SCOAN choir, in Jesus’ name.

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