Mr Cyprien Mouanda from Gabon, was working for a petroleum company for eleven years. One day, while he was in front of a computer, he began to see darkness. He went to the doctor who thought it was due to being very tired. He went to work for another petroleum company and noticed that the same problem happened. This time he sought a second opinion, and the doctor said he had glaucoma. He had to go to the doctor every two months and his eyes continually got worse. His wife discovered Emmanuel TV and told him to start watching. Encouraged by what they saw, he and his wife decided to visit The SCOAN where they received the Morning Water. While at home, he began to minister the Morning Water, later realizing he could now see clearly. He tested out his new sight by reading subtitles on the screen, and found that he could read them without glasses. To this day he has not used his glasses. Glory be to God! Mr Mouanda brought his medical reports to prove that God had completely healed him of glaucoma through the medium of the Morning Water.


Mrs Phiri Chisepo had been facing many challenges in her life, especially spiritual challenges. She and her husband were constantly being tormented by the spirit of death, which led to them losing their first baby girl. They did all they could medically, to save the life of the child from pneumonia, but to no avail. After the loss of their first child, they could not conceive again. Her husband ran to The SCOAN in search of divine solution. There he received the Morning Water, taking it back to Zambia. He and his wife ministered the Morning Water together and met as husband and wife. She became pregnant and delivered another baby girl. Two weeks after delivery, the baby became very sick with pneumonia and anaemia and had to be placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The doctors wanted to do a blood transfusion because the blood count was very low, but she and her husband refused. She was afraid she would lose the baby again, but the husband brought the Morning Water to the hospital, which they ministered on the baby. Miraculously, the baby, who had been unconscious, opened her eyes! They left the hospital and continued to minister the Morning Water on the baby. They trusted and believed that God would do it for them. Now their baby is completely fine, with no signs of sickness. A test was carried out by the doctors and to the surprise of everyone, the tests showed that the child was completely free of the sickness. The same sickness that had taken their first child was defeated in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Morning Water.


Mr and Mrs Marvellous Nweze had suffered from various different hardships. Mr Nweze had been involved in a terrible motor accident while he was on a journey from Accra, Ghana to Aflao. Prior to embarking on the journey, he ministered the Morning Water on himself. Along the way, he suddenly saw a white car directly in front of him. He tried to dodge it, but lost control causing the car to end up in the bush. While the car was still in motion it was as if he was struggling with an invisible being that was handling the steering wheel. The car finally reached a pot hole and started spinning and suddenly, it stopped. He pulled himself together and came out of the car. To his surprise, he discovered that all four tires of the car had deflated. It is indeed a miracle that a car could travel that distance with four deflated tires. There was a large crowd gathered around. They wondered how anyone could have come out of the vehicle alive.

He further testified about how God healed his son of a terrible sickness. According to him, he received a shocking message from the wife while he was away that their son was very sick and she was at the hospital with him. The doctors even reprimanded her as to why she allowed the sickness to reach such a level before seeking medical solution. She explained that it had happened within just 30 minutes. The sickness was so severe that the skin started to peel off. He looked as if he had been severely burnt. With no solution at hand, they ministered their son with the Morning Water and a miracle happened. The sores of the skin and mouth totally disappeared within hours. Seeing the baby now, one would hardly believe he once suffered from such a terrible sickness.

Mr Nweze continued his testimony by recounting how God delivered them from limitation in progress. This happened after they received their deliverance here, at The SCOAN. Their finances were totally transformed. They were able to buy a land and also build a magnificent house, having lived in a rented house for many years. He advised the congregation and viewers all over the world to believe in God; with Him, all things are possible.


Due to the influence of bad friends, Mr Kanyi Tometi Randy Jnr became addicted to smoking, drinking, and clubbing. He had developed many destructive habits. He was also very good at using the internet. He started his first internet business when he was eight years old, which as he got older, he began to use for bad things. His mother took him to different churches to seek deliverance. At a particular church, they discovered he was skilled in using the internet, so they gave him free access to the web to handle calls. He ended up misusing the opportunity. Mr Kanyi would fraudulently make personal calls using the free web access, and he went further into gambling. At a certain point he had to leave the church because he ended up in internet fraud. Coupled with this problem, he suffered terrible evil attacks. He was given food to eat in his dreams and when he woke up, he would find real food particles in his mouth, whereas he had not eaten anything. He was constantly chased by evil things in his dreams. In the midst of his problem, he heard about The SCOAN, where his mother ended up finally bringing him. During a Morning the Morning Water ministration at The SCOAN, he was in the midst of the congregation. As soon as he was ministered to, the evil spirit in him immediately manifested. He was then delivered by the power of the Holy Ghost. Today he testified of his total deliverance from all his bad habits, putting the devil to shame.