KNOWING GOD’S WILL – By Evangelist Cindy


The Holy Spirit moved strongly as the entire atmosphere radiated the unfading glory of God. The SCOAN Sunday service of May 22, 2016, reminded people all over the world that, where two or three are gathered in His name, He is always there with them.


The man of God, in his message, dwelt on a variety of issues relating to our relationship with God. Above all, he focused on the need to know the will of God in every situation, especially before prayer. He spoke extensively on the principles of belief as well as our disposition to the will of God. “Believing is simply acting on what God has spoken,” he said, stressing that our belief becomes solid if we base it on God’s promises. In other words, believing God on His promises to us makes our faith and trust in Him stronger: “If your Father has promised you something and you base your belief on that, this believing is solid.”

Speaking further, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the reason we need to know God’s will and act in accordance with it. He stated that those who commanded things to happen through God’s power are people who already knew that God will answer them. However, he lamented man’s fall from the true sense of believing due to his selfish reasoning that measures God’s love for him according to prayers answered – “Today, you don’t know whether you are a man of faith or not. You measure how God loves you according to the prayer that is answered.”

Prophet T.B. Joshua then took time to prophesy to individuals in the congregation, opening their eyes to the hidden traps set against their destinies by the kingdom of darkness.


In her message NO SHORTCUT, Evangelist Cindy encouraged Christians to be patient and persevering in the race of life, stressing that the road to glory is not paved with milk and honey but rather is a long and muddy one. She aptly captured the psyche of a faithless generation which would aim for the top without wanting to start from the bottom. But she insists that the attainment of glory is a process which she compared to the baking process. “What are you going through? Many successful people in society had once passed through similar situations before they were promoted to the level they are now. Successful people don’t just drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and a lot of energy everyday to make things happen. Ask David, he will tell you about his opposition. Ask Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and they will tell you what they had to pass through before coming to a new level of life.” Calling on Christians to always see unpleasant situations as signifiers of impending glory, she urged them to thank God in every situation: “When you look at your situation, it is a signal that something greater is coming. When you know where God is leading you or when you know where you are going, whatever happens to you midway cannot change your focus. Rather, you will begin to describe the taste of honey while swallowing tears. When the goings are good, thank God; when the goings are tough, thank God. When you get there at God’s time, you will begin to sing, I didn’t know You would favour me this way”.


MISS VIVIAN AHIAKPAFor twelve years, Miss Vivian Ahiakpa found it very difficult to work due to a strange ailment that got her legs swollen while pain took over her entire body. She could not walk on her own and had to depend on the support of people. At a time, she had to use a crutch. Doctors had to give her a body brace, saying she had sustained damage to her bones and therefore could not do things without support. However, respite soon came her way when a friend gave her the Morning Water. As she ministered the Morning Water, she discovered that the swelling of her legs reduced gradually in confirmation that the power of God was at work.

Having been encouraged by the effects of the Morning Water on her hitherto swollen legs, Miss Ahiakpa visited The SCOAN in 2014 and was arranged for the Prayer Line. Narrating her experience at the Prayer Line, she recalled: “When the man of God was coming closer to me, I saw him like a normal human being at first but before he reached me, what I saw was a very tall flame of fire.” She explained how she felt that fire had penetrated through her head and down her injured back. Afterwards, describing a very cool sensation and being free to walk and move again.

Walking happily before the congregation, Miss Ahiakpa showed no sign of difficulty in walking anymore. According to her, she now does all those things which she could not do before. Even her doctors marvelled at the miracle and even encouraged her to share her testimony. Bending, turning and shaking her body with ease and renewed strength, it was obvious that the beast that had held her down had been crushed by the power of the Holy Ghost. She expressed immense gratitude to God for her healing and advised people all over the world in the following words: “Have faith and trust in God.

DR AND MRS TIMOTHY MMELLADr Timothy Mmella, a high-level international diplomat and former representative of Kenya to the United Nations on matters of Environment, struggled with affection in his marriage. It was extremely difficult to express his feelings. The passionate fire of love that had been the driving force of their marriage suddenly fizzled out. Unknown to the couple, an evil spirit was in between them working hard to truncate their union. The wicked but unseen man ensured that he made the couple unable to demonstrate love to each other. Whenever it was time to get romantic, Mrs Mmella would either fall sick or complain of one form of discomfort or the other.

Due to the unseen barriers hindering their marriage, the couple lived like two souls apart to the extent that Dr Mmella, out of starvation for affection, began to lust after other women. Haunted by their inability to bear a child after several years of marriage, the couple were not happy and could not fathom the reason for the distance growing between them. It soon dawned on the couple that their spiritual problem required a spiritual solution. It was their visit to The SCOAN that finally exposed the root cause of their problem.

While prophesying and ministering deliverance to the congregation, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked up to the couple with the following revelation, that a spiritual husband was the cause of their marital woes and had also pushed Dr Mmella to go outside of his marriage to look for affection. Yet, no matter how far the couple had drifted, they were not beyond God’s reach, whose promise for the couple was that they would have a baby boy. The man of God laid hands on them, setting them free from the influence of the strange man.DR AND MRS TIMOTHY MMELLA.

The couple thanked God for resurrecting the affection that had died in their marriage. In the words of Dr Mmella: “I thank God for my wife who introduced me to God through Emmanuel TV.” He advised congregants and people all over the world, Dr Mmella said, “There is nothing you gain by isolating the mighty God from your destiny.”


As an immigration officer, promotion to her next rank of Chief Superintendent remainedMRS ELIZABETH BETTY ADUDU elusive for seven years. After three promotion interviews, Mrs Elizabeth Betty Adudu remained stuck on the rank of Superintendent. The Abuja based officer did not give up; she kept hope alive, trying out every opportunity that presented itself for her promotion. That persevering spirit soon paid off.

Another promotion opportunity presented itself and Mrs Adudu prepared herself with prayers. The hotel she lodged in had Emmanuel TV and provided a superior opportunity for her to settle the battle spiritually before stepping out for the physical interview. She wasted no time in praying along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, committing the interview into God’s hands and calling on the Holy Spirit to make her promotion a success. All through the night preceding the interview day, Mrs Adudu never opened any book to read. Instead, she committed herself to prayer, believing that God’s effort, rather than hers, would put an end to her seven years of struggle.

On the morning of the interview, she radiated a strange air of confidence which could have been only divinely inspired. She went into the interview with that confidence and gave an exceptional account of her achievements. When the results were released, despite the erroneous information she had earlier received, her name was on the list of successful officers promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent of Immigration. Mrs Adudu told congregants that it was purely a manifestation of God’s power and grace in her life. According to her, all the while she had been depending on her human strength, knowledge and might, yet could not make it. As soon as she involved God in the matter, her case was settled. “It is not by power or might but by the special grace of God,” she said as she reminded people all over the world that distance is not a barrier to God’s blessings.

Madame Le Goff Aminata Dadu was diagnosed with a childbirth-related deformity after she had complained of pains. For the Malian living in France, life lost its meaning when doctors told her that the condition was incurable. That submission affected her both psychologically and socially and condemned her to the use of pain killers. Her knees and shoulders were affected to the extent that her doctors suggested they would infuse iron to support those weak joints. She became handicapped and could hardly walk, prompting the social security department to give her a card that allowed her access to certain services because of her problem. She attained a job allocated by the French government specifically reserved for those who are handicapped, as she could neither walk nor use her hands effectively.

One day, she encountered Emmanuel TV and marvelled at the miracles God used His Prophet to perform at The SCOAN. Convinced in her heart that God was truly at work at The SCOAN, she decided to visit Nigeria. As she arrived at the Arena of Liberty, she was placed in the Prayer Line where she received God’s mercy. Displaying medical documents which showed how degenerated and terrible her condition was, she thanked God for her healing. “Jesus is the answer; the only answer,” she told congregants and people watching her all over the world as she exuded the joy of her freedom from sickness and sorrow.


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