The prognosis was dire. “Mr Godfrey, this is a 50/50 situation,” the doctor hesitantly told the Ghanaian businessman. After four major operations involving the risky insertion of steel rods into his spine, his health condition seemed only to worsen. Another operation was scheduled, as was a trip to The SCOAN…

Godfrey Kyei had been suffering for several years with an increasingly deteriorating back condition which the doctors diagnosed as ‘spinal scoliosis’. For four years, his movement became more and more limited to the point were simple tasks such as bending down to tie his shoe laces became impossible. After several surgeries, Mr Kyei was forced to use a wheelchair to move around, gradually graduating to the use of crutches and then a walking aid and lumbar corset. When the doctors informed him that another operation was on the cards, fear filled Godfrey’s heart. However, as strong as the fear of an operation was, so was the desire to visit The SCOAN for Divine healing after he was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend.

Requesting that the operation be postponed for a fortnight, Godfrey plucked up courage to visit The SCOAN where he was placed on the prayer line. The moment Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, Mr Kyei described that he felt an intense surge of pain shooting through his entire spine. Abnormalities were being Divinely corrected! Immediately after the prayer, he cast aside his walking aids and began to exercise, twist and turn freely. Returning to Ghana renewed and revitalized, he boldly went to the same hospital and demanded that another x-ray be taken. The results were astonishing! All traces of scoliosis had disappeared and the doctors informed Mr Kyei that there was no more need for an operation, acknowledging that his case defied medical logic. For further confirmation, they insisted he take an MRI scan a few months down the line. The results corroborated his earlier x-ray, showing no trace of spinal problems! Indeed, doctors can treat but God heals!




  1. lovegod

    Emmanuel-God with us
    I bless and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done in the life of Mr Godfrey Kyei from Ghana who was suffering from spinal scoliosis for the salvation of His soul. Our brother had four major operations involving the risky insertion of steel rods into His spine. When He went to SCOAN he was placed into prayers line and He was prayed for by His anointed servant, prophet of God Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and he felt an intense surge of pain shooting through his entire spine. After the prayer he immediately cast aside walking aids and he began to exercise, twist and run freely. The Great Physician healed our brother instantly after the prayer from His anointed servant. There was no traces of scolioisis and the doctors informed him that there was no need of operation. Jesus Christ is alive He never said that there will be no healing. There is no sickness which He cannot heal. When He heals you. He heals you effectually. May you enjoy your healing and good health so that all may go well with you. I am encouraging you to love the Living Word of God. Read it and pray everyday so that you grow and make the Word of God standard for life so that the healing which you have received may remain permanent. In the name of Jesus Christ.



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