The presence of God was well-felt as congregants expressed their faith by keying into all the glorious moments of the service. Singing and dancing along with the choir and applauding those who came out to testify to the goodness of God in their lives, they demonstrated the fact that their own testimonies were on the way. They also committed their lives into God’s benevolent hands during the Mass Prayer, positioning themselves for greater uplifting even as the kingdom of darkness was brought into total submission to the power and glory of the Most High.


Speaking about faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua urged Christians to always meditate on the Word as it has the ability to ignite faith when it dominates the heart and influences our character: “All you need is to meditate on the Word. The more you meditate on the Word, the more your heart acts upon the Word. Don’t forget when the Word dominates your heart, it influences your character and conduct. When faith comes, it influences your conduct and character – it is no longer what you want to do but what God wants you to do. Allow this to dominate your heart.” He also observed that faith is trust which cannot be accorded to an unreliable entity. According to him, God being our only dependable and reliable Refuge, would always respond to our prayers and yearnings when they emanate from our faith-filled hearts: “Faith is a trust – the kind of trust you cannot give to man. Who is trustworthy? Who is reliable? Who has no beginning and end? It is Someone that is trustworthy, reliable and has no beginning and end that we can give our trust to. You cannot trust a man who has a beginning and end, someone who will die and leave you one day. When there is God, there is power. Anointing is the power of God. When God smiles, power smiles. When God sits, power sits. When God walks, power walks. When God looks, power looks. Without faith, you cannot put a demand on the anointing – demand for blessing, deliverance and salvation. That is why the Bible says, only faith pleases God.”

The man of God concluded by reminding Christians that faith is maintenance. He submitted that the beautiful things of life can only be sustained if faith is maintained: “Faith is maintenance. You maintain your life if you live the life of faith – you will be able to maintain your finances and health. To maintain healing and deliverance, without faith, it is not possible. You follow Jesus through faith. To follow Him demands faith, employs faith. Between you and God – the barrier is faith. If you don’t have faith, you don’t know whom you are serving. When faith comes, it influences your character and conduct.”

Earlier, in a message titled LOOK WITHIN YOU, Evangelist Olamide admonished Christians not to base their judgements on external qualities but instead consider the hidden strengths in people just as God did with many great men and women in the Bible. evangelist-olamideShe summed up her message thus: “Man oftentimes makes a mistaken judgment of character but the Lord only values the holy faith hidden in the heart beyond human perception. When you come to God, He is not interested in your outward qualities and skills but at your faith because that is what makes you one with Him. But today when we are looking for a leader, we are tempted to look only at externals. We fail to realize that human point of view is limited but God’s point of view looks beyond and is unlimited. You need to discover your root in God. A man of faith is not satisfied by the world but he looks beyond it.” She left the following advice to people of God all over the world: “Your life will always go to the level of your words because we measure our Christian life by the thoughts in our heart. Your words express your thoughts which are the seeds of your life.  Order your thoughts aright in accordance to God’s Word.”



Preparing to travel from Yaounde to Douala on October 21st, 2016, Mrs Pauline Moanyang received a discouraging information about the nature of the highway linking the two Cameroonian cities. A landslide had cut the road into two, making it a death trap of some sort and barring vehicles from plying that route. Tinkering with options, she had considered travelling by air instead but was sorely disappointed when she realized that all flights that day were cancelled. The only option left for her was to travel by train. When she rushed to the train station, the crowd that had gathered there sent shivers down her spine. In spite of the enormity of the crowd, she was able to book for a seat.mrs-moanyang-pauline

As she made to enter the train, she recollected the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua which encouraged people to pray wherever they find themselves, especially during travels. Those words reverberated strongly in her memory. She had thought of ministering the Morning Water when those words of the man of God crept into her consciousness and moved her into a powerful prayer. “Oh Holy Spirit, take more of me and give me more of You – more of Your faithfulness, more of Your protection. Lord Jesus, let Your favour and mercy speak for me throughout this journey.” She thereafter ministered the Morning Water on herself and on her luggage.

The journey commenced with the train filled to the brim. As they approached a bridge, something unpalatable occurred. The train was trying to negotiate a turn when the coach in which she was seated went off track, sending the last four coaches into summersaults and into a deep slope. As the ghastly drama ensued, Mrs Moanyang cried out in anguish: “Lord Jesus, save me. Rescue me. Rescue me!” Not given to such horrible scenarios, she fainted and woke up within minutes of the catastrophic experience only to discover that all her belongings had torn to shreds with only her Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker surviving the devastation. One strange thing she could not forget in a hurry was the fact that as the commotion lasted and as bodies were being flung from one angle to the other, a force she could not comprehend kept her glued to her seat. “God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, rescue me,” she continued to cry as she found herself stuck with an iron bar preventing her from any form of movement. At that point, she was under the weight of dead and dying bodies.pauline

Trapped in the midst of the dead and clutching an iron, a voice directed her on how to turn the iron so she could free herself from the deadly entanglement. To her utmost surprise, aside from herself, the only other survivors were the two babies whose mothers, she had assisted to carry them when they could not find enough seats. Mrs Moanyang was flabbergasted beyond words as she narrated her experience before The SCOAN congregation. It could best be described as an appointment with death which was thwarted by the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua. “I don’t know how to express my gratitude to God for rescuing my life,” she said while testifying last Sunday at the Arena of Liberty. “Belong to the ever believing group by trusting in the Lord and making God’s Word the standard for your life,” she advised people all over the world, especially those who watched her live on Emmanuel TV.


The couple had envisaged a happy home in which having a child of their own would be a great blessing from God. Alas, their expectations were not to be as persistent miscarriages played the kill-joy to their union as husband and wife. For ambassador and Mrs Raphael Horsfall, life had lost its meaning without a child of their own. Mrs Horsfall had had seven different miscarriages before her husband summoned the faith to go the way of God. Together, they agreed to pitch their tent with God at The SCOAN, believing that their case will not escape the anointing that breaks the yoke. Proceeding to The SCOAN, the couple received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua who later blessed them with the Morning Water and the Good Morning Sticker.amb-and-mrs-rapheal-and-son

Returning to their base in Abuja, Nigeria, the couple ministered the Morning Water with devotion and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Days later, Ambassador Horsfall received a call from his wife to tell him that she had missed her period. Ordinarily, he was not excited because he had heard such news for the umpteenth time. However, deep down in his heart, there was a strong conviction that something new had happened.

The couple continued to minister the Morning Water and seized every opportunity to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. In the spirit of thanksgiving, the couple visited The SCOAN when the pregnancy was seven months-old to show gratitude to God for keeping it safe without a miscarriage in the belief that He would do more in their lives. Ambassador & Mrs Horsfall had the opportunity to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua who pronounced a safe delivery for the couple.

Days later, the couple travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to deliver the baby. When it was time for his wife to deliver, the couple’s faith was rocked with an unexpected news from the doctor that Mrs Horsfall was diagnosed with accumulation of fluid in her womb. The doctor wanted an urgent caesarian section, or else, she would lose the baby and perhaps, her own life. For Ambassador Horsfall, he stood fast to his faith on the word of the prophet that his wife would deliver their baby safely. Upon his insistence, the wife was taken out of the theatre and back to the delivery room.2b

The doctors persisted and handed Ambassador Horsfall a consent form to sign as they insisted their medical centre was too reputed to allow any grave unforeseen mishap with Mrs. Horsfall to tarnish their image. Running out of time, Ambassador Horsfall demanded to be left alone with his wife in the delivery room for a while. The doctors obliged, but kept the couple under the microscope as they watched them on a CCTV screen.

As his wife slipped into weakness, Ambassador Horsfall boldly told his wife that they had all the evangelical items they received from Prophet T.B. Joshua and so it was time to act faith and demonstrate the Power of God in the Morning Water and Good Morning Sticker. “At the count of 5, you will shout ‘Let There be Light!’” Ambassador Horsfall instructed his wife. She agreed.
“1, 2, 3,…” began Ambassador Horsfall.

“Let there be Light!” screamed Mrs. Anita Horsfall with all her might, before her husband had the chance to reach 4 on his count. Lo and behold, “Let There Be Light” pushed out the bouncing baby boy, leaving the doctors bemused in front of the monitoring screen. “What did you do? What did you say?” the doctors questioned, as they rushed into the delivery room to see the baby in his arms. “’Let There Be Light!’ is the prayer my Pastor Prophet T.B. Joshua taught us,” the joyful Ambassador Horsfall told the doctors.

Advising the congregation and viewers all over the world, Ambassador Horsfall said: “Knowledge is not the key, obedience is, as Prophet T.B. Joshua said. Act faith with whatever Prophet T.B. Joshua tells you to do or gives you.


She had been enmeshed in career failure and stagnation and needed to find her way out of the mess. At some point, she drew close to God and even preached to unbelievers. Those days, she was always exhibiting a high sense of joy until she suddenly lost it and was overtaken by sorrow where an inexplicable longing always drew tears from her eyes. Sometimes, she would isolate herself from family and friends only to brood over some pain which only she could feel. On several occasions, Mrs Thania Requeno would argue and quarrel with her husband and would laugh over her funny behaviours when she was later reminded about them.thaino

However, that sorrow that had haunted her life and career would soon be eliminated after Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her on January 1st, 2017 during the New Year service. The yokes of depression and suicidal thoughts were cast out of her life in the name of Jesus Christ. The man of God restored the lost joy in her life, giving her hope and the peace of mind to face tomorrow. According to the United States of America citizen, she had actually come to The SCOAN for financial and career breakthrough but ended up getting delivered from the spirits of depression and suicide.

Thania’s husband, Akim spoke extensively being the one who had been adversely affected by his wife’s suicidal episodes. He said when they first got married, she tried to hide this depression and would go into mood swings and tried to escape by drinking alcohol. Later, he would find her crying. Akim, originally from Benin Republic, a neighboring country to Nigeria, recounted how he believed that he had left T.B. Joshua behind in Africa because he thought that he had nothing to offer so he rather went in search of a solution to their problem in mega churches in the USA. mr-and-mrs-thaina-and-akeem-requenoHowever, to his shock and amazement, a staff in one of the mega churches he attended asked him if he had heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua since he was from west Africa. He bluntly replied that he would have nothing to do with ‘that man!’ He kept pondering over his encounter with the minister. That night, he had a revelation and from there, he became convinced that Prophet T.B. Joshua is indeed a true man of God and resolved to send his friends in Africa to help him get the Morning Water. Through this means, he was able to file for a residence permit and got that breakthrough to the glory of God.

Thanking God for her deliverance, Thania advised the congregation saying, ‘Trust in God alone for everything and in anything’.


Ms Bernice Kekeli Flamour received a word of prophecy about her bedwetting problem from the man of God. According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, the bedwetting problem was an attack that was aimed at destroying her marriage. Confirming the prophecy to be true, Ms Flamour received deliverance from the man of God. The Ghanaian Customs Officer returned to The SCOAN last Sunday for her testimony. According to her, when she visited The SCOAN, she prayed that the man of God would locate her and had even gone into meditation, appealing to the Holy Spirit to help her. Truly, she was located by the Spirit of God.ms-bernice-kekeli-fiamor

Her problem actually started seven years ago when she was posted to her first station. During that posting, she had dreamt that she was in a classroom with colleagues and was pressed. As she made for the restroom to ease herself in the dream, she suddenly woke up to find her body wet and cold. That dream continued to rear its head, making her to wet the bed wherever she was posted to. It had been a very embarrassing experience for her as she always found it difficult and shameful to dry her wet matress in the barracks environment where she lived.  She also deliberately avoided visitors so that they wouldn’t get to know about her problem.

She had even stopped drinking water at night, thinking it could help her but it never did. But ever since she received her deliverance from God through Prophet T.B. Joshua, she has stopped experiencing that evil dream. Whenever she feels pressed, something always alerts her to go and ease herself. Thanking God for lifting a heavy yoke out of her life, she advised congregants and people all over the world to have faith in God and never give up.


She had been taken to a river to wash plates by her mother when she was eight years-old. At the river, after the washing was over, she and her siblings decided to have their bath. But as the bathing continued, her mother noticed that she was going deeper into the bowels of the river and asked every one of them to stop so they could return home. When they returned home, young Flora went to her room and slept off. The next morning while her siblings were dressed for school, she told her mother that she wouldn’t be able to go to school because she was tired and could not explain the way she felt. That same morning, she consumed three plates of food in quick succession, making her mother to suspect that something was wrong with her. The young girl felt that there was something inside her that devoured all the food that went into her stomach.5

Flora started acting in a rather strange manner. She would always want to have her way even when her mother thought otherwise. One day, she had a terrible dream in which a very big snake entered her private part. According to her, after that dream, she developed an unusually nasty sexual urge in her dreams. She also dreamt of herself flying like a bird, travelling to different locations and markets, buying things from old women. At age 15, the snake inside her became her guide. It would instruct and direct her on things to do and places to go. It revealed to her the types and colours of weave-on and dresses she should put on in order to seduce men.

She became so seductive that friends would rally around her, urging her to follow them out to night clubs. Because of her dancing dexterity, men would fight their girlfriends and push them away just to have her dance with them. According to her, her dancing was a carry-over from the marine kingdom where she occupied an exalted position as queen of the coast and controlled a lot of wealth and influence. Whenever she slept with a man, he would release straight into the snake’s mouth and such a man would never want to leave her. He would continue to desire her until something terrible would happen to him. She had a leg chain given to her in the marine kingdom with which she attracted men. The evil spirit in her destroyed marriages and also culminated in her inflicting bloody injuries on people.


She had had two sons for a man but their union was truncated by one of her spiritual husbands who actually slept with her, leaving her in pains and making her physical husband’s advances worthless. Flora also met another man and had a child by him. She was just being used by the marine world to destroy her own life in instalments. A friend who had invited her to Lagos from Ondo State where she was languishing in frustration and joblessness, noticed something was wrong with her and told her about coming to The SCOAN. When she eventually came to The SCOAN, she refused to pray. Instead, the evil spirit was telling her to run away because the man of God would soon come with fire. As she was considering those evil suggestions, she received a hot slap on her head. Before she could gather herself, the fire of the Holy Ghost had taken over her entire body.

Flora received her deliverance and is today free from the powers of the marine kingdom. According to her, there is peace and joy in her life as she is now a new person in Christ Jesus. Thanking God for her deliverance, she advised men to be wary of the women they frolic around with, especially those who are still in the world. She also called on mothers to advise their daughters to live godly lives and that they should know that all that glitters is not gold.


Miss Erica Masaoe was addicted to the internet to the extent that she started to share her nude pictures online. According to her, at the age of 15, she developed serious interest in watching pornography and saw it as a normal way of life. As she became engrossed in the ungodly act, it took over her senses and made her to masturbate. Often times, a sense of guilt would twine her conscience. She would ask herself why on earth would she have to succumb to such an immoral fancy. But despite the momentary soul-search, she was unable to resist the rampaging urge.erica-jimmy-masaoe-prophecy-testimony

Her problem grew in scope and intensity, leading her to the social media where she found unlimited platforms to exercise her pornographic inclination. She would chat from morning to night, paying less attention to other more productive areas of her life. As a result of her addiction, she suffered rejection, depression and became isolated socially. However, she soon discovered other means of keeping herself happy in drinking and smoking and became totally detached from the things of God. She found it extremely difficult to pray or even read her Bible and became easily irritated.

Her dream life was not left out. She dreamt of mermaids who would threaten her that unless she worshipped them, she would die. The relationship she had with her countryman on the internet was actually centered on an exchange of nude pictures and according to her, rather than develop into a well-meaning association, it only aided her to masturbate and nothing more. The young Tanzanian woman was enmeshed in those unholy alliances until she visited The SCOAN and had an encounter with God through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Seated in the auditorium during the Sunday service, the man of God prophesied to her. “You have a serious addiction to the internet. There is one that even sent a naked picture,” observed the man of God. Having confirmed the prophecy to be true, Miss Masaoe received the anointed touch of the man of God and was set free from the evil bondage through the power of the Holy Spirit.


During her testimony last Sunday, the young woman radiated great joy and confidence in Christ Jesus as she narrated how her addiction almost ruined her life. Now, totally delivered and free from those immoral habits, she advised parents to endeavor to watch their children and the type of companies they keep.

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