Something was moving. A mysterious tip-toe up her legs. Wait a minute – it was alive! Bewilderment turned to horror as Joy hurriedly shook her skirt and saw a huge cockroach tumble downwards. Hiding under demonic disguise, it took the anointing of God to reveal the root of her terrible migraines!

Joy Nfunne saw the outward effects of the devil in her life but was blinded to the spiritual cause of her ailment. Plagued by constant headaches which stole her joy and hindered her academic prowess, it was when she received a ‘Believer’s Card’ at The SCOAN that Joy discovered the hidden truth behind her challenges. After praying with the Believer’s Card at night, she awoke the following morning to discover a cockroach crawling on her body. However, this physical discovery took on a new, more powerful meaning when Joy slept the following night.

In the dream, she was taken to an unusual medical facility and operated on by an elderly man. The man removed her hair and proceeded to remove ‘countless’ cockroaches that were lurking close to her scalp. After finishing the uncanny process, he returned her hair and declared her free to go. Upon waking up and reconciling the dream with her experience the previous day, Joy knew freedom had come! She testified that since that unique, supernatural operation, all signs of migraines had disappeared from her life, leading to greater tranquility and contentment, alongside renewed zeal and focus for the future.





  1. lovegod

    Emmanuel-God with us.
    I bless and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done in the life of our sister through praying with the powerful Believer’s Card which she received from SCOAN for the salvation of her soul. The Great Physician never said good bye He is still alive. He did not say that there will be no healing, deliverance, redemption and blessings. When He blesses you and delivers you. He blesses you and delivers you effectually and completely. May you enjoy your deliverance and blessings so that all may go well with you. I am encouraging you to read your Holy Bible and meditate on it day and night. So that you will be prosperous and successful and I am encouraging you to read your Holy Bible and pray ever day so that you grow in spirit and make the Word of God standard for life so that the deliverance and the blessings you have received my remain permanent. In the name of Jesus Christ.



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