Seven children, six men, uncountable abortions… The mental state of Georgiana had degraded to such a level that she was a perfect candidate for use and abuse by selfish men. And abuse her they did. The streets of London became her home and its psychiatric hospitals her customary abode. Government officials were confused at her complicated case, as the suicidal Sierra Leonean attempted for the umpteenth time to end it all with a jump from a three-storey building. What on earth turned a popular, influential Londoner to the tortuous epitome of mental ruin?

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Miss Georgiana Saffa

grew up in a difficult circumstance as she lost her dad and was living with her impoverished mother. Married at an early age, she was eventually able to relocate to London, UK through the help of a friend. Soon rising through the social ranks, Georgiana landed a prominent job in the UK as a government worker representing her nation. However, when a strange migraine headache struck, a steady mental descent eerily began. From that moment, her life went down the drain and the respect that people had for her turned into pity and shame. Fits of rage coupled with reducing reasoning faculties took their toll as the beautiful socialist became a laughing stock. Men began to take advantage of her vulnerable state as, in and out of psychiatric hospital, she could not control herself. Soon, she had 7 children for 6 different men, none of the fathers accepting responsibility for their children.

Such was the severity of her condition that the British government was forced to take away her children literally from birth and place them in the care of foster parents. Her seven children grew up without the knowledge of their mother save for an official government document. When Georgiana attempted suicide, she was placed on ‘24 hour suicide watch’ where she was monitored all day. The psychiatric hospitals in London knew her case well as she was always admitted and placed on drugs to sedate her. Friends and colleagues that knew her case pitied her, especially after she had traversed the world, seeking solution from spiritualists and traditional healers. Asked to bring cows and do sacrifices, she complied, thinking that this would help her condition but instead, it got worse.

One day, she received a permission note from the doctor to travel out of the country and decided to travel to Ghana. Once there, she was given a bottle of Morning Water by a friend who attended the Ghanaian branch of The SCOAN and decided to give God a try! That night, Georgiana slept for the first time in over two decades without taking any medication or sleeping pills. Her reasoning faculties began to return and a remarkable reconciliation with her long-lost children soon took place! Testifying that she was no longer taking any medication, Georgiana said she was now the picture of health as her terrible headaches, hypertension, kidney problems and mental instability had all disappeared! She advised everyone to seek Jesus, tearfully adding that a million thanks were not enough for the amazing miracle in her life.

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