Miss Chiazoka Chukwuma suffered from the problem of sickle cell anemia, a hereditary blood disorder. Her mother had given birth to twelve children and eight had died because of the same sickness. She was also addicted to eating charcoal and sand because of this problem.

She came to The SCOAN, received the Morning Water and Morning Stickers and returned home, believing that God would perform a miracle. She ministered the Morning Water, in Jesus’ name and within a short period of time, she started noticing some changes in her body – her strength returned and the symptoms of sickle cell disappeared.

Miss Chukwuma went for a blood test and the medical doctors confirmed that her blood type had miraculously changed from ‘SS’ to ‘AA’. Proudly showing her before and after medical reports, she advised viewers that nothing is impossible for Jesus Christ – “I was once sick but now I am healed through the medium of the Morning Water. Just believe; nothing is impossible for God!”


2 thoughts on “FROM SS TO AA


    I viewed this on emmanuel tv, this sounds stranger than fiction but it is true, not surprised because at SCOAN such miracles are abound.If you believe just key in,well , if you dont- it is unfortunate. GOD in the first place gives the special grace to know or even acknowlege SCOAN or even emmanuel tv.


  2. abeba

    Amazing the work of God is new every moriming imagine it is a ganatic desise but for our LORD nothing is imposible thank God for your free but prasious gift of Jesus Christ amen And thank you for SCAN bless them amen



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