Let there be peace in our land – Prohet T.B. Joshua

The General Overseer of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, has called on Nigerians and all people the world over; to seek and create a paradise of peace in their own little corners.

According to the man of God, a little investment in peace from each individual would definitely go a long way to avert more trouble in the land.

Joshua, who made the call during his sermon at the SCOAN last Sunday, noted that people are faced with myriads of challenges, afflictions, temptations and circumstances in our world today.

“We are walking on the pool of blood of innocent people. How can we explain this?” he asked.

He added: “The only thing we have achieved is crises. All what our fathers achieved we have destroyed; and nothing matters to anyone. When we realize that we are not fit before God, the next thing is to destroy.”

Speaking on the topic ‘Believing First and Seeing’, Joshua urged all believers to ensure that trying times in the land do not shake their faith in God adding that they should rather solidify their relationship with God by believing in Him first without necessarily seeing any proof of His promises.

Joshua frowned at the state of the world today pointing out that so many people build their faith more on the things they see rather than on those things they should believe in their hearts.

His word: “The thing that keeps us from despairing is not what we see but what we believe. This is why we have so many rich men today with wealth, just talk about it but yet, they are despairing. They are not happy, they are worried.

With the material wealth, properties and money we can see with them, yet, no joy.”

However, the man of God explained that, in spite of their belief in God, Christians are not free from the troubles of this world pointing out that, the only difference between believers and unbelievers is that while troubles may consume unbelievers the world would only strengthen and prepare as Christians for future glory.



“As a Christian, believer, born again, friend of Jesus, favourite of the Kingdom of God, lover, that you will enter the Kingdom is very sure, that does not mean you are ‘out of touch’… Sickness will test you. Hardship will test you but they cannot destroy you. Affliction of all kinds may test you, they can only test you. Tribulations may test you but they cannot destroy you.”

He enjoined all Christians all over the world to embrace peace: “The only thing that will give you peace of heart is to consider your neighbour while looking for your way out. You neighbour can be someone who does not share the same faith with you, your enemy, friend. You who are a Christian today can be a criminal tomorrow. That is why you have to consider others. Your greatest enemy today who wants to kill you, may be your Saviour tomorrow,” Joshua counselled.

The man of God also took a swipe on the universal propensity of human beings, who he said, repose their faith in man and other things that were created by God.

He urged the world to seek God’s face by believing in Him and putting all their trust in Him, stating that faith relates to the invisible.

He said: “The challenge we have today is that if we have faith in anything today it is in man. That is man’s experience. Our faith is always based on the experience of man – what man has done – science, works, organisation and the Bible says we must never make the tragic mistake of believing in an experience.”

He, however, encouraged humanity to stop the departure from God’s will through making wrong choices but adhere to Gods words and promises in order to salvage their already fragmented relationship with Him.

“There is no logical explanation for every act of God. All we need is the knowledge of the word of truth concerning the act. The Spirit makes us to know that believing is possessing. The instant you believe, you have.

“God rewards those who serve Him when things seem hopeless. That proves our sonship. The Bible says, in this world there will be tribulation but in the midst of that tribulation, I will save you,” Joshua assured.

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