Everyone feels a sense of anger now and again. Something happens that provokes you, that prompts you to react, that pushes you. But the anger Mrs Douglas experienced daily was on an entirely different level. “It absolutely consumed me”, she said, noting how a searing heat would flush her entire body. “My head, face and even my ears would be extremely hot as if I was in high fever… I would feel a heavy weight, burden upon me pushing me to fight”. And fight she did – with everyone that came her way!
Douglas grew up in an idol worshiping home. She had no concept of prayer, forgiveness and peace. “Let the best man win” was her philosophy in life and she duly counted herself as one of the men. A spiritual husband which tormented her from a young age presented her with countless temptations she was not able to resist. “I was actually man” she said, recollecting how she would beat people, look for blood, drive like crazy and shout at other drivers in the middle of the road. This intense anger caused people to be wary of approaching her “They would run from me…literally”, she confessed.

Each time after a horrific incident of rage, Mrs Douglas, for a moment, would realise herself and be utterly ashamed, bitterly crying for forgiveness. But before she knew it, the anger would rear its ugly head again and manifest itself again all too clearly.
When it was time for Mrs Douglas to graduate, in her final year exams, she stormed out of the exam hall, angry that the questions were difficult. She never returned to university after that.TB Joshua Ministries's photo.
When she met Mr Douglas for the first time, little did he or she know the ordeal they were putting themselves into. Mr Douglas, although knowing she was feisty, married her out of his love for her. They had four beautiful children who knew too early the senseless wrath of their mother. “I was afraid to even hug her or talk to her” said their eldest daughter. “But I loved her for who she was all the same”.

TB Joshua Ministries's photo.Mr Douglas endured countless beatings from his wife but decided within himself not to retaliate, knowing deep inside that it was an evil spirit pushing her to it. He would even leave the bed to her and opted to sleep on the floor, the marital affection ebbing away by the day. “I would rather abandon the house for her than touch her”, he recounted.

Mr Douglas became a loner. “I could not make friends because of her as I couldn’t bear the embarrassment” he remembered with a wince.

One day, Mrs Douglas was getting her hair done by men as she refused to let women touch her hair. In the barber’s shop, she saw Emmanuel TV playing. This annoyed her to say the least! What became even more infuriating was when the man doing her hair stopped to go and touch the screen and pray with T.B. Joshua. Mrs Douglas stormed out in a rage that day; the spirit within her had seen its last day ahead and was furious!TB Joshua Ministries's photo.

Meanwhile, Mr Douglas had also discovered Emmanuel TV and had made Emmanuel TV compulsory in his house. Mrs Douglas could no longer dodge the inevitable. She started joining him and praying with T.B. Joshua. “One day, while praying, I felt a cool sensation come over me and I was at peace for the first time in my life” she said, in tears.

Everything was coming together. The family’s destined journey together to The SCOAN soon came. As the Morning Water was getting closer, Mrs Douglas felt a hot sensation and the wicked spiritual husband and spirit of anger began to manifest. Through God’s power, she was delivered.

Since then the changes have been too marked. “I truly know the meaning of love now” said Mrs Douglas. The couple feel as if they have just married and are regularly snapping photos of each other. The children are equally excited to have her mother her true self at last.

Mr Douglas advised all not to give up in the face of immense tension and stress but instead run to God who will surely settle the matter.

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  1. Israel Zewdie

    Glory to our Lord Jesus! What He Doing the Great Miracles in hand of the beloved Prophet T.B Joshua. Please pray for me i am jobless.


  2. Joyful Lindiwe Matyamza

    I thank God for gift He has given to our father in the Prophets T B Joshua actually it has changed my Christian life, my marriage and there is peace of the living God. it all because of His teachings and teaching of the word of God. I like when He says, there is a reason to be trouble and there is a greater reason not to be. I pray that God may bless the man of God Prophet TB Joshua abundantly, His family ,his ministry in Jesus Christ name Amen.



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