The glory of God was felt in the atmosphere as congregants expressed gratitude to God in different ways. Through songs of praise and worship coupled with the testimonies, God’s goodness in their lives was declared with joy and gracefulness. The SCOAN Sunday service of August 7, 2016, above every other thing, opened the eyes of all Christians to the fact that they are more than they see themselves. This eye opener came with the thought-provoking message of Evangelist Chloe tilted A PURPOSE LARGER THAN YOURSELF.

EVANGELIST CHLOEEvangelist Chloe reminded Christians of their true identity as children of God and how some have always short-changed themselves by dwelling on themselves and the situations around them instead of focusing on Christ Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith. “When a little hard time comes, we get overwhelmed and feel as if the end has come,” she submitted, insisting that “the only way to see life clearly is to focus on Christ alone.” She enlightened Christians further on their true identity in Christ Jesus, stressing that they are not ordinary as they have always seen themselves among the crowd. “We are called not to be among the masses out there who move without direction,” she posited.

She also called on Christians to attune themselves to the fact that by His death on the Cross of Calvary, they are redeemed. She said, “The only way to feel good about yourself is to believe and accept what Jesus has done for you on the Cross.” Alluding to the story of Job who held on and focused on God, in spite of all the calamities that befell him, Evangelist Chloe maintained that a man’s heart is what his thoughts are. In other words, the more we ponder over our situation, the more we get dejected and allow the devil to torment us more and more. Job was able to overcome his calamities with the latter glory that came in a hundred-fold because all along, he never lost his focus on God.

Concluding, she left the following advice for Christians all over the world – “Just as satan loses no time in plotting against us, we too should lose no time in committing ourselves to God.”



MR & MRS MAGNUS ORDUTroubled by a spiritual husband, Mrs Ordu’s marriage was threatened by barrenness. All her human efforts to explain the reason she was unable to conceive yielded no answers. It was by the time she started watching Emmanuel TV that it dawned on her clearly that the spirit husband was behind all the predicaments that had taken over her marriage like weeds in the soil. As she continued watching Emmanuel TV in company of her husband, her faith grew in leaps and bounds. Before the couple realised it, they had embraced coming to The SCOAN as the ultimate decision.

Mrs Ordu visited The SCOAN on September 5th, 2014 when Prophet T.B. Joshua was prophesying to the sick during a Sunday service. According to her, while the man of God was prophesying to another woman who had issues with fruit of the womb, she placed her hands on her belly and claimed the prophecy. Mrs Ordu received the Morning Water and proceeded to minister it at home alongside her husband. As she continued to minister the Morning Water, she discovered that all the symptoms that characterised her condition were giving way gradually and within the same week of her visit to The SCOAN, she became pregnant. All those evil dreams in which her sanitary pads appeared and the strange movements in her body gave way for good.

A visit to The SCOAN coupled with the ministration of the Morning Water brought about the miracle they had been looking for over the years. Mr and Mrs Ordu are today proud parents of a baby girl christened Deborah Ordu. “Believing is our connection. When you believe, you receive,” said Mrs Ordu, as she shared her testimony with the congregation.

In the same vein, Mr Ordu who is a Chartered Accountant also testified to his promotion after several years of stagnation. From an ordinary Accounting Officer, he was elevated to a Regional Manager after many nights of prayers and ministering the Morning Water. The couple are also blessed with a good car.


Mr and Mrs Uzoegbu were not the happiest of parents. Their daughter’s educational performance had been punctuated by recurrent illness – malaria, body pains, headache and weakness. Her attendance in school became very irregular. She would spend one day in school and the next in the hospital. Getting an expert paediatrician by her father to look into her case could not help the situation. Being ardent viewers of the Emmanuel TV channel, the parents decided to contact a family friend who worships at The SCOAN to get them the Morning Water.MISS GRACE UZOEGBU & PARENTS

As soon as they received the Morning Water and started ministering it on their daughter, the debilitating symptoms she was having started disappearing. She became strong and was able to sit for her exams. When the results were released, young Grace came out tops both in her class and in the entire school. She also received three different awards in English, Mathematics and Science. The Nigerian couple, residing in Ivory Coast with their daughter, were full of joy as they testified to the goodness of God in the life of their daughter. Thanking God during their testimony, Mr Uzoegbu left the following advice to people all over the world: “Whenever you are stranded, run to Jesus. He is the only solution.”

On her own part, Miss Grace Uzoegbu told congregants that after she ministered the Morning Water, she realised that a heavy burden left her while the answers to the exam questions she was writing then came easily. “Pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on you,” she advised youths.


MRS FAUSTINA MENSAHMrs Faustina Mensah was diagnosed with cephalalgia and somatoform disorder – an ailment characterised by severe headaches and insomnia. According to the Ghanaian national, most of the medication she was given by doctors ended up compounding her situation. In a desperate search for solution, she had encountered a friend who introduced her to Emmanuel TV. After witnessing the massive demonstration of God’s power at the Arena of Liberty through Emmanuel TV, Mrs Mensah decided to visit The SCOAN.

Upon coming to The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water. When she returned to Ghana, she continued to minister it in prayer, in Jesus’ name. The effect was almost immediate. As she ministered the Morning Water, the pain and other horrible symptoms that had threatened her job and career left her. She insisted on seeing her doctors who also confirmed that the sickness had gone. Thanking God for rescuing and healing her from an ailment that had held her down for two years, Mrs Faustina Mensah advised people all over the world in the following words: “When you are sick, don’t run from Jesus; run to Jesus. He heals all manner of sicknesses.”


Mrs Pat was troubled. Her son’s health was in a very terrible state. Having painful urination, abdominal pains and passing blood through urine, young Oguguo was diagnosed with bilateral urethral blockage – a condition that required urgent medical attention abroad. The doctors in Nigeria, having tried their best with no solution in sight, advised the mother to look for money so he could be taken to India for treatment. After reaching out for help, she was able to raise money for the trip. Though they went and returned from India, they later discovered that his condition had become worse after the medical trip. Young Oguguo reacted to some of the drugs he received in India and was in serious pain. He developed other complications that affected his walking, sight, heart and other major organs.MASTER OGUGUA & FAMILY

When he returned to school, he became isolated as other students avoided him because of the uncontrollable urine that frequently flowed out of him. The lad was seriously disappointed by the events that had followed his return from India. His mother’s encounter with Emmanuel TV changed the story of his life. After watching the different awe-inspiring miracles on the anointed channel, Mrs Pat decided to visit the Arena of Liberty with her ailing son. At The SCOAN, they received the Morning Water and returned to their home. After ministering the Morning Water for a while, the symptoms that ravaged Oguguo’s health ceased. Even the embarrassing and uncontrollable urination stopped. Mrs Pat returned to her doctors and they confirmed through several tests that her son was healed. Today, Oguguo is going about his educational pursuits with peace of mind. No more troubles! “Don’t be afraid to come to God. No situation is bigger than God,” he advised people all over the world.


Mr and Mrs Fanwell Zulu were on their way to their building site when tragedy struck. The Zambian couple had hired a truck loaded with stones which ran out of oil on the road. As the truck operators were trying to refill the tank, they lifted the cabin to enable them to have access to the oil tank. Mr Zulu went to help the truck operators while Mrs Zulu remained in the car behind the truck. She picked up her Faith Bracelet and began to meditate. “Lord, take more of me and give me more of You”. At a point, instead of continuing with the meditation, “Take more of me,” she began to meditate, “Take more of him.” Unknown to her, her husband would soon pass through the valley of the shadow of death.

As she continued her meditation, a loud bang sent her out of the car. The lifted cabin had collapsed on its own, trapping someone underneath. People began to gather, screaming and calling for help. As Mrs Zulu got to the scene of the incident, she began to minister the Morning Water, in the name of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, a vehicle parked at the scene of the incident and three men came out. Strangely, without talking to anyone, they walked straight onto the scene, lifted up the cabin which had been an impossible task for all who had earlier attempted it and the trapped person was released. To her greatest surprise, it was her husband that was trapped under the collapsed cabin.

The three men carried her unconscious husband into the car parked behind the truck and instructed Mrs Zulu to wind down the window so that Mr Zulu could get some ventilation. As Mrs Zulu prepared to drive her husband to hospital, she looked around for the three men but strangely did not see them. While under observation in hospital, it was discovered that Mr Zulu had a Good Morning Sticker in his wallet. Mrs Zulu continued to minister the Morning water to her husband at the hospital. The following morning, an x-ray was done and to the surprise of everyone present, against all permutations, Mr Zulu whose head was trapped under the collapsed cabin sustained no single injury and nothing was found to be wrong with his system.

MR&MRS FANWELL ZULUThanking God during their testimony at The SCOAN, the couple told congregants how praying with the Morning Water and Sticker had saved them from sorrow and pain. According to Mrs Zulu, God used the mediums to save her husband’s life. A visibly elated Mr Zulu, who described the mediums of the Morning Water and Sticker as God’s Hammer, urged people all over the world to repose their trust in God.


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