During The SCOAN Sunday service of 14th August, 2016, the power of our Lord Jesus Christ reverberated all-round the auditorium. The choir reminded congregants that the race is neither to the swift nor to the strong but to God who shows mercy through His son, Jesus, the eternal Redeemer of our sins.


In her message titled, MADE NEW IN CHRIST, Evangelist Catherine, using the analogy of an egg, illustrated the fact that a true Christian would sometimes seem battered when he or she passes through life’s experiences but in the real sense, is only being prepared for a new level in life. She illustrated that crushing an egg shell is never tantamount to destroying the egg itself. Connecting her illustration to the Christian race she added, “My situation may look like setback but it is not. It is to keep and preserve me for a new level in life.”

Citing the example of Joseph who was sold into slavery, she argued that ordinarily, his experiences were inconsistent with his destiny as a great king but he had to experience the dry pit, slavery and imprisonment in order to be positioned for the glory that eventually came his way. She reminded congregants, “Your situation is not an enemy but a friend that God is using to make you new. We must be ready to go through a little discomfort to experience a new level in life.”

Concluding, Evangelist Catherine urged Christians to see the positive side of whatever they are going through: “Whatever you are going through, maybe you are just being broken. Each of us has been endowed with something on the inside that needs to be transferred to the outside. The only way our character grows is by facing difficulties and dealing with problems.”



Her bedwetting problem had been described as something that would fade away with time by doctors but Miss Ataikiru Usiwoma eventually discovered that the matter was getting out of hand. The issue of bedwetting may be seen as ‘normal’ in infancy and sometimes through early juvenile years but for it to stand its ground even while she was in medical school called for urgent concern. The young Nigerian resident in Romania found the whole situation very embarrassing. Many a time, she would be disgraced by the bedwetting problem to the extent that her movement became punctuated. The freedom to visit friends and family relations waned drastically. Her case was even a special one because the affliction struck daily both in the day and at night. Her medical school days in Ukraine were marred by the embarrassing incidents of wetting her friends’ beds with urine.


Moved by an irrepressible spirit to find a way out of the problem that had been messing up her reputation as an aspiring medical practitioner, she came in contact with a Ghanaian doctor who introduced her to Emmanuel TV. The more excited she was about exploring the anointed channel, the more she was discouraged by people around her who alleged that Emmanuel TV was a demonic channel. She also recalled that in her younger years, there had been pamphlets which were circulated, condemning Emmanuel TV. Her confusion about the veracity or otherwise of those allegations were heightened by a pastor’s negative submissions about the channel. The pastor had told her that she would be possessed by evil spirits if she dared watch Emmanuel TV. However, the whole saga was brought to an end when the Holy Spirit itself ministered to her to find out for herself and not listen to the unfounded discouragement from people around her.

Watching Emmanuel TV, she discovered that all the teachings of the man of God were centred on the Word of God. “After all, he teaches and prays in the name of Jesus. Why should I not watch the channel?”, she had asked herself. As she went ahead to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, against all discouragements, she realised that her bedwetting problem miraculously left her. As things stand today, she said that it’s been six years without bedwetting. The embarrassing yoke is no more through the power of the Most High!

Currently a qualified medical doctor, Miss Ataikiru Usiwoma also testified to the miraculous turn-around in the academic fortunes of her sister who was on the brink of being expelled from school due to a string of unusual circumstances. According to her, her sister had been a first class student who was always carting home all the awards but suddenly fell from the zenith of academic excellence to the brink of failure. For Dr Usiwoma who just witnessed a miracle through Emmanuel TV, whatever was responsible for her sister’s retrogression was more than met the ordinary eye. In spite of her sister’s scepticism about Emmanuel TV, Dr Usiwoma encouraged her to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua the channel and minister the Morning Water on her. After that day, her sister confessed to her that she was having inner peace more than ever.

By the time she returned to school where she was expected to start all over again, the mother of miracles unfolded before her very eyes. Within one year, she had completed her programme and had graduated with a First Class distinction. Thanking God for her deliverance from the yoke of bedwetting and the restoration of her sister’s academic glory, Dr Usiwoma advised people thus: “Remember God’s Word. With God, all things are possible.”



Mrs Angelica Lofving battled with severe depression which gave rise to stomach aches. Her job was threatened by her mental condition. She could not go out of the house because she soon developed panic attacks that kept her indoors. It was a terrible experience for her husband who had to work extra-hard to shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Even though she eventually got a job, it was not without daily medication to alleviate the stomach troubles and to enable her to perform her duties well. She had earlier consulted with doctors at a psychiatric hospital but the solution they proffered was not permanent. They only gave her medication which was aimed at calming her down and inducing sleep. When she discovered that it was not as effective as she had wanted, she increased the dosage, all to no avail.

MRS. ANGELICA LOFVING & HUSBAND.jpgHer visit to The SCOAN two weeks ago, however, brought her face to face with the undiluted power of God. As evangelists were ministering the Morning Water during the The SCOAN Live Sunday Service, Mrs Angelica Lofving fell under the influence of God’s power even as the evil spirit tormenting her life spoke out, “She fights everyday with her husband. I make her to have a lot of pain… in her stomach…” Angelica was brought down with her back to the ground as the evangelists commanded the demon to leave her in the mighty name of Jesus. Regaining full consciousness of herself, she ran into her husband’s warm embrace, declaring, “Thank You Jesus, I am free!”

Testifying after her deliverance, in company of her husband, she told congregants how she felt something leave her immediately the evangelist ministered the Morning Water on her. According to her, she now has absolute peace in her life. She no longer smokes cigarettes which she had used as some sort of escapist mechanism to avoid the pains and frustrations depression had brought her way. On his own part, her husband also expressed gratitude to God for his wife’s deliverance. He was full of joy to see his wife now totally free from depression. “People who find themselves in a similar situation, seek God in a living church for your deliverance,” said Mrs Lofving to people all over the world.


MRS. GLADYS, HUSBAND & RELATIVEMrs Gladys Calmday was expecting her husband to come home from work but he was nowhere near home. After waiting for some time, she received series of phone calls from some people who addressed themselves as a group of notorious militants. They told her that her husband had been mistakenly kidnapped and that she should provide the sum of one hundred million naira in order to secure his release. In the ensuing trepidation that greeted that sad news, Mrs Calmday ran helter-skelter trying to get help to rescue her husband from the den of the kidnappers. After a while, they reduced the ransom to fifty million naira, urging her to expedite payment lest they kill her husband. Knowing that the matter was beyond her, she raced down to The SCOAN where she sought Divine intervention.

As she attended the activity-filled Sunday service, she waited to see the man of God who prayed for her. Having been touched by the man of God even as she displayed her husband’s picture on the screen of her phone, she noticed some burden had left her when she returned to her sitting position. By that time, she had switched off her phone in order to avoid the nuisance of the criminals who had been calling her on account of the ransom they were demanding. Emboldened by the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the fact that she was still in God’s presence, she switched on her phone only to receive a call. It was the sweet voice of her husband, announcing his freedom from the den of the kidnappers!

Testifying in company of his wife and sister, Mr Calmday expressed profound gratitude to God for his safe release from the kidnappers’ den. He told congregants how he had been mistakenly kidnapped and how he was threatened with death on several occasions. According to his wife, it was exactly one hour after Prophet T.B. Joshua had prayed for her that her husband was technically released amid apologies by the kidnappers who also returned every single thing they had taken from him. He recalled that one of the kidnappers told him how lucky he was not to have been killed. According to him, the man told him to hold on to God who was evidently in charge of his situation.

The couple from Bayelsa State, Nigeria, thanking God for the miracle, exhibited immense belief in the power of God to do all things. Mr Calmday, from all indications, was humbled by the unusual display of divine love upon him and his family by the kingdom of Heaven. “God listens to prayers and intervenes in the affairs of man,” he counselled people all over the world while describing Prophet T.B. Joshua as a rare gift to this generation.



A terrible kidney disease had stifled the comfort out of her life. Miss Chioma Mbamara was tormented by swelling of the body, frequent illness, headaches, weakness of the body and general debility. Walking became very difficult just as her work life collapsed after her employment was terminated due to the instability of her health. Her doctor in Nigeria frowned against dialysis. He suggested a kidney transplant in India but the money involved was too big. They decided to run to the The SCOAN, the ‘Arena of Liberty’ where the Morning Water was ministered to her, in Jesus’ name.


Shortly after the ministration of the Morning Water, the Imo State of Nigeria indigene received her remarkable healing! All the symptoms that had characterised the kidney problem disappeared. Today, Miss Mbamara is totally healed without spending a dime. The trip to India would have gulped a whopping 8 million naira but for divine intervention through the Morning Water. To top up her healing with glory, two days after she had left The SCOAN, she received an invitation for an interview. Today, the rest is history as she currently works with a federal college of education.

Testifying, Miss Mbamara told congregants that the Morning Water has become her companion since the very day she received her healing. According to her, she has been ministering it to people around her and will continue to have it by her side.



MR. & MRS. ZOUBENWith eight miscarriages and the wagging tongues that called her all sorts of names, Mrs Tracy Zouben faced hell here on earth. Even some family members rejected her because of her inability to produce a child. She was labelled a daughter of the marine world and was left to ponder over the unfortunate direction her life had taken. She had envisaged great respite would come after seeing doctors but alas, all they could do was to see that she had a sack of fluid in her womb. For them, that sack of fluid must be removed through surgery, if she really wanted to bear a child. Consulting with her husband, she rejected the suggestion of the doctors and instead insisted on coming to meet God at the Arena of Liberty, having been an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV.

Arriving at The SCOAN and attending the Sunday service of July 27, 2014, the Cameroonian couple soon witnessed God’s illimitable power in action. Seated in the auditorium, the evil spirit within Mrs Zouben manifested as soon as the evangelists ministered the Morning Water on her. The demon confessed how it had been responsible for all her miscarriages and how it had tormented her psychologically with thoughts of inadequacy and low self-esteem, before it was finally cast into the bottomless pit, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Returning to Cameroon with their own bottle of the Morning Water, the couple became evangelists of a sort. Many people searching for the fruit of the womb got pregnant after Mr and Mrs Zouben ministered the Morning Water to them. There was the case of a woman who was barren for twenty-five years but got pregnant after they had ministered the Morning Water to her. As they continued to minister the Morning Water on others whereas they themselves needed the fruit of the womb, people started wondering aloud why “the physician could not heal himself.” To every of such thought, they had an answer – “God’s time is the best.” And true to their belief, in a matter of weeks, Mrs Zouben had a series of dreams in which she saw the man of God urging her to visit the orphanage to extend love to the less-privileged children. The couple also used the Morning Water to cook, bathe and to do almost everything.

Within weeks, Mrs Zouben fell ill and visited the hospital. The illness was diagnosed to be seven weeks’ pregnancy! In spite of all the difficulties she passed through during the progression of the pregnancy, Mrs Tracy Zouben eventually gave birth to a baby girl named Zouben Gift-Joy. Thanking God for blessing them with their hearts’ desire, the couple told congregants how they endured shame and dishonour for eight years and waited for God’s time which finally came after their visit to The SCOAN. “Whatever you are passing through is for a purpose,” said Mrs Zouben as she urged people all over the world to hold on to God and wait for His time.



MR. & MRS. OPOKU DEBRAH & SONFor thirteen years, Mr and Mrs Opoku Debrah were searching tirelessly for the fruit of the womb. They had been through much psychological trauma due to the problem of barrenness caused by low sperm count and tube blockage. Socially, the Ghanaians were somewhat isolated as they could not come to terms with the fact that while many others were celebrating their children’s naming ceremonies, they were just there like the biblical fig tree which could not bear fruit in its season. At a time, they were asked to pay the sum of twelve thousand euros for artificial insemination. But a friend who had visited The SCOAN came with some ray of hope. He brought the Morning Water to them!

As the couple ministered the Morning Water in prayer, the hand of God took charge of their predicament. Within that very month, Mrs Debrah was confirmed to be pregnant. The couple were at The SCOAN to testify when Mrs Debrah was pregnant. Today, their son is five years-old. The couple glorified God immensely while calling on people trust in God.


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