Re: The Dangerous Lies of TB Joshua, By Ebenezer Obadare

It is so ironic and hits me as a shocker when I find out that in this modern age, enlightened minds still choose to dwell in unexamined and preposterous facts. It saddens me when I come to realize how critics can become so desperate to dig out dirt from a pure terrain. So many writers today come into the www world to spread lies and words that have no basis using normative statements instead of empirical approach that has proof and concrete evidence. As Christians or as responsible humans, we are to carefully examine situations before dragging innocent individuals to the dirt or staining one’s reputation just for mere attention. I pity the educational sector of today, it has gotten to the extent that some so-called professors and associate professors write so lamely using trial and error means, presumptions (that is, what they hear and how they feel concerning issues).

The SCOAN building collapse happened since a year back, but some individuals make it seem like it occurs daily. I am not trying to say that the victims who lost their lives are meaningless, I am just saying that as a nation I really think that we are matured and have gotten to a point where we have to let go the thoughts of tragedy.

 Ebenezer Babatunde Obadare- Associate Professor

Ebenezer Babatunde Obadare Associate Professor

Contrary is the case for Ebenezer Obadare who claims to be an associate professor in the University of Kansas. The so called associate professor still keeps dwelling in done and dusted issues which have so far been known to be fabricated. This makes one ask the question; how can a writer with such status still rely on falsifications? The answer is simply that the world is unbecoming. Most of the issues raised by this writer have already been addressed in previous articles: Building Collapse: Five (5) Spurious Lies against T.B Joshua’s Ministry.

Ebenezer Obadare Quotes: “The Egbe, the planning committee, and the alleged Dr. Adewunmi are, in all probability, the same person- yes, you guessed right, T.B. Joshua himself; and if you have been debating whether or not Pastor Joshua is worthy of such an award, then, sadly, you have fallen to his gimmick, which is to deflect attention away from his ongoing legal battle with the Lagos state government.”

The question is, how ethical can it be that the renowned Yoruba group Egbe Omo Oodua Parapo (1945) a group that was among those that advocated for Nigerian independence connived with Prophet T.B Joshua to manufacture an award for himself In order to deflect attention from his ongoing legal battle with the Lagos state government when he was clearly not swayed by previous prestigious awards that were given to him which includes the pan-Yoruba media outlet Irohin-Odua as the Yoruba man of the decade, the Arewa award from the northern part of Nigeria as the Ambassador of Peace and the OFR award of the Federal Republic of Nigeria presented by the late Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar’adua (of blessed memory). All these prestigious awards of the past did not influence the one sided verdict of the coronal magistrate, why can one feel that the recent award from Egbe Omo Oodua Parapo will…? READ MORE…


One thought on “Re: The Dangerous Lies of TB Joshua, By Ebenezer Obadare

  1. Sidneypeps

    Re : Ebenezer Obadare

    My dear fellow emeritus associate…kindly accepts my warmth affection. I am pleased that you are spending the commemoration birth of our lord Jesus Christ… compliments of the season my fellow emeritus.

    I am quite captivated by your indebt incite into the “Dangerous lies of TB Joshua”, Dear Mr Obadare.

    May I precisely debunk your mere peripheral insight about TB Joshua, contra to your speculations and assumptions, I strongly oppose to your misconception and fallacious few pages article with the aforementioned captioned headline… the news of the declaration of the Leader of the Synagogue Church Of all Nations (SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua, as the “2015 Yoruba man of the year”. It is my utmost pleasure to ostensibly clarify you that the Ebge Omo Odua Parapo, is ranked foremost and at the Apex of other Yoruba group drawn far and sundry, comprising of almost (40 indigenous pan Yoruba group globally)
    Admits these groups, enthusiastically bestowed this sheer ‘mark of honor and distinction upon TB Joshua’, was carefully selected amongst numerous nominees, irrespective of social statuses, ranks, professional aristocrats and technocrats of the Yoruba’s.

    Therefore, may I draw your attention to your non articulated carelessness for wrong construction of grammar thereby insulting the integrity of the Yoruba’s at large. By your profile, you are an adherent advocate of the African condemning gay marriage practices, which is against the Africa culture; this obviously exposes your irrational and nonsensical approach towards values, moral and ethical issues.

    I can clearly decipher your ill mannerism and jealously you hold against Prophet TB Joshua, and the Christendom, which our Holy Bible preaches sacred marriage of couples between two different sex, but people like you have turned against the gospel truth, defiled the sacred institutions laid down by God, people like you should honestly seek the face of our creator for reconciliation with Him.

    Ironically, I can’t understand your attributing a special mark of distinction to your so called litigation on pilgrims of the SCOAN, permit me reiterate jealousy and ill-mannerism has beclouded your imaginations.

    I don’t expect your caliber of person to stoop so low in condemning others. May I urge you to dissuade from your present stance, and hereby refute your non articulated fallacious deceptive article.

    My dear so called associate prof. you are very deceptive and fake, stop your lies! Seek God.



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