Pastor Ruth Ojoka from Kogi State, Nigeria, had been looking for her only child, a daughter, who had gone missing for ten years – as a pastor she had prayed and fasted to find her daughter; but to no avail. Pastor Ojoka came to The SCOAN last week Sunday, where the man of God approached her during the live service. At that moment she cried out: “Where is my child?”, whereupon the man of God gave her the Believer’s Card. That evening she prayed using the Believer’s Card and asked God to locate her only child, who had gone missing 10 years prior. Three days later, she received a phone call from the same daughter. The following day, after the phone call, her daughter said she would come the following day to see her mother. Indeed the following day, the mother and daughter reconciled.

Her daughter, Joyce, also at The SCOAN recounted how 10 years ago she developed a deep hatred for her mother and decided to run away from home. However, she mentioned how last week an acquaintance told her that her mother was on Emmanuel TV and that softened her heart. Immediately, she started having the feeling of going back home. She made a phone call to her mother – who was in Lagos – and decided to locate her even though she had never been to Lagos. During her journey to Lagos, she was fortunate to meet a couple who finally helped her to locate her mother. Now they are reunited! Both present at The SCOAN to narrate their story on their reconciliation, they embraced one another as mother and daughter to the glory of God.


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