Always witnessing the exhibition of the glory of God, The SCOAN congregation were pleasantly surprised to see the documentary of the prophetic pilgrimage of Prophet T.B. Joshua to far-away Israel and Greece played to shore up the faith of believers. The man of God was received in Bethlehem – the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ – by the Mayor, Mrs Vera Baboun. Mr Ayoob Kara, the Israeli Deputy Minister, Regional Cooperation also met with the man of God in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. Renowned disaster rescue organisation ZAKA’s Chairman, Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav also honoured Prophet T.B. Joshua for his humanitarian work with an award.

The next leg of the prophet’s trip to the holy lands, took him to Greece, where he visited the site of the prison that harboured Paul and Silas in Philippi. Led by the Spirit of God, he prayed for viewers and nations all over the world. Using the biblical prison as a point of contact, he commanded every form of spiritual chain to be broken, in Jesus’ name and the testimonies have not stopped flooding in through different media about the forceful power of God that touched people’s lives through the prayer.


Meanwhile, in her message titled GOD CAN MAKE YOU FIT FOR IT, Evangelist Yetunde called on Christians not to undermine their capacity to do the great works of God, stressing that whenever God chooses a person for an assignment, no matter how huge it appears, He will make the person fit and equipped to carry out that assignment. Citing the case of Moses who stammered with speech and how God made him fit to lead the Israelites to the promised land, she observed, “When God called Moses in the burning bush for the assignment of leading the people of Israel out of Egypt, He made him fit for it. It is the Holy Spirit poured upon God’s servants that makes them fit for it.”  Concluding, she urged Christians not to allow the pleasures of the world to draw them away from God, adding that, “In His Word, we have His peace.”





Haunted by the yoke of untimely death in the family, Mr Ikechukwu Nwodo would not leave his life to chance. He knew pretty well that the cold hands of death were lurking around the corner, waiting to strike again. His parents and some older siblings had died inexplicably too early while his younger brother battled with bone cancer. It was his younger brother’s predicament that led him to the Arena of Liberty. He had consulted many spiritualists in search of help for his brother who was ailing away but found none until a woman introduced the Morning Water to them. After ministering the Morning Water to his ailing brother, the cancer started to heal gradually, prompting them to visit The SCOAN where Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for his brother and gave him the Morning Water.


In no time, the cancer became totally healed as his brother continued to minister the Morning Water. For Mr Nwodo, his brother’s healing at the Arena of Liberty inspired in him a greater faith and belief that the yoke of death tormenting his family will be nailed to the grave finally if he visited The SCOAN. It was that belief that brought him to the church during a Sunday service. Seated in the auditorium, he was spotted by the man of God who was prophesying to the congregants. “At a little age, there was an initiation. You are wrestling with regret. Now you know Jesus. You know you need deliverance… You know they initiated you,” said Prophet T.B. Joshua as he laid hands on Mr Nwodo.

After his deliverance, an elated Mr Nwodo came to testify to the wondrous things God has done for him. While the yoke of untimely death and the spirit of poverty have since departed from his family, God has blessed him with material wealth. He has completed three different buildings after he was delivered by the man of God. He told congregants how the Word of prophecy changed his life and restored peace and joy to his family. “With God, all things are possible: we should not limit what God can do in our lives,” he advised people all over the world.



Mr and Mrs Pascal Mpoy had come face to face with a grim reality. Their little daughter Precious had been diagnosed with a hole in the heart and her doctor insisted she had to undergo an operation to correct the problem. It was even more disheartening for the parents to realise that a special device would be permanently inserted into the little girl’s heart. The South African couple rejected the option of an operation and sought the mercy of God. They brought her down to The SCOAN where she received the ministration of the Morning Water.


When they returned to their country, a series of tests were carried out on Precious to ascertain the condition of her heart. To the glory of God, all the tests carried out showed that the hole in her heart had disappeared. It was a miracle that perplexed even the doctors. Testifying to the awe-inspiring healing of their daughter, Mr and Mrs Mpoy thanked God for coming to their rescue. They left the following advice for people who may come across a similar challenge: “Life is full of challenges. If challenges come, stand strong in the name of Jesus.”


In spite of his illustrious academic qualifications, Mr Edmund Fianu got stuck on his way up the career ladder. Since the year 2000, he had been an Assistant Principal and was supposed to become a substantive Principle after three years. But in his case, the much desired promotion was not forthcoming and so, he remained stuck in the position of Assistant Principal for twelve years. In his desperate search for promotion, he visited many spiritualists who ended up confusing him the more. His wife would not fold her arms and watch her husband wallow in stagnation. She introduced him to Emmanuel TV and visited The SCOAN.

On her return to Ghana, Mrs Fianu gave her husband the Morning Water. As soon as Mr Fianu started ministering the Morning Water, he received an invitation to attend an interview for the position of Principal.


As he prepared for the interview, he ministered the Morning Water and prayed with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. After one week, he received a letter notifying him of his appointment as a substantive Principal of a Senior High School. After his wife visited The SCOAN again, Mr Fianu was transferred to a bigger Senior High School ranked among the top 20 in Ghan

Mr Fianu’s career as an educationist has continued to blossom since he started ministering the Morning Water and praying with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. He has authored books on English Language and has published and sold them to Teacher Training Colleges and Senior High Schools. He presently prints his books in China and India. He has also been awarded a doctorate degree. Mr Edmund is also a proud owner of a six-bedroom flat and a fleet of five cars. Thanking God for his promotion and all the blessings that followed, Mr Fianu had the following words for people all over the world: “Educated people often take spiritual things for granted. However, people are beginning to see that spiritual things cannot be handled in a physical way. I advise learned people facing spiritual problems to seek Jesus Christ.”



Distraught and emotionally battered, Mrs Christie Pua, an Indonesian had come to The SCOAN premises with her two kids crying and soliciting help from the man of God whom she believed would come to her aid. Her husband, a Nigerian from Imo State named John Egesi who was doing business in Indonesia had returned to the country with his family only for things to fall apart. Even in his village where he was putting up with his family, things were not at ease as he was accused of killing his father and another family relation. In order to avoid the brewing trouble in the village, he had run down to Lagos with his family after selling off most of his belongings but could not sustain their hotel bills and feeding costs. 

Eventually evicted to the streets, life took another turn for the worst. They had nowhere to live, nowhere to go, nothing to eat and nothing to do. Mr Egesi struggled to hustle for their daily bread at an electronics market called Alaba International, at times, realising no more than 200 to 1000 naira at best for the day’s toil, not enough to give even him three square meals per day. His Indonesian wife and kids loitered around the streets in search of succour. Their 13-year-old son took to searching through dustbins to find anything he could sell. It was that search for help that brought them to The SCOAN late at night, crying and in distress. The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Team accepted them into the church, gave them a sumptuous meal and a place to rest their heads. The accounts of the couple and their kids on the level of suffering they were facing was heart-rending. Mr Egesi himself broke down in tears as he narrated his ordeals at the unfriendly junction of a troubled world.


Having been briefed about their situation, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners made the following cash donations to the family. For Mr John Egesi, he received the sum of five hundred thousand naira to get him back on his feet, with assurances by the man of God to get him a good job so that once he had established himself once again, he could meet his family in Indonesia. For Mrs Christie Pua and her two kids, their travel documents and flight tickets back to Indonesia have been procured at the sum of seven thousand US dollars with another three thousand US dollars for their upkeep. The man of God and Emmanuel TV Partners also gave scholarship to the two kids in any school of their choice in Indonesia. 


Thanking God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners to wipe away their tears, the couple and their kids expressed profound joy for the new lease of life they now enjoy through God’s grace. 


He was in a deep mess as his supposed spouse had accused him of kidnapping and sexually molesting her. As a Ugandan serving in the US Army, he knew that the American society does not treat such allegations lightly. Staff Sargent Ian James Musika had no other place to run to but The SCOAN. He knew that his job and career were on the line should he be found guilty of the offence he was accused of.


When he visited The SCOAN, he received the ministration of the Morning Water by evangelists and the demon that was behind his recurrent encounters with irresponsible women was cast out. Returning to the United States with the Morning Water, he had geared himself up for the litigation that was on concerning the allegations against him. As the matter came up for hearing, he went to the court armed with his Morning Water. Before stepping into the court room, he had ministered it in between the doors leading to the court room.

His accuser, on getting to the court, could not enter the court room. She continued fidgeting in an uncoordinated matter until the judge struck out the case after she decided to withdraw it. Mr Musika was thereafter discharged and acquitted. Shortly after that experience, he was promoted to his current rank to the glory of the Almighty God. “You should not run from God but run to God when facing challenging circumstances and have faith in Him,” he told congregants and people all over the world.



How he was able to weather the storm of shame and low self-esteem brought about by his inability to impregnate his first wife remains a case-study in patience. For twenty-three years, Mr Alabo Ayebaemi battled with the problem of low sperm count to the extent that his first wife ran away when she could no longer bear the social stigma that hung over their childless union. When all hopes of getting a medical solution crumbled, he decided to visit The SCOAN, where he received the Morning Water.

As he started ministering the Morning Water, he accompanied it with prayers. With his faith rising astronomically, he married another wife. True to his belief, within a short while of her coming into his house, the new wife became pregnant. Even though people around gossiped that he had brought in an already pregnant woman, he remained calm and instead continued to pray to God. After nine months, his new wife gave birth to a baby boy named Praise God.

As he testified to his healing and blessing with a baby boy in company of his wife, Mr Ayebaemi informed congregants that his wife is currently carrying another pregnancy – an infallible proof that his low sperm count has been completely healed after he ministered the Morning Water. The couple were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Believe God and trust in Him! Don’t fight the battle yourself”.



She had a noble ambition to further her education but that ambition fell prey to a wrong and destructive choice she made when she was only thirteen years-old. A deceiver dangled the offer of greener pastures overseas before her. Betrayed by her childish judgement, she could not decipher the danger that awaited her on the ill-fated journey. She abandoned her academic pursuits and travelled down to Cote D’Ivoire in company of nine other girls only to later realise that she was going into prostitution. It was even more dispiriting for her when she discovered that she would have to settle the woman who sponsored her trip to the country by ‘working very hard.’

Ms Nkechi would sleep with as many as thirty men in a day. In a matter of three months, she was able to settle her sponsor. For eight years, her family back home in Nigeria did not really know her whereabouts. Whenever she called them, she fed them with stories aimed at pacifying their anxieties over her veiled absence. On two occasions, she had been deported from Spain as she attempted to do the same thing in Europe.

After her aborted trip to Europe, she met a Nigerian who said he fell in love with her and immediately proposed marriage. As they professed love to each other, Nkechi became pregnant. Her elated lover brought her to Nigeria so she could know his family. Having been introduced to her lover’s family, she stayed with his mother in Delta where she put to bed a set of twins that tragically died afterwards. Broken and frustrated with no money to cater to her needs, she made efforts to return to Cote D’Ivoire. But all the money she had kept in her lover’s account went down the drain as she later discovered that he duped her of one million CFAs. Feeling that she had nowhere else to go, she returned to Cote D’Ivoire, went back into prostitution but surprisingly was deceived again and had another child by the same man. When the child named Blessing was one year-old, she returned to Nigeria.


Twelve wasted years later and with a child to cater for she was still caught in the trap of prostitution. The now single mother threatened her family with suicide or a return to Cote D’Ivoire. Her mother knew that the problem had spiritual undertones and advised her to seek deliverance at the Arena of Liberty. Nkechi hearkened to her mother’s advice and attended a special Monday prayer session at The SCOAN where she came under the influence of God’s power as Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her. She manifested the demon that had made a mess of her life as the undiluted anointing of God pummelled it until it was cast out.

After her deliverance, Ms Nkechi told congregants that she is a new person. Her dreams have been very encouraging. She had even seen herself evangelising against prostitution in a dream the very day she was delivered by the man of God. A loud ovation from congregants greeted her confession of Christ. Her family members who accompanied her also thanked God for retrieving their lost sheep from the claws of a destructive demon called prostitution. “Young girls should hold on to God and believe that their present condition is not their final destination. Young girls should hold on to God and not be deceived by bad friends,” advised Nkechi.



Mr Egbuehe Boyd Ikemekuna from Anambra state, Nigeria testified. He explained that in 2013 he felt sick and thought it was malaria. So he was treated for malaria but his health still deteriorated. His employers released him for further treatment. When he went to the hospital, he was diagnosed with hepatitis B and inflammed appendicitis. He became very lean and “looked like a walking skeleton” to the extent that hospitals started rejecting him and some health staff became afraid of his presence. Even some family members rejected him due to his deplorable health condition.

At a time, the doctors told him that all they could do was operate but there was a high risk that during the operation he could lose his life. All hope was lost and he thought his end was near. Distressed, he began to plan his early death through suicide. His pastor introduced him to Emmanuel TV and He started praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. A voice started telling him there was hope. He said one day he prayed saying, “God, I have tried all this, now I want to try You”. After the prayer, he felt strength in his body and decided to travel to The SCOAN. At the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his hand on him and instantly, something left his body. He was further blessed with the Morning Water, which he continued to minister.

One week after his visit to The SCOAN, he went to the hospital for a checkup and was tested negative to hepatitis B. He was totally healed of both the hepatitis B and inflammed appendicitis. Mr Egbuehe advised all listening that, “Sickness is from the pit of hell, the only thing that attracts it is sin; Jesus is the cure. I came to The SCOAN nearly dead but now I’m alive, stronger than before”.

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