Mr and Mrs Elizabeth Kalu came to The SCOAN to testify concerning the Believer’s Card the lucky couple had received the previous week. For several years, they had been living like cat and rat as a result of the problem of no erection. This caused so much disaffection between the amiable couple that it degenerated to them staying in separate rooms in their home for the past five years. Mrs Elizabeth Kalu was opportune to receive the Believer’s Card from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. As the man of God handed the Believer’s Card over, she said she saw something like a shadow flying out of her. She heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that God was at work in her life. She took the card home to her husband with the good news that all their problems had been solved. They came together to pray, holding the Believer’s Card as they did. They began to pray for God to take control of their lives and have mercy on them. As they were praying, tears started running down Mr Kalu’s cheeks and Mrs Kalu saw that for the first time in five years, her husband had a firm erection. Since then, the affection which had been lost in the family was restored.

Mr Kalu glorified God for what God had done and narrated that they had been to several places in search of the solution to their problems, all to no avail. He said during their prayer, he felt something like an electric current flow through his body and the moment he touched the Believer’s Card, he started vibrating. Instantly, his manhood stood erect to his amazement. This was what he had thought was impossible as he had no experienced this in over five years. He had been praying with his business in mind, thinking God would aid them in the financial struggle they had been battling with. He had even forgotten the even more important issue of affection in his marriage and had almost come to accept it as a way of life. He explained to the congregation that even when his wife would come to his room, to try and engage him even in simple conversation, he would turn his face to the wall, knowing that even if he wanted to show affection, nothing would happen.

He advised that knowing there is nothing impossible for God; everyone should hold on to God and believe that He can use any medium to bless, heal, save and deliver.



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