Nfana doubled over, writhing in agony. Her abdominal region was an epicenter of a searing, scorching pain that refused to yield to medication. The young Motswana had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst but no medical terminology could adequately depict how she felt; it was like her stomach was on fire! For eight years, Mrs Tebogo strived to contend with the affliction, taking painkillers on an almost daily basis and reducing activities to a bare minimum. Still, it refused to succumb. Perhaps this is how I will suffer for the rest of my life, she sorrowfully surmised.

Hope, however, arrived at her doorstep in an incredible manner. When Nfana’s husband visited The SCOAN, he sent her a text message as he stood in the prayer line, stating that he would symbolically touch his stomach while receiving prayer as a point of contact for her. As Nfana watched Emmanuel TV, she saw her husband receiving prayer thousands of miles away in Lagos, Nigeria. Supernaturally motivated, she reached out to touch the screen. An incredible warmth radiated throughout her stomach as she connected by faith – distance, truly, was not a barrier. Struck by a sudden urge to use the restroom, what transpired next was remarkable! The cyst behind her blinding pain for eight long years fell out in a glorious moment! The pain had finally gone! Several months later, Mrs Tebogo returned to a hospital for a routine check. The medical results – a normal ovarian scan!

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