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Former Aviation Minister Insists Military Plane Brought Down Synagogue Building

femi fani kayode

Chife Femi Fani Kayode

A Nigerian former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has come out to made shocking revelations regarding the Friday, September 12th, 2014, Synagogue Church of All Nation, SCOAN’s building collapse that lead to the death of 126 persons, mostly South Africans pilgrims.

The former minister of Aviation in a series of Tweets and Facebook post on his social media page claimed to have carried out investigations into the collapse and is willing to expose the people behind it.

plane buildingHe further noted that there was a reason behind the plane which hovered around the church before its collapse on that fateful day; the target was T.B Joshua and his success.

This was his statements: “The truth about the mysterious plane that hovered over Prophet TB Joshua’s Church before it collapsed and killed 126 people will soon be out.

I’m still doing the research before writing and it is blowing my mind. One thing is clear the plane brought down the building and the target was TB Joshua and his great success.

This was an evil and cruel act and I intend to expose those that were behind it.”

Also, read his tweets below:

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SCOAN Building Collapse and T.B. Joshua’s Enduring Global Profile

Who is TB JoshuaWhat remains unusual since the SCOAN Collapse building incident is the way the Ministry has been handling the crisis and the disposition of Prophet T.B Joshua towards the issue. We cannot remember when last T.B. Joshua raised any concern in the SCOAN live Sunday service about the building collapse incident. The level of calmness and confidence the prophet has shown is the strongest message so far to the world and those behind the building collapsed that the truth will surely prevail.

They said an honest man has nothing to fear. Prophet T.B. Joshua has proven his honesty as far as the SCOAN building Collapse issue is concerned. The Prophet has shown to the world that he has nothing to fear because his Ministry is the victim and the truth will definitely be unveiled. The SCOAN never allowed Coronal Oyetade Komolafe’s one-sided verdict that was later declared illegal by a competent court of jurisdiction and fake news by the press to affect their focus instead, SCOAN has been making good use of the situation to boost the Ministry profile by confirming the indisputable truth in the heart of the independent minds that indeed Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true Prophet of God that has been assigned to expose and stand against the evil in our world. The powerful evil forces are coming after his life and Ministry because the Prophet is watching over the world and exposing the evil-doers amongst men.

It is no longer a hidden truth that powerful elements in authorities has been working tirelessly to cover the SCOAN attack and has shown they are adamant to the truth, despite the uncut evidence that points to sabotage. The facts remain that no matter the high level of conspiracies by the powers that be, everything will work together for the good of the Church and the Gospel of Christ must be preached all over the world with Power. The handwriting is there on the wall just waiting for the manifestation.

Sometimes God allows evildoers to have their way so we can appreciate the good amongst us. Those with a pure spirit and true Christians that are led by the biblical principle of LOVE knows what Prophet T.B. Joshua and the SCOAN are going through right now from the world and its established institutions are scriptural. True Messengers of God with the world redemption mission are always victims of injustice from the powers that be. The same people that falsely accused Christ Jesus influenced His sentenced as well as killed Him. So why should any believer be moved by the same worldly institution that succeeded in attacking the church, accused the body of Christ of wrongdoing and at the same time want to influence the sentence against the victims of oppression, because the grace of God upon the life and Ministry of the Prophet is beyond their reach and comprehension…READ MORE

T.B. Joshua Delivered An Argentinian From Homosexual

deliverance homosexual tb JoshuaThe Minitry of Prophet T.B. Joshua has released another controversial deliverance video in the Church official Youtube Channel of a man named Marcelo Maldonado that came all the way from Argentina to the SCOAN to be delivered from the spirit of homosexuality.

Mr Marcelo Maldonado was brought out by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the ministration of prayer and prophecy in the SCOAN live Sunday services. Going towards the direction of Mr Marcelo and touching his head, the Prophet revealed the evil forces behind his sexual attraction to the male sex.

The man of God prophesied to him saying that a ‘spirit of man’ entered him from a young age and that he had evil powers. Prophet T.B. Joshua also asked him if he used to preach.

Confirming the Prophet Prophecy, Mr Marcelo said indeed he is possessed by the Spirit of man and its true that he preach the gospel.

Explaining what lead him into homosexuality, Mr Marcelo said he was rape at the age of five by a close male relative that was older than him. Since after the rape, his life was never the same again. He discovered that he was now sexually attracted to the male sex and as he grew older he was no longer having any affection for women. This sexual attraction to his kind lead him to have his first same-sex relationship at the age of 12.

Mr Marcelo explain that he came from a good Christain home and he grew up in the church. Despite being tormented by this spirit, he would preach in his church, while keeping his problem a secret but he was always consumed with guilt. He said, no matter how much he prayed, read the Bible and went to church, he couldn’t get free from this spirit. The evil spirit finally pushed him to abandon the church and started drinking, taking drugs and going to clubs.

He was studying law at a university and became obsessed with a boy in his class. His obsession was so much so that he went to the internet to find ways to seduce the boy. On the internet, he made a pact with a god called, “Eros,” a god of love, that gave him powers to seduce, manipulate people through the mind and make them fall in love with him…READ MORE


One. Two. Three. Four. Five. As the burly men mounted in numbers, so did Kennedy’s uncanny confidence. They had no idea what awaited them! Flexing his muscles and clutching the charm in his pocket, the fury unleashed that day was as bloody as it was brutal. The drug-induced boxer showed no mercy. Leaving the scene without a scratch, five bodies lay strewn on the ground.

Mr Akugue Kennedy, the self-professed ‘King’ of all touts, thugs and ‘area-boys’ in FCT Abuja, shared a shocking confession at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). His promising career as a boxer was rapidly snapped short after being introduced to hard drugs over 15 years ago. The addiction to cocaine, which he said had cost him over N400m, fueled his anger to alarming degrees. Kennedy would not leave a fight without witnessing the spillage of blood and soon gained a reputation as a ‘hard guy’ who took no nonsense.

Thousands of ‘boys’ began to follow him – criminals, drug dealers and robbers inclusive. Recognising the influence he wielded, several ‘big men’ in society began using him to wreak havoc against their opponents. With his incursion in the transportation business, Kennedy would often lead his ‘boys’ to attack targeted garages and ‘clear out’ all the occupants. Machetes and cutlasses were their signature weaponry.

As his addiction to drugs grew worse, so did the violent bouts of rage. Kennedy recounted an incident where he and his gang mercilessly beat up a pastor and his church members after they challenged them for drinking alcohol on the church premises. He noted another occasion when, after being ‘empowered with a charm for protection’, he arrogantly insulted some policemen. In their attempts to arrest him and ensuing fight, he was shot more than 40 times at point-blank range. None of the bullets entered.

Each attempt to stop the drug-intake seemed only to enrage it. Taken to a ‘native-doctor’ in a large forest, a ritual which invoked the spirit of death was performed in his presence. Strange, ghoulish child-like creatures emerged from the ground as incantations rang forth, the spiritualist promising that his urge for the drugs would cease after partaking in the sacrificed fowl. Upon his return to Abuja that day, Kennedy had already arranged for the drugs that would meet him at the point of his arrival.

Kennedy barely slept in his house, despite having a young, attractive wife and a little child. He rather moved from hotel to hotel, sleeping with prostitutes, partying with friends and introducing more and more people to cocaine. However, no matter how ‘high’ he became on drugs, it was always followed by a plummet to the depths of despair. Kennedy was dying inside.

When a friend introduced him to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, he initially scoffed but eventually resolved to come and ‘see’ what would happen. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the hardened man, he internally decided that “nothing” would knock him to the ground. “I have fought countless men and knocked out so many but I have NEVER fallen down,” Kennedy recalled. He suddenly hit the floor. Writhing on the ground, Kennedy saw himself in a deep, seemingly impenetrable darkness. Consciousness of the world around him dimmed to a point of nothingness. Suddenly, he called on the name of Jesus and a beam of light shone forth in glorious brilliance.

Opening his eyes, Kennedy realised where he was. On the ground of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. Rising to his feet, he physically felt as if something had left him. It was the feeling of freedom! The king of thugs had just encountered the King of Kings – Jesus Christ! Ever since that encounter, Kennedy’s urge for drugs disappeared. Upon his return to Abuja, his ‘boys’ that once supplied him with the forbidden substance were shocked to see him resisting their advances.

Clean for one week after more than twenty-two years of bondage, Kennedy tearfully called on all drug-addicts to renounce their past and seek help from God. His wife testified to his transformation. “If God can change my husband, there is no one here He cannot change,” she admonished. On his part, Kennedy’s elderly father admitted that he was a chronic drunkard, smoker and womanizer for almost the entirety of his life. The 74-year-old retired soldier pleaded for the same deliverance that happened to his son to befall him.

Truly, the evidence of Jesus Christ is LIVES CHANGED!

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He furtively stole a glance. Not a soul in sight. Tiptoeing across the hotel veranda, a bead of sweat broke his brow, signs of the intensifying battle within. Conscience dimmed to the point of dullness, lust overtook reason and perversion pounced. A gaunt lady, old enough to be his grandmother, was the victim. “You want me to arrange a prostitute,” she pondered, puzzled at the strange request of the young electrician. She was nearly 70 years old. “It’s you I want.” The bed beckoned.

Mr Tope Oladele came to The Synagogue Church of All Nations with a strange predicament. Despite having a young wife and handsome son, the Ondo State indigene nursed an impulsive passion for old women. It became uncontrollable to the point where Oladele could not pass a night without seeking for an old woman and sexually satisfying himself with her.

According to him, marital problems were a hereditary issue for the Oladele family. His father was polygamous and several of his siblings had multiple children for multiple mothers. Striving to “break the jinx”, Tope married his sweetheart Sade. However, the conclusion of their nuptials was the beginning of his woes. An elderly woman visited him that night in the dream and mocked him for even nursing the notion that he could enjoy a settled home. He awoke that night, his body ‘messed up’ with sperm.

However, the nightmare soon went beyond the night. With affection for his wife waning by the day, attraction for elderly women continued to increase. Tope eventually succumbed to the temptation during one of his weekly excursions in another state for work. After fixing an elderly woman’s electrical appliances, he ‘fixed himself’ to her in a night of warped pleasure. Mr Oladele soon began sleeping in his parlour, not his matrimonial bed – the guilt of his actions mingled with the urge for more elderly indulgence culminating in a marriage at the point of breakage.

The final straw was when Tope came to Lagos for a job. Hopeful that her husband would find deliverance, his wife counselled him to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. However, he took a contrary path, as he ended up sleeping with an elderly cleaner at the hotel he lodged at. 4am that morning, Tope awoke with his gnarled companion. “I’ll be back soon,” she said with a sordid wink. Reality then dawned. “What have I done!?!” Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, Tope ran to church that morning knowing that his actions were far from ordinary. He needed help!

That Sunday at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua released a word of prophecy pinpointing his exact problem. “There is a man here who wants to leave his wife for an old woman,” the prophecy rang forth. “You cannot help yourself.” Rushing forward after the prophet even specified the type of clothes he was wearing, Mr Oladele knew the end of his bondage had finally arrived. As Prophet T.B. Joshua stretched forth his hands, he crumpled to the ground in a heap. The spirit of perversion had been sent packing!

The following night, Tope had a remarkable dream. Two elderly women came to him, shook their heads sadly and disappeared. He awoke with joy; the deliverance had been sealed from above! Testifying at The SCOAN with his wife and family, Mr Oladele stated that his love for his wife had been renewed to such a glorious extent that he termed it his ‘Wedding Day’! He apologized to his wife for his past misdemeanors, adding that ‘his eyes had opened’ following the prophecy and prayer.

On her part, Sade stated that her husband’s attitude towards her had radically changed after the prophecy, which she watched LIVE on Emmanuel TV. “After the deliverance, my husband has been treating me like a queen, telling me how beautiful I am,” she told the congregation with a beaming smile. “Indeed, it is God!”

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“No African country can succeed alone. Africans need each other to develop. For example: West Africa needs Southern Africa and Southern Africa needs West Africa to develop. North Africa needs East Africa and East Africa needs North Africa to develop. Indeed, we are indispensable to each other; we cannot do without each other. No one is self-sufficient.

Everyone has a contribution to make. Whether you are poor, rich, immigrant or refugee – you have a contribution to make.

With regard to issues of illegal immigrants, drugs and other crimes, our duty is to work with the law enforcement agencies by giving them useful information. It is only when these agencies fail that we can lawfully protest.

Dear Africans, we should not let other fellow Africans feel unwelcome to our countries.

Africa has neglected her youths. Africa has abandoned the youths to themselves. Africa has failed to make provision for the youths, whereas tomorrow’s Africa is the youths.

When I think about the future of Africa, I have sleepless nights. Everything looks gloomy, frustrating, hopeless, dark, darksome, shadowy, shaded, dull, sunless and unilluminated.

We all take the responsibility for this state of affairs. What then is the way forward? The Lord has instructed me to make myself available and I know God, in His infinity, must have touched other Africans, so that we can come together to remedy this challenge.

This will be posted on social media and other channels, to rally others.

Long live the future of Africa (youth). Long live Africa. May God bless you!”

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