Mr Daniel Ezissi and his mother came to testify to the goodness of God for his incredible deliverance. It all started when things got rough for his family and they had to return to the village. One day, after writing his secondary school final exams, he was returning home with his friend and encountered a man in white who looked like a priest. The man told him that he was good looking and would like to know him, so thinking it was a nice thing to do, he persuaded him to give the man his number. The man would call him from time to time until one day, he finally invited him to his house. Getting to the man’s house, he was shocked that the man was making advances toward him by trying to kiss him. Daniel refused to go any further and the man assured him that it was okay as he was not in a rush. Daniel said to himself that he would never go back to see the man again but when he had returned to his house that night, he had a dream of people surrounding him on an island, dancing around him. When he woke up, he didn’t tell anyone about it. Later, the man called and invited him to his place again. This time, when the man made advances toward him, Daniel played along. This continued for some time as the man was giving him gifts and money. When Daniel’s exams finished, he had to return back to his home. When he moved, the man continued to call but because of the distance, the relationship did not continue.
Eventually, Daniel relocated to Ghana at his brother’s house. There, he met another man who had the same spirit whom he got into a relationship with. From there, he continued to have relationships with different high-class men. Sometimes, he would be paid for his relationships or given gifts. He began to realise that this problem was affecting other areas of his life. Any time he would get upset, nobody could control him. Any time he was in a relationship with a man, anything he did would crumble. Even though he was not rich in real life, he would see himself in dreams owning cars and other expensive things.
His brother was a frequent Emmanuel TV viewer. When his brother would watch Emmanuel TV, Daniel would leave because his body would become very hot. Finally, Daniel returned to Nigeria where he met a man who was a banker and had the same spirit as him. The man helped him to go back to school. At school, he started going to bad areas to drink and do drugs with friends. Eventually, he was introduced into cultism where he made a name for himself because of the strength that he displayed during the seven hours of beating during the initiation process. He was being groomed to take over a high position in the cult and his many nights of drinking and doing drugs continued. He didn’t go to church despite being from a Christian home and would lie to his mother on the phone that he was living a Godly life. From there, he went into internet fraud whereby he posed as a woman to dupe men out of their money. A fight that broke out between rival cults lead him out of school. When he came home he met a friend who introduced him to The SCOAN. He decided to visit The SCOAN because he needed a job, but during the mass prayer, found that he couldn’t control himself as the evil spirit inside him began to manifest. After his deliverance, he was free and knew that something had left him. He can now pray and read his Bible and no longer has any affection towards men. Daniel’s mum was shocked, hearing his confession for the first time. She explained that she brought him up in a Christian home and that there was never a point where she suspected he was involved in so many negative things. Since his deliverance, she has noticed a change in her son’s behaviour. He now reads his Bible and prays like never before. She now knows that he is a changed person. Daniel apologized to his mother with tears in his eyes for all that he had done and he advised young people, “If you have been brought up in a Christian home and you are facing problems in life, it is best that you open up to your parents because they are more than guardians to us they are servants of God”. He also advised them not to admire other people on the outside for who they are but to be who God wants them to be. When Jesus Christ delivers you He delivers you effectually.

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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).

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