For more than ten years, Mrs Jane Godfrey had dreamed of obtaining a Visa to the USA. She was so happy to finally receive it after ministering the Morning Water to herself, but little did she know that another challenge to her faith was on the horizon. When she travelled to the USA, she began dreaming of using the toilet and saw visions of dogs. By the time she awoke, she discovered that she had wet the bed. This problem continued and she very embarrassed. She tried her best to hide it from her family, even to the point that she began sleeping on the floor. When she returned to Nigeria she began praying along with T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and ministering the Morning Water. That night, she felt a hand tap her to wake her and she went to the restroom. Since then her problem of bedwetting has come to an end. Not only that, but she also received breakthrough in her business as well! She has been free from bedwetting for the past one year. Glory be to God!




Mrs Sepha Ochieng, a Kenyan living in Belgium and her friend, Mrs Nnenna, a Nigerian living in Belgium, had both planned to visit The SCOAN for deliverance. Mrs Sepha Ochieng said that she had tried to visit The SCOAN many times but did not find it easy; finally, she was able to visit through her friend Mrs Nnenna. They both left Belgium on Friday and arrived in Amsterdam to get their connecting flight to Nigeria.

On the 30th September 2016, Mrs Sepha Ochieng and her friend got on a flight bound for Nigeria. During the flight, the plane suddenly started shifting from left to right. Everything became chaotic and they started praying to the God of T.B. Joshua to rescue them. Continuing from where she left off, her friend, Mrs Nnenna explained how they were rescued through the medium of the Faith Bracelet which her husband had received after visiting The SCOAN some months earlier. Before travelling, she had asked her husband for his Faith Bracelet. As the plane was shaking out of control and preparing to crash, she remembered that she had the Faith Bracelet with her and started to pray and cry out to the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to show Himself strong, and to her amazement, the plane normalised! I started praying because it was my first time in Nigeria. She described the experience as terrible, something she would not wish even on her enemies. She advised all listening to just hold on to God and pray before you flying.
Mrs Sepha Ochieng also recounted the testimony of how her friend, Mrs Nnenna was delivered through the Morning Water she had given her. The Morning Water had restored her marriage and peace while she herself was baffled that the same Morning Water had not ‘worked’ for her. This is what had prompted her determination to come to The SCOAN in Nigeria for her own blessing. Upon coming, she encountered the power in the name of Jesus that she had desired for so long. She concluded, “God is great!”


Mr Daniel Ezissi and his mother came to testify to the goodness of God for his incredible deliverance. It all started when things got rough for his family and they had to return to the village. One day, after writing his secondary school final exams, he was returning home with his friend and encountered a man in white who looked like a priest. The man told him that he was good looking and would like to know him, so thinking it was a nice thing to do, he persuaded him to give the man his number. The man would call him from time to time until one day, he finally invited him to his house. Getting to the man’s house, he was shocked that the man was making advances toward him by trying to kiss him. Daniel refused to go any further and the man assured him that it was okay as he was not in a rush. Daniel said to himself that he would never go back to see the man again but when he had returned to his house that night, he had a dream of people surrounding him on an island, dancing around him. When he woke up, he didn’t tell anyone about it. Later, the man called and invited him to his place again. This time, when the man made advances toward him, Daniel played along. This continued for some time as the man was giving him gifts and money. When Daniel’s exams finished, he had to return back to his home. When he moved, the man continued to call but because of the distance, the relationship did not continue.
Eventually, Daniel relocated to Ghana at his brother’s house. There, he met another man who had the same spirit whom he got into a relationship with. From there, he continued to have relationships with different high-class men. Sometimes, he would be paid for his relationships or given gifts. He began to realise that this problem was affecting other areas of his life. Any time he would get upset, nobody could control him. Any time he was in a relationship with a man, anything he did would crumble. Even though he was not rich in real life, he would see himself in dreams owning cars and other expensive things.
His brother was a frequent Emmanuel TV viewer. When his brother would watch Emmanuel TV, Daniel would leave because his body would become very hot. Finally, Daniel returned to Nigeria where he met a man who was a banker and had the same spirit as him. The man helped him to go back to school. At school, he started going to bad areas to drink and do drugs with friends. Eventually, he was introduced into cultism where he made a name for himself because of the strength that he displayed during the seven hours of beating during the initiation process. He was being groomed to take over a high position in the cult and his many nights of drinking and doing drugs continued. He didn’t go to church despite being from a Christian home and would lie to his mother on the phone that he was living a Godly life. From there, he went into internet fraud whereby he posed as a woman to dupe men out of their money. A fight that broke out between rival cults lead him out of school. When he came home he met a friend who introduced him to The SCOAN. He decided to visit The SCOAN because he needed a job, but during the mass prayer, found that he couldn’t control himself as the evil spirit inside him began to manifest. After his deliverance, he was free and knew that something had left him. He can now pray and read his Bible and no longer has any affection towards men. Daniel’s mum was shocked, hearing his confession for the first time. She explained that she brought him up in a Christian home and that there was never a point where she suspected he was involved in so many negative things. Since his deliverance, she has noticed a change in her son’s behaviour. He now reads his Bible and prays like never before. She now knows that he is a changed person. Daniel apologized to his mother with tears in his eyes for all that he had done and he advised young people, “If you have been brought up in a Christian home and you are facing problems in life, it is best that you open up to your parents because they are more than guardians to us they are servants of God”. He also advised them not to admire other people on the outside for who they are but to be who God wants them to be. When Jesus Christ delivers you He delivers you effectually.


Mr Edafe Unoho was addicted to smoking and drinking. This problem would cause him to womanize and sleep with prostitutes, fight, and commit all kinds of horrible acts – his body being marked with scars and missing teeth. The smoke used to cause him to regularly cough up blood. His lifestyle rendered him useless and unable to take care of his wife and children. Mr Unoho was in this bondage for over seventeen years. He started looking for deliverance and went to many places in search of it, to no avail. When he thought of visiting The SCOAN, his drinking buddies would discourage him. Eventually, he ran into a situation that lead to him be arrested. He was locked up in prison for days without food and there was no one to bail him out. He became so upset and embarrassed at how bad his problem had become. There, locked in the jail cell, he surrendered himself to God. Surprising to him, God answered his prayers and an old friend came to bail him out. The same friend encouraged him to begin watching Emmanuel TV. He began watching Emmanuel TV and his faith was built up. He decided to visit The SCOAN. Upon coming to The SCOAN, he obtained the Morning Water and began to minister it and pray with it. From there, things began to change. He could no longer stand the smell of smoke and no longer had the desire to go out and drink. One night, he had a dream that his wife was crying out to Prophet T.B. Joshua about his problem. Prophet T.B. Joshua then replied to her and told her not to worry because he was already delivered. Mr Unoho has since been totally free from smoking and drinking alcohol. He has been able to save money, take care of his family and was even able to buy himself a new car! Hallelujah! Mr Unoho even began witnessing to his family.
One day, he ministered the Morning Water to his sister and an evil spirit inside her began to manifest and speak out it’s evil deeds. Full of faith, Mr Unoho continued to minister the Morning Water as he commanded the evil spirit to come out of her, until she was eventually delivered. The whole ordeal was recorded on his phone. His sister, also being with him to testify, gave glory to God for her deliverance. Previously, people said she looked old but now, she looks fine. She advised people to give their lives to Christ.


Mrs Petra Otee, a Ugandan living in the USA was present with her friend, Florence and husband – also from the USA – to share an incredible story of her deliverance through the Morning Water a week earlier. She said her problem started as a child. She was unaware that she was being chased by ancestral spirits until things started to happen to her. In May 2015, she had travelled to Uganda for a mission trip to visit a school; She would normally take a team there. There, she went to bed and early in the morning, discovered that she could not get up. She couldn’t see, hear, walk or do anything, despite going to bed as normal the previous night. She was taken to the Kampala International hospital for a week without improvement. Her sister decided to fly her back to the States where she was hospitalized for another two weeks without improvement. She was sent home for rehab and told that they could not detect the problem despite numerous tests. She was left still unable to see hear or walk and had failed three hearing tests. She had to stop all social activities including singing in her church choir.

She would have nightmares and her condition caused her to resign from her job at the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma as she was too sick to perform. For months, she could not chew but could only take in liquids. She had to wear a device on her teeth resembling braces, for over six months. This affected her speech as she could barely talk. She would have severe migraine attacks and would take many pills and muscle relaxants. Her visit to seven different specialists were all in vain.
When she was in a noisy environment, she would get dizzy and fall down. She was given a noise cancelling device to reduce noise levels around her which she would have to wear at all times. She became isolated. She was later told that she had a herniated disc due to three consequent accidents, for which she received treatment.

Her friend started sending her videos of Emmanuel TV which she would watch and she started feeling better. She told her neurologist that she was going to postpone the surgery she was booked for because she had decided she would come to The SCOAN for help, even though they had banned her from travelling and driving.

She said since after her deliverance at The SCOAN, she no longer has any need for the medication or devices she was using. “I feel perfectly normal and excited about my life”. Her friend and friend’s husband stood by her side to validate her testimony. Her friend said, “She no longer uses the medical devices she was given”.
“No more headaches, migraines, pills, muscle relaxants. I am doing very well. As I continued ministering the Morning Water, I got a lot of testimonies”, Petra said.

She described that she felt fire all over her body and pins coming out of her body during her deliverance. After her deliverance, her painful periods which had started at age 14 for which she would be hospitalized for, has disappeared – not a single pain in her abdomen and no more pills. She brought along with her photos of teachers and pupils in the school in Uganda and the medical reports to prove her healing.
Her friend, Florence and her husband from Uganda also living in the USA, confirmed that her friend was previously truly sick. She said people thought she would not make it. She had introduced her to Emmanuel TV and encouraged her to pray along with T.B. Joshua. Florence said, “There is a big change. She could not walk without you holding her. Medical doctors had told her that she would have to live with her condition as there was no cure to her condition. Any high pitch noise would bother her. Her kids and husband would assist her and do the house chores. She is a new person – she can walk straight without anybody holding her. She hears well”. Florence’s husband said, “It shows that the power of God is really present in this place. I hope I can get deliverance like she did”.


Mr Adries J Coetzee from South Africa was full of tears of joy as he came to testify with his fiancée and child about how God delivered him through the medium of the Morning Water. Mr Coetzee used to drink, smoke cigarettes and take drugs for over 23 years since the age of 15. This caused him to be very aggressive at work and to those close to him, even to the point that he would commit violent acts with knives. His body is marked with all kinds of different scars from violent acts that he used to commit while drunk and high with hard drugs. He tried many times to find a solution to his bad habits but found none. He never had the desire to go to church or pray, but he discovered Emmanuel TV on his television and as he began watching, it made him realise that he needed to change. When he explained to his fiancée that he wanted to change his life, they decided to get the Morning Water they had seen many testify about. A friend of theirs gave them the Morning Water and a DVD of Prophet T.B Joshua’s teaching. They began to watch the DVD from The SCOAN and pray with the Morning Water. Immediately, Mr Coetzee’s body began to severely itch for over 45 minutes. He continued praying until the itching finally stopped. He then went out to his porch to smoke a cigarette as he usually did but to his surprise, it did not taste like before. He immediately threw the cigarette away and from that point, he has been free from smoking, drinking and doing drugs for the past two months. Thank You, Jesus!