The SCOAN Sunday Service of June 5, 2016 brought to the fore God’s generous blessings on the lives of His people. Congregants partook of the occasion by sharing their testimonies and joining the choir to sing excellent praises to God. There was an overflow of healing, prophecy and deliverance. Speaking about his forthcoming birthday celebrations on Sunday June 12, 2016, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua informed the congregation about his plans for the event as directed by the Holy Spirit.

According to the man of God, in the face of the economic hardship and other challenges in the world, he has been directed to hold a Prayer Line session on Saturday, June 11, 2016 starting by 10am. He announced that registration for the sick and others who need deliverance would commence on Wednesday June 8, 2016 beginning from 10am to 4pm. The man of God urged congregants to share with the needy the good things God has given them, both material and emotional gifts such as love and moral support. He encouraged Christians all over the world to give freely so that they can have abundance. He emphasised the essence of showing love to people, irrespective of their religious affiliations. “Tell your enemy and those who do not share the same faith with you ‘I love you’ with all your heart”.



   Her life had been like a rubbish heap infested with maggots. An evil which manifested as a dog had bitten her left buttock in a dream. As she grappled with the strangeness of that dream, the same dog-spirit returned in another dream to have sex with her. That singular episode marked the genesis of her problems. Miss Nyasha Kausi’s life became a playground for the evil spirit which ensured that nothing good came her way. The young Zimbabwean studying for a PhD in South Africa lost focus while her entire psyche was ravaged by the spirit of lust.MISS NYASHIA KAUSI.jpg  She would spend time browsing the internet for dating opportunities with all sorts of men. Her unholy flirtations with those men disrupted her plans. She lost concentration and focus on her educational pursuits. The grand plot of the evil spirit was to truncate her glorious future but she ignorantly thought she was enjoying the sweet things of life. Like an ill-fated vehicle destined for destruction, the spirit of lust drove her into so many illicit affairs with men. All the pastors that knew her problem only knew for knowing sake; they could not offer any solution.

It was at The SCOAN that the malevolent spirit was arrested, bound and cast out of her life. Ministering prophecy during a Sunday service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua beckoned on her with the following prophetic revelations: “You had an encounter with a dog in the dream. After that affair with the dog – you are loose. Sometimes when it comes upon you, you cannot reason well. This has destroyed you. Because of that, you cannot have a home. Lust for men without limits. You are not satisfied.” Confirming the prophetic words to be true for her life, Miss Nyasha Kausi fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit as the man of God laid hands on her. She was swept off her feet and landed on the floor as the power of God retrieved her soul from the hands of the evil spirit.

During her testimony, she revealed that she now enjoys inner peace. She no longer dreams about that evil dog and has developed a remarkable dislike for anything related to dating through social media. Pledging to pursue her educational aspirations with renewed zeal, she advised viewers all over the world in the following words: “If the God of Prophet T.B Joshua did it for me, He will do it for you. Just have faith!”


 If not for God’s intervention, Mr Nosakhare’s gas-laden truck would have annihilated an entire community in Edo State, Nigeria. The businessman-politician was expecting his truck to arrive in Benin, having been loaded with thirty-five thousand litres of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). As the truck arrived in Benin at about 10pm, workers in his gas station had wanted to offload the product but he insisted they should wait until the next day. As he waited for the offloading of the truck, a call came in informing him that one of his trucks that had gone to Enugu almost got burnt on its way back to Benin. MR NOSAKA & BROTHER

Some hours later, another call came in, informing him that the gas-laden truck waiting to be offloaded had leaked and was posing an environmental danger as the entire vicinity had been polluted by gas. The implication was that any spark of fire would cause a serious conflagration that would have led to a colossal loss of lives and property. As the unpalatable news came in, he remembered his Morning Water amid a frenzy of panicky moves all around his house. Picking up the Morning Water, he faced the direction of his gas station and ministered it, calling on God to take control of everything.

When he eventually got to the gas station, he discovered that despite the heavy leakage of gas into the atmosphere, vehicles were still moving without any problem. The whole scenario looked incredible to him because it was strange to have such a heavy leakage of gas without fire outbreak. But deep down in his heart, Mr Nosakhare knew that the power of God in the Morning Water had arrested the situation. Thanking God for saving him and the entire community from an incident that would have been too gruesome to cope with, he urged people all over the world to believe in God.


 Though he was not born with it, the disgraceful spirit of epilepsy suddenly went for the jugular in Henry Cleveland’s life. It was a long, sad story. The first encounter he had with that nasty spirit was during a church service several years ago after he had given his life to Christ. That day, a guest pastor was invited to speak in his local church. When the event was about to begin, out of the blue, a strange wind hit him to the ground and sent him into a coma. Henry was later rushed to the hospital where doctors ended up not diagnosing anything. The yoke of epilepsy kept dealing him disgraceful blows beyond the comprehension of both orthodox and traditional medicine.

 MR HENRY CLEVELANDAs he laboured with the yoke, he spent his meagre resources trying to find a solution. Friends and family deserted him and left an indelible scar of stigmatisation on his psyche. The young Ghanaian who later enrolled into university could not attend his lectures regularly for the fear of sudden attacks. A friend would later introduce him to Emmanuel TV, knowing that his problem was a spiritual attack rather than a physical one. Eventually, he visited The SCOAN this year and was able to receive the anointed touch of Jesus through prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to the young man, it was just a touch from the man of God that sent him to the ground. Since that encounter with the man of God, the spirit of epilepsy left his life for good. Recalling how the yoke had deprived him of a major breakthrough (a banking job), he thanked God for healing him permanently. These were his words of advice to people all over the world: “The situation you are in is to refine you. Keep your focus and don’t give up on God. Believe in God.”


PASTOR NATHANIEL OLUBIYITwenty years ago, Mr Nathaniel Olubiyi had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. He had attended The SCOAN service in which the man of God had asked all those who desired having a car to raise any key in their hands. Obeying the instruction, Mr Olubiyi raised a key in faith. By the next day, when he resumed at his work place, he was approached by his boss who confirmed his redeployment to the Sales and Marketing department from the Administrative department as a Product Sales Manager. That same day, he was given cash to buy a car. Three weeks after he bought his first car, he was sent to the United States of America for a training course. Today, Mr Olubiyi is a pastor based in the United Kingdom. He encountered many challenges, including issues with the UK immigration at the Heathrow Airport. After that experience, he returned to Nigeria and made efforts to sort out his papers. He came to The SCOAN and received the Good Morning Stickers and the Morning Water. As he applied for his residence permit, he ministered the Morning Water and sent it to Abuja. By the time the UK High Commission would respond to his application, the documents they sent to him were incomplete. After several unsuccessful attempts, he was finally granted a month’s visa. By the time he received the visa, he had barely four days to travel to the UK before the visa would expire.

Landing in London with great faith, he was referred to a local post office where he was given his Residency Card which enables him and his family to stay and work in the UK. The next challenge was seeking for employment. After several failed efforts, some wealthy investors with interests in real estate contacted him and made him their representative in the whole of Africa. His status improved dramatically. He interfaces with state governments and is even in the process of meeting the Nigerian President. He is entitled to travel on business class with his wife anytime he so wishes.

Affirming the efficacy of the Morning Water as a miraculous medium of God’s power while testifying before the congregation, he confirmed, as a matter of fact, the authenticity of Prophet T.B. Joshua as a true man of God. According to him, he never knew God would honour him this way. He advised people all over the world to continue to have faith and wait on the Lord as He would surely bless them, no matter how long it may take.


His case could be described as a pastoral misadventure. He had tried to deliver a female course mate in school only for a spirit to come out of her and enter him. Since that day, his life had not remained the same. He would always encounter the spirit wife in his dreams. The evil spirit wreaked so much havoc in his life. She infected him with a spiritual malady – the spirit of lust. All through his university days, he lived a very randy life and would not spare anything on skirt. Linking his problem to his family background, Pastor Wisdom recounted how his grandfather’s fetish engagements laid the foundation for the family’s reputation for idolatry. His father also soiled his hands in fetish activities. He would retrieve food items sacrificed to the river goddess and share for his children to eat. At age 10, Wisdom was already having sexual intercourse. By the time he entered secondary school, he had impregnated two different girls.PASTOR WISDOM OKPOHO AND WIFEIn the university, he had a lot of scandalous affairs with women even when he claimed he was on evangelism. The more he had sex in the dream, the more his problem of lust became worse. Even when he became a minister, the spirit wife would not let go of him. Every effort he made to ward off the wicked spirit proved abortive. He visited many prophets and even spiritualists yet the problems remained. At a time, things started falling apart in his life both materially and spiritually. He even accused his wife of being behind his problem. The spirit wife ensured that there was no affection in their marriage.

He had slept with many female members of his ministry to the extent that he lost respect and also lost many of his members. His life was recklessly remote-controlled by the spirit wife until he visited The SCOAN penultimate Sunday where he was fished out by the man of God through prophecy. Seated in the auditorium, the prophecy of the man of God pulled him out from the congregation. “My brother, there is a minister of God. You have so much attack – spiritual wife… You put on a black suit; light in complexion. Your ministry has been destroyed.” Confirming the prophecy, Pastor Wisdom Okpoho was delivered immediately by the man of God.

Testifying in company of his wife, he expressed gratitude to God for putting an end to his nightmarish experiences in the hands of the spirit wife who almost ruined his life with the spirit of lust. His wife also thanked God for restoring her marriage which was at the brink of collapse as at the time her husband visited The SCOAN. Pastor Wisdom Okpoho advised men of God who are still struggling with their ministries to seek deliverance.


She never leaves her house without ministering the Morning Water. Mrs Linda Onyekwere was in her office one day and was meditating with her Faith Bracelet in company of her younger brother and some staff when three armed robbers walked in. While two headed to the cash room, one came straight to her, took her phone and demanded for her bag and money. He pointed a locally-made pistol at her forehead. Shocked but still holding on to her Faith bracelet, she continued to stare at the marauder while her brother summoned courage to face him. “In the mighty name of Jesus, the God of T.B. Joshua, drop that gun!” MRS LINDA ONYEKWERE & NEIGHBOURS he shouted at the robber who was trying in vain to pull the trigger. As Mrs Linda’s brother continued to command him to drop the gun, Mrs Linda Onyekwere herself joined in rebuking the robber who suddenly developed cold feet, moving backwards with fear written all over him and eventually falling to the ground.

The unfortunate robber was pounced upon by Mrs Onyekwere’s brother while the gun was retrieved from him. As the other staff who had fallen face down stood up to get a hold on him, he outwitted them and took to his heels, jumping unto a waiting motorcycle which sped off with him. Mrs Onyekwere went into the streets shouting “armed robbers… thieves.” She attracted the attention of neighbours who came out in their numbers.

Testifying in company of her brothers and neighbours, Mrs Onyekwere thanked God for saving her life from the hands of robbers who would have killed her if not for His intervention. According to her, the failure of the trigger was divine intervention. “Say what you believe. What you believe in your heart will happen to you in time,” she advised.



 Mr Innocent from Edo state stood to glorify God and put the devil to shame. He had been delivered from the spirit of man that had tormented his life and others greatly.

At a young age, Innocent was sent by his parents to buy them something from the local shops. On the way, he was hit on his back with a stone. Upon turning around he saw a snake facing him. He hurriedly continued on his way. On his way back he was at alert and surely he saw the snake again at the same place. This time as he looked he saw the snake was holding a stone with his tail. Once again he was hit by a stone the snake threw at him. When he got home he narrated the encounter with his parents but to his dismay Innocent’s parents didn’t believe him.

That night he had a dream in which he saw the same snake again; this time he was playing with the snake in the dream. The following morning he was a different man. He began to have feelings, a sexual desire towards men. The urge became so intense that he began to engage in the act. It pushed him to do many things: travelling to meet men and sleeping with young boys. He would meet men through social media. He would connect with people online; once he engaged with someone, he would do all to make sure he satisfied the spirit of man in him. Through all his promiscuity, he became ill and tested positive to HIV. Despite the deadly disease he continued sleeping with men, further spreading the HIV.

He tried to get out of this life, but things became worse. One day, he went to urinate and there he saw diabolical things but still went ahead. That night, he saw vultures in his room and they entered his body. He then followed them into a tree. The spirit of vulture increased the promiscuity in his life – he started to have intercourse with animals. It started with a lizard that became human size in his room. After that he could use any means to satisfy his desire sleeping with chickens and goats, as the evil spirit would direct him. He noticed that every animal he would sleep with would later die.

He got a job in a hotel. The manager in the hotel put Emmanuel TV in each room. One day when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying with the viewers, Innocent felt uncomfortably hot and ran outside. His colleagues were asking him what was wrong; he said he was fine and came back inside. He switched off Emmanuel TV. His colleague found the TV off and turned it back on. When she left, he turned it off again and removed the cable. His colleague saw it off again and began to question him, he made various excuses. As it became clear that Innocent was not comfortable with Emmanuel TV, he was asked to leave his job and go for deliverance. Angrily he left and from that point people began to notice his countenance was not normal. He was trying to resist the questioning but he could not. In annoyance he left his house and got on a bus for Lagos, he decided he was coming to The SCOAN.

During the Mass Prayer session, he felt agitated and the evil spirits in him began to manifest and confess how they had been using and destroying him terribly.

Innocent was delivered that day and every power of darkness left his body. Since then, Innocent said that he has changed drastically. Prior to his deliverance he said that he never regretted any evil act he had engaged in. But after deliverance he feels regret for all he had done. He no longer has affection for men; he sleeps well now and is able to chase any demonic attack away, in the name of Jesus.


 Ukpaka Sochima, a Level 300 Psychology student testified today of complete and total liberation from bedwetting. Right from a young age, this spirit of bedwetting had plagued her life. Pain, discomfort and embarrassment were her constant companions. She had become accustomed to washing her bed sheet and clothes daily because not a night would pass without an unfortunate accident. She was not able to stay in a boarding school due to the stigma attached to the bedwetting.MISS UKPAKA SOCHIMA KAY AND MOTHER

When she enrolled for university, the problem seemed to have stopped for a while. Delighted, Ukpaka opted to stay in a room with four of her peers for the first time. However, the joy was short lived. The very first night, the inevitable occurred and she woke up to loud and angry exclamations from her colleague who was sleeping in the bunk below her. She could hardly bear the shame and embarrassment that erupted as a result.

Ukpaka eventually resorted to sleeping on the floor so as not to mess up the bed. With few friends and low self-esteem, “I felt like committing suicide. I wanted to end it all because I could not imagine myself telling people that I was bedwetting. Many times, I attempted to do it.” With little hope for future happiness, she stated: “I concluded that I would never get married because no man would accept me with that situation.”

Her mother was her only confidant. Ukpaka confessed to her that she wanted to end her life but she continued to encourage her daughter not to give up, making sure that she was never left alone.

After several visits to hospitals yielded no solution, and all hope had been exhausted, Ukpaka decided to visit The SCOAN in desperate search of deliverance.

Towards the end of the service in the mass Prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua pointed towards the crowd. “There is a young lady there sitting behind the lady with spectacles. You have the problem of bedwetting.” At first, Ukpaka did not realise that the prophecy was for her. She was looking around to see who would come out to confirm the prophecy. Suddenly, she noticed that the lady sitting directly in front of her was wearing spectacles. Convinced that it was her, she came out to confirm the prophetic message.

Instantly, she received her deliverance from the spirit of bedwetting that had tormented her life since birth.

After the prophecy and the deliverance, she decided to take six sachets of water that night. Before sleeping, she meditated with her Faith Bracelet: ‘Take more of me and give me more of You”. In the course of meditating, she fell asleep. To her surprise, it was not until the next morning that she woke up to a dry bed. Since the deliverance, she has been completely free from the scourge of bedwetting. Thanking Jesus with tears streaming down her cheeks, Ukpaka testified to the whole world.

She advised: “Have faith. Run to God. He is the only true Father who never fails.”

“I want to thank you for allowing God to use you to deliver me. I felt as if all hope was lost. I did not want to get close to people before,” she said to the man of God.

Prophet T.B. Joshua used her case to address the viewers all over the world: “When it is your time, when you meet a man God has sent to you, whether you believe or not, it will definitely happen. Your unbelief may not be able to give you grace to maintain that blessing but you will receive that blessing.”

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