Mr Isa Joel Barguma had tried for decades to build a comfortable life. However, upon receiving his salary, how the money would seemingly disappear was a mystery which continued to haunt him month in, month out. This persisted until his retirement last year.
He spent his days in a rented apartment due to the financial debacles and even though he had established a large farm of 25 acres, he was not able to realize anything decent from it. He discussed with a friend, thinking that farming was not really for him and he would go into buying and selling instead. His friend advised him to carry God along in his new venture by introducing him to Emmanuel TV. He developed interest immediately and asked his friend to help him have the channel installed in his house. He continued watching Emmanuel TV and was soon itching to visit The SCOAN. He made the long journey from Yola to Lagos and received the Morning Water. When he got back home, he ministered the Morning Water over himself praying to God for a turnaround in his favour.

Within two weeks of ministering the Morning Water, he was able to buy his own house. The miracle baffled him so much but that was not all. His buying and selling business also picked up as patrons began to troop in from all angles. With the business now booming, he was able to buy his own new car only a week later. The blessings of God did not stop on his finances either but his health and the health of his family also received a divine touch. The sicknesses which would take his family to the hospital each month, consuming so much money in hospital bills and drug prescriptions came to an abrupt end.

He advised the viewers that “When you have the Morning Water, it is like having a general hospital in your home! Sickness will be a thing of the past, thanks to Doctor Jesus.”



  1. lovegod2016

    Emmanuel-God with us
    I bless and glorify Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done in the life of Mr Isa Joel Barguma through the powerful medium of the Morning Water for the salvation of His soul. Our brother tried to build a comfortable for a long time. Mr Isa Joel Barguma went to SCOAN and he received the Morning Water. He ministered it and after two weeks he managed to buy his own house and our brother is in buying and selling business. Patrons began to troop in from all angles. Since his business was booming he managed to buy his own car after one week and his health and the health of the family also received the divine touch. Our Great Physician is near us and He is always available to rescue His children, He is always ready to set them free and to bless them with all of God’s blessings. And He does it permanently . I am encouraging you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you grow. Meditate on what you have read day and night and make the Word of God standard for life so that what you have received may remain permanent. In the name of Jesus Christ.


  2. Lindi Tshabalala

    Dear Sir/Madam Greetings in Jesus Name. I just wanted to find out how I can get hold of Anointing water Warm regards Lindi



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