Nzube Gabriel Onyekaozulu came to The SCOAN where he received the Morning Water. As a graduate, the following year, he was posted to Abuja for his one year compulsory National Youth Service Corps. Things became tough for him. He was even attacked where he lived by armed robbers three times before it dawned on him that he had every protection he needed against them in the form of the Morning Water. Since that day, he started ministering the Morning Water to himself and praying over his life. The next time the armed robbers came, they passed by his door but did not try and come in.

From there, he was inspired to start a small shoe business. He went from office to office selling his shoes from a sack. The shoes went from a sack to a car boot as the business progressed and he was able to afford his first car. Before long, he was being referred to by many people and he was able to secure his own shop. Now, the shop has become a fully stocked standard supermarket. He now employs two staff and is about to take on another. God has been blessing the business and he has in turn remembered the less privileged. After buying his second car, a new Toyota Camry, people started asking him where he bought it and through his connection which he now refers people to, he can equally call himself a car dealer. As he continued in business, the Lord blessed him again and he was able to purchase a third car – the latest model of Kia. He says that through watching Emmanuel TV, he has learnt how to help the needy and one of the areas he practicalises this is in taking up the cost of one of his staff’s education.

Advising the world, he said “Until you experience Jesus Christ in your life, you will have a sense of dissatisfaction. To the young ones like me, you don’t need to go into scamming or things like that just seek first the Kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you because if you get any material thing outside of God, it will lead you into problems and misery”.



  1. lovegod

    Emmanuel-God with us. I praise and glorify the good Lord Almighty for what He has done in your life through the powerful medium of Morning Water for the salvation of your soul. There is nothing the Great Physician cannot do. He promised to meet all your needs according to His glorious riches as long you have faith. I am encouraging you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you grow in spirit and make the word of God standard for life. So that what you have received may remain permanent. In the name of Jesus Christ.


  2. abeba

    Our God is Faithfull he naver make his people to be dow. God always works with a point of contact God he used his servant P.TB Jashua to arrenge the morning water and he is using the morning water to deliver to bless . Thanks God for your son you blessed him so much and let him learn more the more you give let him give for the needy as he still doing it.I bless P.TB Jesus you are the mediyotor between God and us more wisdom more grace more power to reach the world amen



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