The SCOAN Sunday service of May 15, 2016 demonstrated the harmony of God’s Word and power. The congregants expressed their joy of being in His presence, knowing that all their petitions and supplications would be heard. The testimonies, prophecies and prayers showed that the Most High is always at work to ensure that those who live in accordance with His will are happy and blessed. The choir ensured that there was never a dull moment as it reeled out soul-lifting melodies to the admiration of the congregants.


Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message, MATCH YOUR ACTION WITH YOUR WORDS, dwelt on the dependability of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The man of God urged Christians to confess Christ and cling to Him if they really expect the positive changes and blessings associated with those who believe in Him: “You have seen the reason to believe Jesus. He is reliable. If you rely on Him, He will not disappoint you. He will not fail you. He is not a man. If you know He is reliable, what you need to do is confess what is in your heart. When you confess what is in your heart, here Jesus comes in to bring the balance. ‘Confess what is in your heart’, means, ‘Match your action with your words’. That is, what you are saying is what you are doing.

But confessing Christ is not all that is required. According to the man of God, we must confess Christ from our heart and with faith because the heart is where the Spirit of God resides. In other words, those who confess Christ in Spirit and in truth will always move God into action, no matter the magnitude of the situation or challenge: “Faith is of man’s heart. Heart means spirit, your spirit. Not in a literal meaning. In your school, it’s not regarded like that. Biblically, heart means spirit of man. Call it heart or spirit. Faith is of man’s heart or faith is of man’s spirit. Heart has to do with now and next. What you are doing now, standing for now, is what you are going to stand for tomorrow. When you confess what is in your heart, the job is half done.”

Concluding, the man of God told Christians to bother less when their matter is before God through prayer. According to him, once God is aware of a person’s situation, He would ensure that the situation does not consume that person. Instead, He would make the person stronger through that situation or challenge: “When God is aware of your situation, don’t bother; the situation cannot kill you any longer, destroy you any longer. Your struggle will make you stronger. It will not impair you but improve you.”


Evangelist Anne earlier spoke on a message titled: GOD’S HAND PERFORMING ALL THINGS. She summed up her message by stating that by the power of the Holy Spirit and obedience, a man can do exploits in the Kingdom through God’s hand performing all things beyond the comprehension of a world full of doubt, intellectualism, vanities and uncertainties: “When the Holy Spirit takes up residence within you, He does so with the thought of aiding you in developing a holy character and so, man will not be judged by the colour of his skin or ability to inspire but by the content of his character. Just as physical growth is a function of time, intellectual growth is a function of learning and spiritual growth is a function of obedience, we grow in character through our obedience to God. God does not necessarily reward, good, smart or intelligent people but He rewards the obedient. The anointing that comes through obedience makes you one with a difference and has God’s hand performing all things through you.  

Enlightened through the Words of faith, the congregants were further inspired through the uplifting testimonies that followed.


9.jpg    Despite the fact that he came from a family of evangelists, Bishop Nkosi, a South African, could not repel the spirit of lust that held his life hostage. His marriage of 19 years suffered from the onslaught of the itinerant spirit that animated itself into a spirit wife. On many occasions, the spirit wife would speak to him audibly. Before he became a pastor, he was a surveyor and was involved in land matters. Whenever he travelled on official assignment, he would lodge in a hotel and ask his driver to get him women of easy virtue. He could not control his evil urge for women.

When he embraced Christ as a pastor and was given a church to head, he found it difficult staying away from extra-marital affairs. At this point, his wife was no longer attractive to him; everything about her looked strange and ugly to him. He only derived pleasure sleeping around with strange women who, in actual reality, were not as beautiful as his wife. The spirit wife was deep in her plot to destroy his marriage. Whenever he wanted to prepare his sermons using his ipad, pornographic images would pop up trying to distract his attention. His woes were compounded when members of his ministry, especially the females, addressed him casually without according him the respect befitting of a bishop and servant of God.

The magnitude of the grip the spirit wife had on him was colossally terrible. She would visit him in his dreams and have sexual relations with him. He enjoyed it while it lasted but would sometimes be overtaken by regret and remorse. It was a scenario that was beyond his comprehension and control. His wife was left to suffer the loneliness he created in their marriage due to his unholy escapades with women. Even when she wanted intimacy with him, he would give flimsy excuses, at times blaming her of a foul smell. It was also difficult to understand why a bishop who had become a millionaire at age eighteen could not boast of an enduring wealth. It was obvious that the spirit wife was on a destructive mission in his life.

After fasting and praying in an attempt to expel the spirit wife from his life, the ubiquitous marauder appeared to him, much to his consternation. It was at this juncture that his wife prevailed on him to follow her down to The SCOAN where the power of God is doing exploits. Even though she had introduced him to Emmanuel TV as far back as 2010, his denominational sentiments created a firewall that prevented him from enjoying the spiritual benefits of watching the channel. When he finally arrived at The SCOAN in company of his wife in May, 2016, he came face to face with the undiluted power of God.

Prophesying to the congregants, the man of God spotted his challenge. “There is a brother there; you are a pastor. You have a spiritual wife. This has been disturbing your ministry and wife. Come out…,” said the man of God. Bishop Nkosi wasted no time in rushing out, accompanied by his wife, as he confirmed the prophecy of the man of God. “Man of God, I’m the pastor you prophesied about who had a spiritual wife disturbing the ministry…She comes in my dreams; she comes and sometimes sleeps in between me and my wife,” he cried out.

Bishop Nkosi received his deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit and was let loose from the evil grip of the spirit wife which contaminated his life with lust, anger and other irresponsible attitudes. Recounting the terrible times her husband’s attitudes put her through, Mrs Nkosi thanked God for the new life she is experiencing today after his deliverance. In the same vein, Bishop Nkosi gave God all the glory for his deliverance. He no longer sees his wife’s ‘four-corner head and big tummy’. He now sees a beautiful and attractive wife. He urged people to be wary of social media as it could be a gateway for spiritual corruption. He also advised other men to hold on to God alone whenever they are facing challenges.



It was a rude awakening for Mr Shittu Kareem, a native of Osun State, Nigeria. He was asleep at about 1:30 am when suddenly he felt some strange sensations inside his nostrils. As he made for the mirror, he discovered blood was gushing out from his nose. Panicky and confused, he woke his wife from sleep. As his wife saw the blood and the rate at which it was gushing out, she went into intense prayer while she retrieved a Morning Sticker from their fridge and placed it on his forehead. As the pandemonium ensued, Mrs Kareem also ministered the Morning Water all over her husband, insisting that he must not die, in Jesus’ name. On his own part, Mr Kareem woke his children up and asked them to video him in order that they may have a proper record of how he died. In spite of his human reasoning, his wife’s prayers and efforts soon yielded the desired result. Retrieving another Morning Sticker from his phone, his wife placed it inside a glass of water and asked him to drink. By this time Mr Kareem had swallowed so much blood. But as he drank the glass of water, God came on to the scene. At exactly 3:00 am, as Mrs Kareem had requested in her prayers, her husband’s nose stopped bleeding; the bloody downpour from his nose dried up as it came in contact with the marvellous power of God.

Elated, confounded and victoriously flabbergasted, Mr Kareem, a Muslim by faith reckoned that the miracle was too much to be swept under the carpet. As a Muslim, he was motivated to testify to the goodness of God because he had never witnessed such a practical display and confirmation of God’s omnipotence. He, in company of his wife and in-law, advised people to have absolute faith in God.


In 2006, Mrs Rachel Oka Owan Enoh, a native of Cross River, Nigeria, had a dream in which someone hit her head with a talisman. Since then, she had being suffering from excruciating pains as a result of a swelling around her neck. All efforts to find a solution failed, even as she was taken to many so-called prophets and herbalists who only collected her money and left her to her fate. As she grappled with the painful condition, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Seeing the multitude of testimonies and miracles on the anointed channel, she decided to come to The SCOAN, believing that her healing was already sealed in Jesus’ name.1.jpg

At The SCOAN, she received the Morning Water and the anointed literatures that accompanied it. Reading the testimonies attached to the literatures, Mrs Enoh returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water. The first sign of her healing was the strange emission of puss from her mouth after the swelling around her neck had burst – showing that the Morning Water had destroyed something fatal inside her throat. To her utmost shock, a strange stone was ejected from the burst swelling around her neck. Since then, all the pains and discomfort disappeared.

There was radiant grace and God’s glory all around the Senator’s wife as she advised viewers all over the world to stay strong and steadfast whenever they are facing trials and temptations. She assured them of God’s protection in the long run.



Since 2008, Mrs Godwin experienced heavy bleeding. All the doctors she had consulted tried to proffer their own solutions but nothing worked. After several medical examinations, the doctors became more confused as they could not really point to a particular condition. Mrs Godwin had to face the reality of living the rest of her life with sanitary pads to control the excessive flow of blood from her system. Sometimes, she would use double pads or her wrappers in order to be safe from public embarrassment. She had been looking up to God for help for quite a long time and help eventually came at The SCOAN. Prior to her visit to the Arena of Liberty, she had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream. According to her, the man of God appeared to her in the dream and healed her of the infirmity. That dream experience was one of the factors that encouraged her to visit The SCOAN.

During penultimate Sunday service, the man of God prophesied to her: “There is a sister there – you are bleeding. Not that it has stopped – sometimes, when you use some tablets. It subsides but this is bleeding.” Dressed in all-white attire, Mrs Godwin came out from the congregation and knelt before the altar where she received her deliverance by mere tapping of her head by the man of God.

Returning to testify with her husband, Mrs Godwin lamented the tough times she faced as a result of that problem. She advised people to believe in God and have faith in Him.


When Concepcion was eighteen years-old, she went swimming with her friends in her native Equatorial Guinea. As she plunged into the bowels of the river, she sighted a shiny object that attracted her attention. As the object glittered away under the currents of the waters, stubborn Concepcion swam towards it and picked it up. As soon as she had the treasure in her possession, she came out of the river only to discover it was a gold ring. She fell in instant love with the treasure and fixed it to one of her fingers. She had no premonition that the golden treasure would eventually open up a horrible chapter in the story of her life.6.jpg  Out of the blue, after she got married, a spirit husband started appearing to her and tormenting her life. He would appear to her in half-human-half-man form, asking her to surrender her two children to him in exchange for the material treasures of the world which he promised to give her. Rejecting his offer and asking him to request for another thing other than the lives of her children, the spirit husband got angry and continued tormenting her life. Problem upon problem hit her. She started fighting her legitimately married husband and ended up absconding to Cameroon just to avoid the problems in her marriage.

As is always the case, she narrated her experiences to a friend who took her to a man who attempted to seek traditional solution for her problem after asking her for a huge sum of money. But on their way to the remote village, they had an accident which almost rendered her limbless. When they eventually met the traditional seer, he only took her into the bush, killed a fowl and told her that her problems were over. Another woman she was introduced to demanded food ingredients like rice, cow meat and palm oil in order to cure her. After the entire abracadabra and having been told to take fetish food items to a junction where they would be eaten by a goat, her problems remained. Mrs Concepcion had no other choice than to return to her country.

Back home, she became violent and always wanted to shed blood. She got involved in many violent fights and injured people. She would usually calm down after she had inflicted injury on someone. She became so notorious that even the police knew her; in fact, they were tired of her misdemeanours. Even when they threatened her with prison sentences, she dared them.

However, Mrs Concepcion was arrested by the Spirit of God during a SCOAN Sunday service. The man of God, prophesying to the congregation fished her out through the power of the Holy Spirit and set her loose from the spirit husband that had made a mess of her life. For Concepcion, life after her deliverance has been peaceful. She is no longer under the influence of the marine world. Neither does she fight at the slightest provocation. She is full of calmness – such that can only be found where the Spirit of God operates. She advised people to seek God for their deliverance.



Mr and Mrs Ogong had been married for twenty-six years but had only spent twelve years together as husband and wife. Those twelve years were even characterised by disagreements and rancour. The Ugandan couple had had the opportunity of living in the United Kingdom where they raised four children and were also fortunate to have good jobs. Mr Ogong would later secure another job back home in Uganda as a Director with a government agency. He had to relocate to Uganda, leaving his wife and children in the United Kingdom. Though he visited them once in a while, it was however very clear that things had fallen apart as the intimacy between him and his wife went sour. Whenever he stopped over to see them en route other foreign climes, he would prefer to frolic around with friends rather than spend quality time with members of his family.

Mr Ogong’s attitude was a reaction to some marital issues. According to him, his wife was becoming too intolerant by the day. She would nag at the slightest provocation and would harbour malice for days and even weeks. She was a hard nut to crack for her husband. And because she was not living with him back home in Uganda, he had enough opportunity to chase after other women. He had seven different girlfriends and fathered a child out of wedlock. He continued to enjoy his abominable escapades until he encountered Christ and fell in love with Emmanuel TV. Because Emmanuel TV was not on terrestrial TV then in Uganda, he watched the channel on YouTube and got inspired by the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua, especially the one that centred on “offence”. As he continued to draw closer to Emmanuel TV and listening to the teachings of the man of God, it began to dawn on him that his marital challenges were not ordinary. So, he decided to visit The SCOAN with his wife.

During penultimate Sunday service, he was seated in the auditorium in company of his wife when the man of God located their problem through the influence of the Holy Spirit: “Where is your wife? I hope you are back now?” “Yes we are back now”, answered Mrs Ogong. The man of God continued: “Because there was a crisis that actually separated you people. That crisis alone has destroyed the house…because now, you people coming together, there’s no affection.” After the couple confirmed every bit of the prophecy, they received their deliverance instantly in the name of Jesus.

Mr and Mrs Ogong exuded great happiness as they testified to the restoration of their marriage. Apologising to each other for every hurt caused, the couple thanked God for the peace that has now found its way into their lives. They advised couples and people all over the world to hold on to God and never to run away from Him.



Mr Jeffry Osei, a Radiologic Technologist specializing in MRI is a Ghanaian living in New York. One day while playing with his son, Joshua, he discovered a painful lump in his breast. Upon getting to the doctors, it was found that he was suffering from stage two breast cancer.  As a medical professional himself, having worked with cancer patients, he knew the horrible implications. He was faced with the daunting prospect of chemotherapy.

He underwent both chemotherapy and radiation and was instructed to take medication for the next five years after which time, he thought he would be free. But after the harsh treatment, he discovered the nightmare was not yet over.

One day, on getting to work, he felt a pain. He had tests done and it was discovered that the cancer which had affected organs of his body such as his liver had returned.

His brother called him from overseas and told him to watch T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. He said he had difficulty watching because each time he would touch the monitor of Emmanuel TV, his body would begin to shake and he would feel sicker. When his brother would ask him if he had watched Emmanuel TV, he would lie and say, “Yes” but his brother would later catch him out when he realised he could not relate what had happened in the service. His brother decided they would both visit The SCOAN but in his own mind, Mr Jeffry believed he would die.

He related, “If somebody tells you that you have cancer, that’s the end of it for you. Any time I slept, I thought, ‘This is going to be the last day’.” He was always sleepless due to worries about his family and condition.

Upon coming to The SCOAN, he received a prophecy from the man of God Prophet T.B.  Joshua who hit the nail on the head. The man of God mentioned the growth of breast cancer which had spread over his entire body and stated that the doctors had told him it had reached its highest level.

The prophet prayed for Mr Osei and at Mr Osei’s amazement, the man of God touched him at the exact point where he was experiencing the most pain.

As his bones were brittle, he was always conscious of falling so that he would not break any bones but after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he fell to the ground under the anointing that broke the chains of sickness in his life and was declared free.

That night, he slept for the first time like a baby, adding that he woke up late for breakfast.

He said now he feels so great – both inside and out! “I just want to thank Jesus and encourage you all that Jesus is alive. The pain in my chest is gone whereas it was formally difficult to take a deep breath.

His advice: “Clean your heart before going to Jesus. When you pray with a clean heart, you score 50% already. When you pray with a clean heart, your troubles are done. Man of God, I don’t know how to thank you but I’ll be back to testify again. Seek Jesus – Jesus is the answer.”


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