Mr Olaoluwa Akinmuyise could barely fend for himself, let alone his family. Stagnancy characterised his career as a truck driver for over 20 years without any sign of promotion or improvement in sight. However, Mr Akinmuyise’s situation took a radical turn when a friend directed him to watch Emmanuel TV and he resolved to visit The SCOAN.

After attending a service at The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water, it took just one week for the miraculous breakthrough to begin! An old friend whom he had lost contact with suddenly proposed a business deal with him, trusting him with a huge amount to begin the business. Ministering the Anointing Water each step of the way, God’s supernatural hand was evident as Mr Akinmuyise’s meteoric rise through the ranks can only be classed as Divine.

From an impoverished truck driver, within one year, Olaoluwa became a company director, owning his own trucks, employing numerous people and counting millions in the bank. He bought a land and built a large house within three months, turning from a tenant to a landlord in literally a matter of months.

“Trust in God, don’t lose hope,” were his words to those still in abject poverty. “I borrowed money to come to The SCOAN but now I am a millionaire.”


The pain was both intense and immense. For 32 years, Mr Oba Anthony Tokunbo had struggled with an internal abdominal pain that refused to leave. Eventually resolving to find out what was medically behind the persistent pain, a checkup revealed stones in his gall bladder. The doctors immediately booked him for an operation, insisting that he urgently required surgery lest more internal damage was done.

Worried, experiencing terrible migraines and facing an increasing blood pressure, Anthony         decided to visit The SCOAN in Lagos and was among those who received the Morning Water. He ministered it prayerfully before going to the hospital for his operation appointment.

The doctor looked puzzled after they had conducted the initial tests as a precautionary measure before undergoing the operation. “Mr Tony, the stones are gone!” Dissolved by Divine intervention, the stones in his gall bladder that had plagued his health for over three decades had disappeared! A tad skeptical, Anthony requested the doctors recheck him. The results remained the same! “You are free to go, sir.”

His advice was simple: “I know many of my friends who may be watching me right now don’t even believe in this place (The SCOAN). I am telling you that THIS IS REAL. I was the one experiencing the pain and I know how I am feeling right now. Thank You, Jesus!”


On Sunday 8th March 2015, Emmanuel TV is celebrating its 9th birthday! To celebrate the wonderful journey God has taken Emmanuel TV on from 2006 until now, we would like you to write a short article (between 100-300 words) in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW or the REVIEW SECTION explaining your experiences with Emmanuel TV.

Please include:
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– Your testimony of how Emmanuel TV has touched/ blessed your life
– Your word of encouragement to others about Emmanuel TV
– The message you have for Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team
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Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing The World! Good morning!

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On Sunday 8th March 2015, Emmanuel TV is celebrating its 9th birthday! To celebrate the wonderful journey God has taken Emmanuel TV on from 2006 until now, we would like you to write a short article (between 100-300 words) in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW or the REVIEW SECTION explaining your experiences with Emmanuel TV. 

Please include:
- The city and country you are writing from 
- How you discovered Emmanuel TV
- Your testimony of how Emmanuel TV has touched/ blessed your life
- Your word of encouragement to others about Emmanuel TV
- The message you have for Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Team
- Any other thing you would like to share about Emmanuel TV

We will be posting these experiences throughout the day tomorrow! 

Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing The World! Good morning!

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Consultant Admit Error in SCOAN Foundation Report

For those that have open-mindedly follows the ongoing coronal inquest into the collapse SCOAN guest house that led to the death of more than 100 visiting members of the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) can tell, from how the inquest is being conducted, Prophet T.B Joshua will not get justices from the Lagos state agencies that are witness in the ongoing coronal inquest.

Interest groups, investigating journalists and individuals who so far has being present at the coronal court, has lamented the visible show of biases by the coronal Magistrate and contradicting reports by witness of the Lagos state government agencies in the ongoing inquest and its sadden that all of this accounts has being suspiciously ignored by world media house.

Recently, the structural engineer and a consultant to the Lagos state Material Testing Agency, Saheed Ariyori who testified as a witness on 4th, march, 2015 that the collapse of the guesthouse own by SCOAN was as a result of defective foundation has admitted he is not a professional in sub-soil investigation and that is earlier report of faulty foundation as the cause of the building collapse was an error. He admitted this on the 6th of March, 2015 at the coronal court after being cross examined. It was observed that his initial “error” report contradicted the report generated from the sub-soil investigation already tendered before the coronal court by the same Lagos State Material Testing Agency that Saheed Ariyori is a consultant to.

Here is what Ariyori said when being cross examined:  “We did integrity test on the rubbles that collapsed. The report showed that the concrete used on the collapsed building was good.

“Our investigation report did not show that there were signs of stress on the foundation of the collapsed building.’’

He also confirmed that there were errors in his calculations made before the court on March 4 in which he based his conclusions that the foundation of the collapsed building was defective. Sources: Read through the last four paragraphs.


Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

This again as confirmed our earlier stand of contradicting report and prejudices by the so called expert witness representing the Lagos state government agencies in the coronal inquest. From day one of this tragic incident, all the Lagos state agencies that has in one way or the other gotten involved in this matter has being biased in their report against the ministry of Scoan. We should not be quick to forget the accusation levied against Scoan by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) that Scoan did not allow them to save life during rescue operation, but later CCTV footage presented to the coronal court by the SCOAN Chief Security Officer shown that NEMA and LASEMA where not hindered by SCOAN to do their statutory assignment instead, they came to the rescue site ill equipped and didn’t take their rescue operation serious but they were busy conducting interview when people were still trap under the rubbles. What makes it even outrageous is that most local and international media that where reporting this false allegation by NEMA AND LASEMA against SCOAN kept mute when the truth was finally exposed and some are still propagating this false report until now.

If you are very observant, you will find out that this recent report by Saheed Ariyori the consultant to the Lagos State Material Testing Agency is suspiciously cover underground, only few news media is talking about this, while because the report seems to exposes the much talk prejudices against T.B Joshua’s ministry by government agencies in the ongoing inquest. But what is on news now is T.B Joshua suit to stop inquest fail, Tb Joshua most appear before the coronal court and other infuriating headlines.

For the sake of transparency, there was nowhere in the SCOAN suit that says the Federal High Court should stop the coronal inquest from conducting their investigation, the aspect of the suit that is falsely propagated by news media is one among other suit that seek to know if the corona had not been extending the inquest beyond its legal acceptable boundaries, if indeed they have gone beyond their boundary, the High court should declare such portion null and void. There is a clear difference between“seeking to stop the corona inquest into the collapse building and seeking to know if the coronal had not been extending the inquest beyond is legal acceptable boundaries”. This is one among countless of biased report from the world media.

They want Prophet T.B Joshua to appear before the court, the question is for what? Is T.B Joshua a structural engineer, even the contractor said the prophet is not directly involved in the construction of the collapse building, so which material evidences do they want from T.B Joshua, is the Prophet a building expert after all the collapse guest house was contracted to a construction company, but why is the coronal Magistrate more interested in T.B Joshua coming to court to testifies. This is left for the open-minded to answer.

The role so far played by majority of both local and international media in this matter is worrisome. It has becomes clear the institutions of the world are against the healings, deliverances and other miraculous happenings that are taking place in the SCOAN and they want to stop the move of God in the life and ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua.

Don’t forget Satan is the ruler of this world majority of the institution in this world is under his control.


The bickering had reached its boiling point. A marriage on the very brink of separation. After five years of childlessness, Mr Peter called his wife with a blunt message – go and see T.B. Joshua and don’t come back home unless you meet him!

Desperate and determined, Mrs Peter left Edo State and arrived in Lagos with a simple prayer pounding within – let God locate me through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The time of prophecy arrived and the man of God walked briskly towards her direction. Divine arrangement was supernaturally unfolding! “You are fighting with your husband,” he instantly pronounced. “It’s over the issue of a child.” She could barely talk; it was as if he was there in their closet when the intensity of the arguments had heightened! “Go and deliver your baby girl,” were the final words of the remarkable prophecy. Shock and wonder met in an array of unspeakable euphoria!

Returning home, Mrs Peter met with her husband and that very week, she conceived! When the doctor wanted to tell her the gender of the child, she smiled softly. “I already know the sex of my baby, doctor. God told me through Prophet T.B. Joshua – it’s a baby girl.” Baffled, the doctor confirmed.

Returning to The SCOAN months later with their beautiful baby daughter aptly named Emmanuella, the couple shared their amazing testimony. “We have not only received a daughter, we have received an angel,” Mr Peter announced to the crowd, testifying that peace and joy now reigned in their once threatened home. Indeed, no Word from God is void of fulfillment!



Christian Otero from Puerto Rico came to The SCOAN to thank God for the amazing breakthrough in his life after his contact with the ministry of The SCOAN. A supervisor in a store for Claro, a multinational telecommunications company with more than 9 million customers across Latin America, he faced stagnancy for three years. As if no promotion was not bad enough, a senior executive in the company visited the store and gave him a bad evaluation. To add to the unsettlement at work, he and his wife had been trying to have a child for 12 years. His wife suffered from fibroids for which there was no solution. Determined to seek for divine intervention, Christian and his wife made up their minds to travel all the way to Lagos, Nigeria to The SCOAN, which he had previously discovered through YouTube. At the Prayer Line, they had an encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for them and the chains of setback and barrenness were broken!
Soon after their return to Puerto Rico, to their surprise, without applying, the same lady in the company that had previously given him a negative evaluation, looked for him and presented him with a letter of promotion to the position of Manager, with a 10,000 dollar increase in annual salary!
Not only that, but soon after, his wife conceived and gave birth to a baby boy, who they named David! He said that now, Emmanuel TV is his church and he watches it 24/7.
Full of joy and gratitude, he advised viewers all over the world to connect with Emmanuel TV by faith in Jesus as distance is not a barrier!


Mr Joseph Mumuni from Ghana, a general construction worker on roads and buildings was going through his normal duties when, suddenly, his health failed him. He felt a terrible chest pain and fatigue. He was rushed to the hospital and the diagnosis was grave: a severe heart attack. The doctors warned him not to exercise. This was devastating to Joseph as before he was extremely active and would walk up to 4km a day. He found himself completely debilitated and housebound. His condition was so bad that he began to prepare for the worst. Determining to forgive all those who had hurt and betrayed him before his last day, he began looking for a living church. The doctors told him that it was only a matter of time.

A few months later he decided to install Emmanuel TV in his house. One day, while watching Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying and he decided to pray along. While praying, he felt that something had left him. He then fell asleep and the next morning, to his surprise, strength had returned to his body. He began walking around the house and doing everything normally again.

In almost disbelief, he decided to go for another test and to the shock of the doctors, his heart readings were normal. To the glory of God, Joseph displayed his medical reports as proof of his miraculous healing.

The testimonies continued to flow in his life. Apart from the heart problem, Joseph also had lumbar spondylosis which had restricted him to using a lumbar corset for a year. This had seriously affected his mobility. He continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. One day, he had to travel and drove more than 300km. When he returned at the end of the day and prepared for bed, he realized that he had forgotten to put on his lumbar corset!

Since that day, he has not been wearing his lumbar corset and has been living a pain-free existence.


Mrs Florence Eddico from Ghana is a Headmistress by profession. Apart from her daily duties at school, she desired to pursue a Masters Degree Programme in Business Administration. The course went smoothly and everything seemed on track. Having prepared well for exams, it was as if she had sailed through, or so she thought. But it was not quite plain sailing; to her utmost surprise, when the date came for her results to be released, hers were withheld. As other colleagues were graduating and rejoicing, she was left perplexed trying to trace what could have possibly happened. She was informed that she had failed one paper and would have to resit the exam. This was shocking to her but she agreed and wrote the exam again. The next year, it was time once again for her results to be released and once again, they were withheld.

Stressed, worried and frustrated, Florence desperately tried to find out the cause of the delay. This time, it was revealed to her that the original problem was that her assessment was not sent, not that she had failed any paper. She was given different excuses and after all her efforts seemed futile, she decided to give herself to prayer. Every day without fail, whenever the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the viewers on Emmanuel TV, she and her household touched the screen and prayed along. She decided in her heart to stop worrying and leave the issue with God.

It was months later, after she had even stopped asking God that she surprisingly received a call to come for her graduation. Proudly displaying her graduation certificate, with tears of joy in her eyes, she advised all “Your situation does not embarrass Jesus. He does as He wills. Hold onto your faith”.


Kelvin Edotimi received an invitation to attend a leadership training conference in Utah, USA. He was not enthusiastic about it and for some reason lacked the zeal to go. He did not understand what was happening to him and why he was not progressing. A friend introduced him to The SCOAN and he began attending the services and listening to the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Determined for a change in his life, he decided by faith to begin meditating on the Word of God day and night, believing for divine breakthrough. One night, he had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream where he was told that his suffering would only be for a moment.

When he woke up, he discovered that his zeal and determination had been rekindled. He decided to pursue the trip to Utah and by faith, applied for his USA visa. He had peace in his heart and held onto the Word from Prophet T.B. Joshua, “The way out for you has come – Jesus is the way”. He went to the bank, paid the visa fee and prepared the documents for the interview. He prayed with the Morning Water and asked for the mercy and favour of God to speak for him. While waiting on the queue for the appointment at the embassy, the security guards were checking them. They saw the Morning Water in his pocket and asked him not to enter unless he left it behind. He gave it to someone and then they told him he had to queue from the beginning. Undaunted, he continued to meditate on the Word and surprisingly he only waited for five more minutes. When he arrived at the counter, he was told to take another passport photo. When he returned, he was surprised as nothing was asked of him, not even his invitation letter. He was immediately given an appointment to come back and collect his visa.

To top it all, he received a two year multiple entry visa, even though then course is just 8 weeks. He presented his flight ticket to Utah and he will be departing next week. This is truly evidence that when we meditate on the Word of God day and night, whatever we do shall prosper.