REFUSE TO BE OFFENDED – By Evangelist Yinka

The illimitable power of God spread like a conflagration of glory in the midst of congregants as the choir ignited the passion to sing and dance with overwhelming intensity. The praise and worship songs, embellished with scriptural allusions, sank deep into the children of God, enriching the soils of their minds with spiritual nutrients derived from the Word. On Sunday, May 8, 2016, the Spirit of God, in all its power, directed affairs during the church service which witnessed a massive demonstration of divine presence through, healing, prophecy, testimony and teaching.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

It is impossible to live this life without offence. It is impossible for you to live among people without offence. Offence can come in any way, whether you are wrong or right. This is the wall between you and your salvation, the wall between you and God. A good Christian should refuse to be offended in order not to offend God,” said the man of God as began his message titled REFUSE TO BE OFFENDED. For him, offence is very lethal to the Christian as it creates a barrier between him and God. By virtue of being a Christian, one should not think that offence would not come. In fact, offence would always come to the true Christian to test his or her faith in God. Hence, we must not allow it block our closeness to God by dwelling on past hurts and ill-feelings caused by others. It is only when we are able to overcome offence that we become true Christians that our Father in Heaven would be proud of.

Furthermore, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained in candid terms what happens to the Christian who allows offence to pull him down – “When we feel offended, we do not know that we are trapped. You do not know that you are trapped because offence is an instrument used by satan to blind us on the reality. When you are offended, you see yourself concentrate and focus on the wrong done to you, forgetting the condition you are in.”

Concluding, the man of God reminded Christians of the gains in endurance, even in the face of the worst offences and troubles of the world: “We that maintain a relationship with God are enabled to endure. There is a grace. If you genuinely confess Him and you follow Him, there is a package for you. No one follows Jesus without enablement.”

Evangelist Yinka had earlier, spoken on a message tilted DON’T LIMIT JESUS. According to her, Christians have the propensity to ask for blessings at every opportunity they have to communicate with God, not minding whether or not it is God’s will for them to be blessed at that point in time. Some, out of desperation, ask for things that are smaller and less precious than God’s plan for them, thereby limiting God: “We do not know how much we need God, if we do we would not come to His presence and begin to ask for healing, blessing, and deliverance rather we would ask for redemption. With redemption is all you need. To be redeemed is to be saved. That is why the book of Matthew 6:33 says, ‘Seek first the Kingdom, and all shall be added unto you.’

 The high point of her message dealt with the very human nature that makes God tarry awhile before granting our requests for glory and blessings. God knows the content of every heart and cannot be deceived. He will only bless us and crown us with glory when He knows that we will not misuse them or get swollen-headed or even derail completely from our humble pasts to pursue the fancies that trigger pride and arrogance: “God knows that when we get to the top, our spiritual life can gradually deteriorate; so He takes His time in granting our request for certain reasons known to Him alone. When we pray, we expect God to supernaturally crown us with all His glory and the success that would make us the centre of our own world, but God knows that success has many dangers of its own.”



The Nigerian Youth Parliament, inaugurated in 2008 by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was about to transit to its third session when it was hit by a cloud of uncertainties. There were insinuations that the body would be scrapped. Its elected leader was not happy about the state of affairs of the body and worked hard to ensure that the body was not scrapped. While on a working visit to Delta State, Rt. Hon. Ayodele John Obe, had come across Emmanuel TV in his hotel room. Coincidentally, Prophet T.B. Joshua was admonishing African leaders to include the youth in decision-making and political affairs. The young man who was already looking for a way to help retain and sustain the Nigerian Youth Parliament, listened to the man of God with rapt attention.

CARRY YOUR YOUTH ALONG…Hardly do you see any government, especially in Africa, allowing youths between the ages of 50 downwards to occupy leadership positions. If you see youths occupy such positions, they must have inherited them from their parents,” said the man of God as he prophesied via Emmanuel TV. After praying along with the man of God via Emmanuel TV, Hon. Obe believed his patriotic aspirations would soon come to fruition. And in consonance with his passionate desire to serve his fatherland, the Nigerian Youth Parliament was officially inaugurated in 2015 while he was also officially inaugurated as the Speaker. Rt. Hon. Obe thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to restore an important segment of the Nigerian society. He reckoned that the impact of the body on national development cannot be overemphasized.

According to him, many former members of the parliament are now key office holders in their various states. Testifying in company of two of his aides, the honourable Speaker advised godly youths to stand up and join in leadership so that through their voices, positive change can come to their country and continent.


Unable to cope with the disgrace and shame that usually accompanied her bedwetting episodes, young Nantume Janet Kabanda was withdrawn from boarding school and was enrolled into a day school. The uncountable times when she had to change her bed sheets and dry the soiled ones in the sun had its psychological effects on her young mind. Even while in day school, she had to battle with her dwindling academic performance coupled with the bedwetting problem. When she eventually started high school, she lost her father and decided to live with a family member. She managed to share her problem with her aunty who made efforts to get herbal help for her but all was to no avail. All the tricks young Janet deployed to beat the monster failed to work.

Even when she got the opportunity to travel to the United States, the problem persisted. Her doctor over there could not proffer any solution. After her marriage, she deceived her husband to believe that she is from a royal home and was forbidden to share the same bed with him. Having had two children, the marriage crashed. The Ugandan living in the United States laboured under that yoke for forty-three years. Sometimes, she used an alarm and placed a plastic sheet on her bed in order to contain the liquid embarrassment. Her social life was next to nothing as a result of the problem; she could not pass the night outside her home lest she disgraced herself.

In 2015 however, she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water and Stickers. As soon as she started ministering the Morning Water, in less than a month, her problem of four decades stopped. Thanking God for her deliverance, she advised parents to pay attention to their kids’ behaviour, especially their sleeping patterns.


Mr Omasan Mabiaku had received the Morning Water from a friend several years back and miracles followed, to the glory of God. He had made the ministration of the Morning Water a daily habit and was one day saved from the deadly wrath of assassins who opened fire on him from different angles while he was driving his car. Having survived that attack, he returned to The SCAON and testified. Since then, his admiration for Jesus Christ tripled. He would do nothing without first ministering the Morning Water and calling on God to help him. However, he was not financially buoyant and would later struggle to build a bungalow for ten years.

He had a child out of wedlock and was forced to abscond when it dawned on him that he would not be able to take care of the child and her mother. Albeit, after 15 years of being separated from his daughter, he was reunited with her after he had ministered the Morning Water, asking God to locate her. Though the mother of the child had married another man who raised the child, a DNA test proved that Mr Mbiaku was the real father of the child. After reuniting with his daughter, he continued to minister the Morning Water, asking God to bless him. God answered his prayers and blessed him with a duplex within one year.

Attending the 2015 New Year cross-over service, Mr Mabiaku made a prayer request, asking God to give him a political appointment. During the service that night, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, had asked congregants to present their prayer requests before the altar. Mr Mabiaku who had requested a political appointment was eventually named a Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Delta State on Security Matters in January, 2016. Testifying in company of his wife and daughter, Hon. Omasan Mabiaku was full of praise to God who blessed him. He recalled his escape from the assassins’ bullets, his reunion with his daughter after fifteen years, his duplex and fleet of cars and confessed that the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua has done great things for him. He advised people to run to God.


Mr and Mrs Chineke were living happily with their son until their marriage ran into murky waters and was almost destroyed by petty gossip. Because he had spent many years in Greece, there were insinuations among his close family quarters that he was not the biological father of his son. Being human, he became confused and started harbouring doubts about the paternity of his son. He started asking his wife funny questions that rubbished her fidelity to him. The matter lingered as a cold war. Disturbed, Mr Chineke came to The SCOAN to seek the mind of God through Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Seated in the auditorium and praying to God to locate him, he was moved to tears as the man of God, pointing towards his direction, said “There is a brother with the red suit… Brother, you have issues with a child. They say the child is not your child. They say the pregnancy is not your own…” The man of God later met with the couple and told them God’s mind concerning the wrong insinuations making the rounds then. Mr Chineke was happy, having been confirmed as the biological father of his son.

Returning to testify, Mr Chineke told the congregation how his family almost led him astray with the fake perception that his son belonged to another man and made him doubt his wife’s fidelity. He openly apologised to his wife even as he said his family members have also done the same thing and have asked the innocent woman for forgiveness. Blaming his initial actions on pressure, he observed that he was the first man in his wife’s life. He thanked God for restoring the joy and peace in his marriage and advised the whole world to turn to God only whenever they are in fear, doubt or anxiety.


Mrs Georgiana Saffa, a Sierra-Leonean resident in the UK, suffered from severe mental breakdown for twenty five years. She was working as a Campaign Manager with the Labour Party. Initially, she was having recurrent migraines but was later diagnosed with mental breakdown, hypertension, stomach ulcer and kidney disorder. She eventually lost her job after CCTV footage showed her irrational and aggressive behaviour at work. Due to her mental problem, she became a sex toy in the hands of men. She was deserted even by her kinsmen whom she had helped to come to London, all the way from Sierra-Leone. Matters got to a head when she mothered seven children from six different men after several abortions. The social services at a time took away all her children saying she could not take care of them. She became suicidal and had to be monitored by the social services.

She had been to different countries in search of solution but only ended up being milked dry by so-called spiritualists who would ask her to bring cows and sundry items for her healing. When she realised that they were only deceiving her and wasting her money, she yielded to the pressures of a Ugandan friend who had been telling her about seeking solution in the church where Jesus would help her. She was introduced to The SCOAN branch in Ghana where she received the Morning Water. As soon as she received the Morning Water, she ministered it, and for the first time in a long while, she slept very well. Since then, she stopped taking her medications and instead got more bottles of the Morning Water and continued to minister it with the understanding of her doctors.

By the time she would make up her mind to visit The SCOAN headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, all her health challenges had gone for good. She is totally free and cannot hide the overwhelming joy in her heart. Testifying in a rather emotional way how she weathered the storm of mental illness and its concomitant effects on her social life, she gave all the glory to God through Christ Jesus who by virtue of His amazing grace, saved her – a wretch, who once was lost but now is found. “My health is perfect. I am a brand new woman in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” she told Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide.


Mr and Mrs Suleman Rwenza from Tanzania came to testify of the mercy and favour of God, saving their marriage from divorce and their lives from ruin. A prominent man in his country working for the UN, Mr Suleman Rwenza had battled with lack of affection for his wife. This all started when he dreamt and saw a very beautiful woman. This spiritual woman consumed his thoughts to the point where even in his office; he wished he could sleep so he could meet with the beautiful in his dream. The situation led him to move outside his marriage and look for affection from other women. He had made up his mind to divorce his wife before coming to The SCOAN but God had another idea.

In a prophetic message last week, their case was located as Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned the lack of affection in the marriage and also the negative impression he had about his mother. Deliverance followed the prophecy and both he and his wife were separated perpetually from their spiritual spouses that had tried to destroy the God-given union.

One week later, they stood before the congregation and viewers all over the world to confirm the prophecy and testify to the renewed affection between them. Speaking about his mother, Mr Rwenza confirmed that he had held a negative mind-set about his mother due to her apparent lack of appreciation for his support but that he appreciates and values her for bringing him up alone.

Talking about his marriage, he said, “The changes are massive. I really love my wife now. We talk and relate all the time.”

The deliverance was confirmed by a dream where the spiritual wife came to him in the dream and was crying that she had been sacked from the house. He replied that he had no keys.
Advising people who are in the same situation of being tempted to go outside wedlock, he said,

“When I was doing this, I was not in my senses; there was a force pushing me; you need to seek for deliverance. It is not that as a Christian you will not face any challenge but pray that your faith will not fail.”

His wife was overjoyed at the reconciliation between them and after her deliverance also had a dream confirming her freedom. She dreamt that she was about to travel and the strange spiritual husband blocked her on the journey but she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her not to worry about the strange man and she was able to continue her journey. Encouraging women to persevere, she said, “In every challenge, God has something to say – never give up!


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