After 15 years of teaching and watching all of his colleagues receive promotion after promotion, Mr Justin Atindohouto of Benin Republic, realized that there was something holding him back. As a teacher, earning a humble salary, he was left to ride a bicycle to his work place, never dreaming of ever even owning a car. Feeling depressed by his situation, Mr Atindohouto took up drinking and was addicted to beer.

One day he was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a friend. After two weeks of watching and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mr Atindohouto realized he had stopped drinking. To this day he has not touched alcohol again! Because of this great deliverance in his life, he decided that he had to come to The SCOAN to experience the power of God in person. During his stay he received the Morning Water and eagerly took it home to start ministering it in Jesus’ name. As he did so, he realized that he started having extra money in his pocket, whereas before he couldn’t boast of rubbing two pennies together. This encouraged him to minister the Morning Water the more and pray. One day while he was flipping through the TV channels, he stopped on the national news channel, where the President of the country was addressing the nation and acknowledging the names of people who were being appointed to high-level positions. To his absolute shock, he heard his name announced, completely unaware that he was even being considered for any position. Shortly after, the Secretary General called Mr Atindohouto to have a meeting with the Minister in charge of Culture, where he was then appointed as the new Minister in charge of Culture for the nation!

As if receiving this promotion was not enough in itself, Mr Atindohouto discovered that his new job position came with a car and a driver. His days of riding a bike to work had come to an end, in Jesus’ name! Mr Atindohouto offered the congregation a piece of advice saying, “Those who haven’t yet found God’s goodness, don’t be discouraged. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come!”

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