Mrs Josephine Dossa had the problem of barrenness due to multiple fibroids and pelvic inflammatory disease. Her husband, Mr Dossa also had the problem of low sperm count. They visited The SCOAN, received the Morning Water and returned home. They ministered the Morning Water together in Jesus’ name and met as husband and wife. Shortly after, Mrs Dossa, went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that she was completely free from any fibroids or pelvic inflammatory disease. The doctor also confirmed that she was pregnant! She had a complicated free pregnancy and gave birth normally to a healthy baby girl. They advised couples seeking fruit of the womb to have faith in God and that God’s time if the best.



  1. abeba

    Wooow how nice ! pelvic problem ;fibroid, low sperm count all this problem solved by morning water God how great are you to reach your people in many ways. I give you Glory and Honor to the God of Abram. And you give your servant Man of God knowledge and wisdom to serve your people . I pray for him more anointing more knowledge and peace ,health , wealth long life in the name of Jesus amen



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