Video: How Prophet T.B. Joshua Prophesied ‘MH370′ Plane Parts Location

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has sensationally claimed he predicted how the debris, said to belong to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, would wash up on the shore of Reunion Island to the West of the Indian Ocean.

It is not the first time Joshua has prophesied about the plane, as his alleged ‘prediction’ of the mysterious disaster 16 months ago went viral, attracting international media attention and garnering over 1,000,000 views in a matter of days.

On Friday 31st July, a YouTube video was uploaded to the religious channel ‘Emmanuel TV’, showing three separate occasions where the Nigerian cleric spoke about the missing aircraft, revealing specific details of its fate and whereabouts.

In the first clip dated March 15th 2014, a week after the plane’s disappearance, Joshua waded into the controversy over its location, stating the search should be intensified “between the sea of Indonesia and the Indian Ocean.”

“The particles have gone swimming everywhere,” he vividly illustrated. “It was seized by an object down in the sea.”

Joshua described that parts of the aircraft would only begin to surface after it had ‘decayed’. “When it decays and becomes particles, little bodies could come up on the sea,” he explained.

He then boldly declared the mystery would eventually be put to rest as ‘they will discover the particles’.

Eight days later on March 23rd 2014, Joshua specified the part of the aircraft in question which would be discovered. “The thing I saw was floating on the sea, which is the hand of the plane,” he said, demonstrating with his arm the shape of a ‘wing’.

He bemoaned people’s unbelief, stating that if relevant authorities had contacted him, he would have given specific details as to the location of the missing plane, even if it meant flying over the exact point in the Indian Ocean.

“When something is on the water floating, can you imagine [it] can travel miles if you do not go there to pick [up] the thing which is very close,” he surmised.

The cleric, who is well known for his impressive portfolio of purportedly accurate predictions, encouraged people who questioned his prophetic insight to check his ‘antecedents’ online.

Several weeks later on April 12th 2014, Joshua reiterated his prediction that ‘something held’ the plane deep within the ocean but ‘particles’ of it would eventually surface.

“Go to the shore.” he stated. “You will see some of the facts, evidence – bags, luggage. It has gone to the shore where it cannot move any longer.” He specified the shore in question was “towards the west, Indian Ocean.”

The cleric ended by praying for family members of the 239 victims of the tragedy. “We pray for the loved ones that this concerns because their wound is our wound,” he solemnly stated.

Despite the controversies attached, Joshua said that he was under Divine compulsion to prophesy as it was a ‘gift from God’. “If you don’t say it, the gift will remain dormant,” he explained. “If God sends you to say what is going to happen and you do not say it, He will not send you next time.”

Malaysian authorities confirmed that the debris which washed up on Reunion Island, at the West side of the Indian Ocean, is from a Boeing 777, making it almost certainly the first piece of wreckage recovered from missing flight MH370.

The Malaysia Airlines flight was one of only three Boeing 777s to have been involved in major incidents, along with the downing of MH17 over Ukraine last year and the Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco airport in 2013.

The component found on the French island bears the number ‘657-BB’, according to photos of the debris, which matches the part for a ‘wing flap’ in the Boeing manufacturer’s manual.

The discovery of the plane debris by a cleaning team on Wednesday sparked worldwide attention, heightened by the discovery on the same rocky beach of a piece of torn luggage, a detergent bottle with Indonesian markings and a Chinese bottle of mineral water.

Environmental experts have explained the plausibility that currents in the Indian Ocean could have carried debris from the crash site in an arch past Indonesia and down to Reunion Island off the coast of Madagascar.

The two-metre, barnacle-encrusted chunk of metal debris has been sent to a specialised laboratory in Toulouse, France for further investigations, the outcome of which is expected to be made public in a matter of days.

The controversial prophecy clip was uploaded to Joshua’s YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’, which has over 210,000 subscribers.

By Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

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3 thoughts on “Video: How Prophet T.B. Joshua Prophesied ‘MH370′ Plane Parts Location

  1. ttandajehova

    1 Corinthians 16:13
    Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.

    I salute the beloved children, the families, the relatives, the loved ones of the people of God who lost their lives in tragic air crash MH370 for their strength, courage and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ who is compassionate and who is a loving Savior. May the kind, merciful and compassionate Lord Jesus Christ comfort you and wipe away your tears. May he manifest his love in your life.
    The Holy Bible is informing you to be on your guard and stand firm in the faith and be men of courage.
    I am encouraging you to stand firm and see the deliverance, the Lord Almighty will give you. Do not be discouraged. Trust the compassionate Savior that he will not forsake you or abandon you he will will be with you always. He will fulfill his promise to comfort you and he will lift you out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire. He will set your feet on a rock and give you a firm place to stand.
    Have hope In the Lord Jesus Christ because it is an anchor of life. It is safe and sure. Resist the devil and stand firm in the faith, because you know that they are brothers and sisters throughout the world who are undergoing the same kind of sufferings. And the God of all grace will restore you and make you strong firm and steadfast.
    Hope Does Not Disappoint you because God Almighty has poured out his love into your hearts by the Holy Spirit whom he has given you. I encourage you to be self-controlled, when ever you encounter troubles and temptations. Love faithful God Almighty and love others, putting on faith and love as a breastplate and the hope of salvation as a helmet.
    Our creator did not appoint you to suffer but to receive salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Satan came to kill to destroy and cause destruction. Have hope in Christ Jesus as an anchor for your soul, firm and secure.
    Trust the Lord Almighty with all your heart and lean not on your understanding. Our Heavenly Father does not lie he will fulfill what he has promised us. Fight the good fight of faith take hold of eternal life. Hold on firmly to the hope you profess for who promised you to heal you and to deliver you is faithful.
    Trust and believe what the Lord has said in his Living Word that you may boast on the day of Christ that you did not run or labor for nothing.
    Ask the Lord Almighty to show you the way and to teach you his paths and guide you in his truth for he is our Savior and he is merciful and compassionate and your hope should be in him everyday..
    Our faithful Maker is your rock and your fortress he will lead you and guide you free from the trap of that is set for you, for he is your refuge. He will send his light and his truth and let them guide you and bring you closer to him.
    For this God Almighty is our God forever and ever he will be your guide and your comforter
    even to the end.
    He will guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along the straight paths. For the Great Physician and our faithful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is good and awesome. When you walk your steps will not hampered when you run you will not stumble.
    The Holy Bible informs us that we should not think that Jesus Christ came to abolish the law or the prophets. But he has come to fulfill them


  2. Elliot Mudau

    Someone has directed me to a SCOAN video clip dated 15 March 2014 in which TBJoshua said “the whole thing is coming to an end, they will discover the plane any moment from now. This coming week, we will not be talking about it again.”

    The current released video has the part which says <<<This coming week, we will not be talking about it again.”>>>>


    Because it bound the prophecy to a time frame of a week.????

    You guys are just pathetic


  3. Oliphant Deborah

    If you can’t beat him join him. What more do you want. He is the prophet of our days. We love you prophet T.B Joshua. We are coming to scoan soon.



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