Earlier in the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that there was a tbjtbjyoung man present in the church who kept a charm in his cupboard that demanded for blood, leading to the death of his daughter three months ago. We have just listened to the confession of the man who explained his father was a notorious witchdoctor who bequeathed the diabolical charm to him on his deathbed. He used the charm to wreak havoc in his community by forcibly collecting land from people by using the charm which was kept in the form of a cloak. Once he wore this ‘cloak’, an uncanny aggression would possess him to the point where he would go out ‘looking for trouble’. If anybody offended him, he would pretend to prostate before the person while having the charm on his body. The charm would then ‘collect’ the blood of that person and they would die within days. Physically, the cloak which was brownish in colour would turn bright red whilst in the cupboard, a sign that the demons within it had taken blood. However, the charm soon backfired as it took the life of one of his twin daughters by sucking her blood. In the midst of this, the young man discovered Emmanuel TV and began watching. He had a dream where he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua, leading him to come to The SCOAN for the first time today where God located him in a word of prophecy. We thank God for his deliverance!


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