Booted OUT Disappointment With Prophecy!


Driven by a bitter disappointment and left lifeless like a ship without a sail, Mr Phumudzo Madzhie from South Africa came to The SCOAN in 2014, where he joined the Saturday Prophetic Service. The man of God came and prophesied to him much to his surprise that he had applied to the USA and that he had been disqualified. The man of God instructed him that after the deliverance, he should reapply. The man of God also warned him that he should settle down with a lady before embarking on this journey.

He had indeed applied to go to the USA though an organization called the Mandela Washington Foundation initiated by the President of the US. He was disqualified and not selected leaving him terribly rejected and frustrated. “It was so frustrating for me not to be called”, he recalls. If not for the prophetic word, he would never have reapplied. However, before reapplying, he followed the second instruction in the prophecy to settle with his fiancée and within a few months, they got married because he knew it was an instruction in righteousness. There were 50,000 applications and only wanted 40 from South Africa. He calculated the percentage chance that it would be him as 0.0003. Nevertheless, he applied and was selected by the president of the USA as one of the 500 top up and coming businessmen across Africa to participate in the journey.

He went for the all expenses paid trip touring around the USA highlighting in Chicago and Washington DC. They had weeks of two lectures per day along with workshops and meetings with CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, visiting the World Bank and Google HQ to name a few. He was also invited to go to the White House where he met the US President, Barack Obama. The Foundation also linked the lucky applicants up to fellow business people from the states and from Africa, at least two people in each state or country. Now, he knows so many connections in different countries across Africa and several US capital organisations to be able to fund any of the projects that he wants to do.

He was blessed with a restaurant since returning to South Africa, one of the biggest family owned restaurants in the country, called Mike’s Kitchen. He began receiving multiple awards in this franchise as the Best Newcomer/Franchisee, 2014 and award of joining The Millionaires Club 2014, for a store that consistently had a turnover of over 1 million Rand per month. Being inspired by the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he has also sponsored over 300 families with food allowances, scholarships and internships at his company.

His advice “is that the grace and mercy of God is all that you need. That is the only thing that can qualify you for the things that you want.” He also wanted to thank the man of God for giving his life direction because if not for the prophecy, he didn’t know where he would be today. He humbly added that he had never thought that he would be able to own and run such a large and prosperous company as this. Crowing the whole testimony off, the man of God smiled as he said, “You will soon leave that restaurant for your wife – something even bigger is coming for you”.


2 thoughts on “Booted OUT Disappointment With Prophecy!

  1. abeba

    Woow it is great to know the well of God through his true Prophets thanks God for this man to be blessed through God servant P.TB Joshwa I pray to God Almighty to give him more strength to reach many .There is many people in diffrent curse evil works they are paralized because of the bandage. When God give as such PROPHETS we have to love them and pray for them assist them in every angle and respect them bec.they are the gift of God for us amen



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