As the son of a pastor, Christopher Kalu grew up as a youth leader in his church, mobilizing the youth for evangelism and was often found sitting quietly at home reading his Bible. Little did his family know, he was secretly leading a double life.

At the young age of 15, he began to admire the appearance and lifestyle of a certain ‘big guy’ in his community. After spending much time thinking about what the ‘big guy’ had, how he dressed, how he was respected and feared in the community, Christopher became desperate for his own power. He decided to join a cult and went into the bush for initiation and powers for protection from all forms of weapons. He met a woman at a temple there who agreed to help him and threw an egg on a tree. To his shock, the tree opened and upon entering, found a big mansion and several demonic beings inside. He spent three days with the beings and upon exiting, he was instructed to enter a casket where strange things were given to him to eat. On the 7th day of the occultic ritual, he was told, “You have been made”.

He tested his new powers of protection by shooting himself and found that the bullets did not penetrate his body. The woman told him that his human heart had been changed to a heart of stone and that he now had eyes of a beast.

His main job in the cult was to initiate people into cultism, disrupt the peace and cause trouble. He opened a cult in his school and deceived many into joining. He had a deceptive spirit which made him look very innocent. This assisted him in concealing his double life.

During this time, he was still singing in the church, controlling the music and even preaching. One day, while discussing with a friend, he found himself starting to talk about his double life. He did not know that the friend was a viewer of Emmanuel TV. After their discussion, she told him there was only one thing to do – to surrender to God. He agreed that he could not keep professing Christ with his mouth but with his actions, praising satan. He agreed to follow her to The SCOAN for deliverance.

During the Sunday service last week, he received a spray of the Morning Water. To his surprise, he began to feel fire burning his heart and eyes. He fell and realised he had changed. He stood up delivered, free from the prison satan had enclosed him in.

He immediately began to feel regret for what he had done. His desire for power, money and violence – all the things he had placed before God in his heart – had vanished in a moment.

Rejoicing before the congregation, he testified that he has only one life now – one life for Christ! He sleeps soundly now and wakes up, with a desire only to draw closer to the author of life, Jesus Christ.


  1. Good Morning. I bless and glorify the faithful Lord Jesus Christ for what he has done in the life of our brother for the salvation of his soul through the medium of the powerful Morning Water. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is able to set the captive free. There is nothing Jesus Christ cannot do. When he sets you free. You will be free forever I encourage you to make the word of God standard for life so that what you have received will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name


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