The SCOAN Sunday service of October 25, 2015 witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit of God in many significant ways. From the soul-lifting songs of the choir to the awe-inspiring testimonies of people who have experienced the power of God in the Arena of Liberty, it was obvious that with God, all things are possible. In her message titled YOUR TRUE PICTURE, evangelist Morenike reminded Christians on the need to look beyond present circumstances and focus more on the bigger picture of their future in God’s hand. According to her, every pain or sickness to the true believer could be his or her path to greatness in God’s divine purpose. She cited the story of Joseph and how, in spite of the pains he went through, still fulfilled God’s plan for his life. The following words from her message would guide us in our Christian walk to realise that a little discomfort is part of the race: “Everybody desires comfort whereas pain sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires good health whereas sickness sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires breakthrough whereas setback sometimes preserves us for a new level in life. Everybody desires freedom, whereas captivity sometimes preserves us for a new level in life.  Those who are capable of seeing beyond their immediate situation know what God says about their situation. They know that a believer’s trouble is not like others, for behind their troubles lie God’s promise for their life”.



Before she visited The SCOAN in 2012, Mrs Mazu Mazibuko from South Africa, suffered from business failure to the extent that she harboured suicidal thoughts. Life was very harsh on her; nothing seemed to work out. After she received her deliverance at The SCOAN, things soon took a prosperous turn. Her business picked up almost immediately after she found herself in a dream in which the man of God was putting some money into her wallet and assuring her of deliverance. After that experience, her business came back strongly. She even acquired a couple of cars.

By 2014, she had opened a new shop in Durban. In early 2015, she got another opportunity to work for an international travel agency and broke a record being the first person to be made a director within the space of one month of employment. She has been invited in company of her husband to Dallas, Texas in the US by the company to come and spend some time with its founders. Thanking God for expanding their business, Mr Mazibuko attributed their favour to prayers while acknowledging that they have been blessed financially. He advised people with the following words, “…don’t be discouraged whenever you face challenges. Hold unto God because what He says about you is what matters”.


An ardent worshipper with The SCOAN, Mr Chukwudi Onah, a worker with a Nigerian offshore oil company always had his Morning Sticker and Morning Water with him wherever he went. That fateful Morning when he was about to board the helicopter, he had the anointed materials in his pocket. He had even ministered the Morning Water as he always did every morning. The delay in the arrival of the aircraft might have been a premonition to the coming tragedy but he never took it to mind. However, when he eventually realised on board that the helicopter conveying him and eleven others to Lagos was nose-diving into the sea, a few metres away from the airport, he called on the God of T.B. Joshua to come to his rescue.

Trapped in the deep with the seat belt of the wrecked aircraft still around his waist and struggling to set himself free, God ministered two powerful words to him. First he heard, “Your seat belt” and thereafter, “Life jacket”. After loosening the seat belt and putting on the life jacket, he was lifted ashore and could behold the skies. From there, he found a life raft in which he took refuge in company of a colleague before fishermen paddled them to the land. The two persons who sat on either side of him in the helicopter lost their lives.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian and international media were awash with the famous helicopter crash that claimed four lives months ago. Thanking God in company of his family and a colleague with whom he boarded the ill-fated helicopter, Mr Onah advised people to realise that with God, all things are possible. He also thanked God for giving him the grace to witness God’s power at work through the great miracles that take place at The SCOAN.


Mrs Phamella Quku and her husband were birds of the same feather. They were both hooked on alcohol and suffered from severe poverty. They would even borrow money to satisfy their alcoholic appetites. They soon became famous for their unwholesome lifestyle. People declined offering them credit because of their debt profile. Their living conditions were abysmally poor. Instead of a clear cut apartment, they managed to sleep in a makeshift abode. Sometimes, Mr Quku would drink himself into a stupor and pass the night in the bush. This problem persisted for fourteen years. All attempts to find a solution yielded no result; not even the charms of herbalists. But Mrs Quku knew she had been initiated in drunkenness through traditional ceremonies observed in her family right from childhood.

After watching Emmanuel TV and witnessing the level of God’s power, they made up their minds to continue worshipping with the ministry. By January 2014, Mr Quku visited The SCOAN and received his deliverance. He was also fortunate to receive the Morning Water with which he prayed along with his wife once in South Africa. In a short while, change came. Firstly, their accumulated debt was cleared. Mr Quku’s salary was increased and the couple commenced and completed the construction of their own house within two months. Mrs Quku urged people to desist from fetish traditional ceremonies as they create more setbacks than progress.


Dr Emmanuel Kolo, a Kano-based medical doctor was faced with a precarious financial situation occasioned by the insecurity that pervaded the community in which he lived. By that time, only the wealthy who could afford to live in government reservation areas, enjoyed some level of safety and social security. Disturbed and distraught by his financial situation, Dr Kolo tried to relocate but was handicapped by lack of money. While grappling with the situation he had found himself in, he found a building to let but was taken aback by the exorbitant rent. The owner of the building had put the rent at 1.2 million naira per annum. Dr Kolo did not have that kind of money and only wished he could get a better deal.

A friend who had visited The SCOAN brought the Morning Water to him and inspired him into praying along with the man of God through Emmanuel TV. After ministering the Morning Water, praying and pasting his prayer requests on Emmanuel TV screen, the landlord who put his rent at 1.2 million naira, came back asking Dr Kolo to pay five hundred thousand naira. As soon as he paid for and relocated to his new house, things took a new turn. Within months of continuous ministration of the Morning Water and pasting of their prayer requests on the Emmanuel TV screen, Dr Kolo and his wife purchased a plot of land and started the construction of their own house.

In spite of the huge amount of money required for the construction of the building, Dr Kolo was able to carry on with the building through favours from people who supplied him building materials on credit and asking him to pay whenever he could. Even the building engineer who had initially looked down on him could not believe that the building would go at a very fast pace. Within twenty four months, Dr Kolo had roofed his house and is currently living there with his family. They enjoy a twenty four hour solar-backed electricity supply as well as a water-supplying borehole. In addition to the building, Dr Kolo has also acquired two other plots of land to be developed in the near future. Praising God for the transformation he has witnessed in his life, he advised people to dig deep and fight through when things are difficult.


Ms Lydia Twala, a South African nurse, remained on the same spot for six years without promotion or any form of elevation. She did not like the way things were happening to her career. All attempts to free herself from that yoke of stagnation remained futile. Even when she had an opportunity to attend an interview for a new role, the questions that were thrown at her by the panel forced her to go back home and cry out to God for help. She knew pretty well that it was only God who could help her out of the bottomless abyss her career had plunged into.

While watching Emmanuel TV one day, she was inspired by Prophet T.B. Joshua’s directive on extending love and care to the relations of the martyrs of faith and decided to embark on a weekly visit to such families. Not quite long after she had started visiting the relations of the martyrs of faith, another job opening came up from her head office. This time, the position advertised was higher than the previous one. Ministering the Morning Water, she prepared and went for the interview. At the interview venue, most of the people she met were more qualified than her. But somehow, she was only asked simple questions and told to describe herself.

After the interview, she continued to thank God. After a short while, she received a phone call informing her of her promotion from a nurse to an Operational Manager for HIV/AIDS Programme for the Johannesburg region. Her remuneration is now doubled with other fringe benefits such as car allowance. Appreciating God before The SCOAN congregation, she urged people to always remember that they are blessed in order to bless others.


Mrs Ndidiamaka Oguamalan is a Chief Superintendent with the Nigerian police. For twenty years, she suffered from a leg ailment that had left her incapacitated and unable to walk freely. While she suffered from the ailment, she was taken to many herbal homes in search of a remedy but only ended up wasting her money as all the concoctions given to her could not bring about any relief. One day while having her hair done in a salon and watching Emmanuel TV, she had come across the kind gesture of Prophet T.B. Joshua towards a police officer who was shot by armed robbers. Moved by the level of love shown to the police officer, she reckoned she would have to visit The SCOAN.

As soon as she visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water, she went back to Anambra and continued to minister it on her ailing legs. Within a short while, the ailing legs returned to their normal state and no longer posed a problem to her. Today, she can walk freely and does the things she could not do in the past. Thanking God for His unending mercies, CSP Oguamalam also praised God for rescuing her from imminent stagnation through the medium of the Morning Water.

A career threatening query that had put her promotion on hold was withdrawn after she had ministered the Morning Water, just before facing a panel that was set up to look into her matter. As soon as she stepped into the boardroom, she was asked to take a bow and go. She was subsequently sent a letter of exoneration, showing that she was innocent of every allegation levelled against her. CSP Oguamalam also revealed how she had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua in her dream. According to her, since that experience, she has become totally free from all the nightmares, eating and sex in the dream that had ravaged her life. She advised people to receive and use the Morning Water in faith.


Professor Mrs Goski Alabi and her husband had come to The SCOAN to thank God for granting them the rare privilege of getting their Open University approved in Ghana when the Almighty God surprised the couple by healing the wife of deafness in the right ear. For over forty years, she had to live with that problem. Oftentimes, during serious meetings where people had to whisper into her ears, she would always nod in the affirmative to pretend that he had heard them when in actual fact, she never heard anything they had said. All efforts to get medical attention were abortive. The amount of money and time invested in trying to get her to hear with the right ear are unquantifiable. But her healing was remarkable in the sense that it took place without anyone touching her or praying for her. She reckoned that her healing is a proof that God is everywhere in the
Arena of Liberty – The SCOAN.

Aside the healing Professor Mrs Alabi experienced inside The SCOAN, their university project was blessed by the Lord to thrive exceedingly as the first of its kind in Ghana, after several attempts by both government and private efforts to establish an Open University in the country. Professor Mrs Alabi had, unknown to her husband, placed the university’s certificate of registration in her bag as they visited The SCOAN the last time. On arriving at The SCOAN, she had presented the document to the man of God who assured them not to worry. By the time she was writing the concept for the university, she ministered the Morning Water on both the certificate of registration and the concept itself. As soon as she submitted the documents, favours started locating them from different angles. Beginning with the certificate of authorisation and institutional accreditation from the government, their university attracted interests from international investors and collaborators like Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio who have been of immense benefit to the institution. Aside the collaborations, the university has also received donations of learning facilities from foreign interests. Husband and wife, filled with joy and the awe of God’s goodness in their lives, advised people to cherish the gifts God has given to this generation through the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Morning Water.


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