Mr Okafor Chigozie became unconscious when the vehicle he was in had a serious accident. His spinal cord and neck were affected, the doctors were doubtful of his full recovery.

He eventually left hospital using a neck collar. He was told if he removed his neck collar he would be paralyzed. His in-law advised him to come to The SCOAN for solution. Aside from that his shop was failing as it had been abandoned whilst he had been in hospital. He was feeling so desperate he had called his siblings to share his children due to his inability to provide any means.

Finally, he came to The SCOAN Saturday Healing Service yesterday and was waiting at the canopy. He told himself that even if he didn’t see Prophet T.B. Joshua he would be healed. As he was waiting it was announced that the Morning Water was available. He remembered that Prophet T.B. Joshua had said that the Morning Water was even more anointed than him! He took it in faith and began to spray the Morning Water as perfume all over his neck and into his mouth.

When he got back to his hotel, he wanted to remove his clothes to shower and as he unbuttoned his shirt and began to remove it, his neck collar became loose. At that point, he decided to remove the neck collar he had been told not to remove. He came out of his room for people to witness it and he removed the neck collar and began to move his neck from side to side – he was healed!

His in-law from Anambra State gave thanks to God for all He did in the life of his in-law. He referred to the Morning Water as, ‘An Atomic Bomb, Jehovah Sharp, Sharp!’ Saying that we shouldn’t be surprised by what happened as Prophet T.B. Joshau has already said the Morning Water is more anointed than him. Mr Okafor encouraged others to have faith and not to miss out on the blessings of God.

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WARNING Beware of any imposters claiming to be Prophet T.B. Joshua or claiming to represent The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, demanding for money in the name of either of the above in the promise of providing Anointing Water or other materials from the ministry. The Anointing Water is not for sale! Healing, salvation and all of God’s blessings are free gifts of God. Jesus Christ paid for our perfect and complete healing when He died on the cross. Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation (Matt 26:40).


  1. forebearance

    Where can we go from his presence? No where. I bless and glorify the Lord for what he has done to our friend Okafor Chigozie through the powerful prayers on the prayer lines from the Anointed Servant Prophet of God Senior Prophet T B Joshua and from ministering the powerful and anointed Morning Water for the salvation of your soul. The miracle worker faithful Lord Jesus Christ is alive he is always available to heal and to set you free. When he heals you he heals you effectual, when he set you free he set you free forever. I encourage you to make the word of God the standard for life so that your healing and deliverance will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name


  2. edgar mundea

    What I can say id I started watching tv Emmanuel in 2010 the miraculous things I saw on tv Joshua indeed they are true,I believe distance is not a barrier jut have faith anything is possible in God’s way prayer is the only connection.



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