The marriage of Mr & Mrs Azuduah was on the brink of collapse. It seemed as if problems had plagued them since the day they said, “I do”. Peace was far from their home; instead of living in cooperation and harmony, it was as if there was a cat and a rat in the house. There was an evil, wicked, destructive will behind their marriage failure. And this was the will of Mrs Azuduah’s spiritual husband, a demon that had tormented her spirit, soul and body. It’s aim was to cause separation and it was rejoicing as the aim had almost been fulfilled. Every day was a living nightmare for the Azuduahs. The wicked spirit would cause Mrs Azuduah to hold, slap and beat her husband in the presence of their children. The same spirit would prompt Mr Azuduah to fight back and at times, they would have to rush to the hospital as a result of their fights. Mrs Azuduah would scream at her husband, telling him that he was no longer her husband. She was seeing another husband in her dreams that consumed her and controlled her. Affection was a thousand miles from their home and this caused Mr Azuduah to look for it elsewhere.

The aim of the evil spirit was almost achieved but the Azuduahs made a decision that the spiritual husband was not expecting. They came to The SCOAN. Mrs Azuduah had decided that if nothing would change on that day, she would pack her things and leave the house but the Spirit of God had another plan. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prophesied to Mrs Azuduah that she had lost affection for her husband. He further said that she was lonely and tormented by a spiritual husband and that this had caused her husband to seek affection outside the marriage. Within moments, the fire of God consumed the evil spiritual husband and Mrs Azuduah was delivered.

With tears in her eyes, Mrs Azuduah testified to the affection being restored in her marriage. She now sees her husband as he is. Mr Azuduah said he could not imagine the joy in Heaven if the joy could be so much on earth now that his marriage is restored. He explained that he had a big problem with the spiritual husband before but not with his wife. That was what gave him the strength to endure all the beatings and embarrassment.

They advised all couples facing similar problems to endure and recognise the enemy as the wicked, hateful spirit that he is. If you continue to fight flesh and blood, you are fighting the wrong battle.


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