A strange hush fell over the congregation as the young man received the Believer’s Card from Prophet T.B. Joshua, only to see him explode into a flurry of movement. The evil spirit hiding in the boy’s life had been exposed by the light of God and began to manifest out of his life. Seeing the spiritual battle that was taking place, the man of God instructed, “Shout Jesus!” As the boy shouted the name above all names, he was hurled to the ground and the demon was cast out. The congregation roared. The man of God prophesied how the boy had been possessed by the spirit of dog which had given him the same immoral, flirting characteristics and had ruined his life but was now a thing of the past.

Now, a week later, as he came forward to testify to the congregation, Mr Rial Rustamov explained that his affliction began seven years ago when he had a dream where he was bitten by a dog. The spirit of dog entered him at that point and destroyed his academic and spiritual life. He could not concentrate; he would watch pornography, masturbate, flirt at school and spend hours chatting with girls online at home as the man of God had prophesied. His academic life was affected in that his grades started deteriorating. He was no longer able to keep focused while in class. He no longer spent time reading the Bible or praying and found himself lose interest in the things of God.

However, since receiving his Believer’s Card from the man of God, the 20 year old from Azerbaijan in Eastern Europe declared that he no longer thinks about pornography, lust or evil. He says he felt that he had been given spiritual armour to protect himself against the wicked thoughts of the enemy which had pushed him into a life of flirtation and frustration.

He advised those caught in similar traps of the devil as he had been that they should trust in God as He alone could make a way where there seemed to be no way in their lives.



  1. lovegod

    I bless and glorify Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done into your life through the medium of the powerful Believer’s Card which you have received from His anointed servant prophet of God Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, for the salvation of your soul. There is nothing Lord Jesus Christ cannot do, He can use any medium to express Himself. I am encouraging you to read your Holy Bible and pray everyday so that you grow in spirit and make the Word of God standard for life so that the deliverance, which you have received will remain permanent. In the name of Jesus Christ.



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