Mrs Phiri Chisepo had been facing many challenges in her life, especially spiritual challenges. She and her husband were constantly being tormented by the spirit of death, which led to them losing their first baby girl. They did all they could medically, to save the life of the child from pneumonia, but to no avail. After the loss of their first child, they could not conceive again. Her husband ran to The SCOAN in search of divine solution. There he received the Morning Water, taking it back to Zambia. He and his wife ministered the Morning Water together and met as husband and wife. She became pregnant and delivered another baby girl. Two weeks after delivery, the baby became very sick with pneumonia and anaemia and had to be placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The doctors wanted to do a blood transfusion because the blood count was very low, but she and her husband refused. She was afraid she would lose the baby again, but the husband brought the Morning Water to the hospital, which they ministered on the baby. Miraculously, the baby, who had been unconscious, opened her eyes! They left the hospital and continued to minister the Morning Water on the baby. They trusted and believed that God would do it for them. Now their baby is completely fine, with no signs of sickness. A test was carried out by the doctors and to the surprise of everyone, the tests showed that the child was completely free of the sickness. The same sickness that had taken their first child was defeated in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Morning Water.


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