Barrister Omolola Olaitan was experiencing setback and limitation in progress. Ten years after she had been called to the bar, she had nothing to stand for. She found herself jobless which was extremely embarrassing as a barrister.

In May, 2014, she came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Four weeks after visiting The SCOAN, a friend surprisingly blessed her with a car. Still waiting in faith for an appointment, she would wake up in the morning and dress as if she was going to work even though she had no office to go to. She continued watching Emmanuel TV and in November, she had dream where she saw Prophet T.B. Joshua and he told her to prepare her CV and credentials for she would receive an appointment that morning. She woke up and obeyed and went to do photocopies of her credentials. To her amazement, while in the shop, she received a call for an appointment. She is now the Legal research assistant in the Kwara State Judiciary! She presented her letter of appointment and encouraged all to keep persevering and not give up.


Maria Ogbu came to The SCOAN after she suffered an accident which fractured her tibia and fibula bones. This problem affected her as an officer and she had to move with the aid of crutches. Her husband was the one who was doing all the chores in the house. She was taken to the hospital where the doctors recommended that she undergo amputation. That prompted her to come to The SCOAN where she was privileged to be at the Prayer Line. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and during the prayer, she felt the fractured bones coming together. Prophet T.B. Joshua then commanded her in the name of Jesus to walk and she began to walk. Now she testifies that she can do those things she could not do before and can go back to her job as an officer. For further confirmation, she showed the medical reports stating her health status before and after her healing. Mr John Ogbu, husband to Maria testified that her situation was really terrible. During this time, she could not do anything. He had to do everything for her and this began to affect his job. He glorified God for healing her after her visit to The SCOAN Prayer Line.


Mr & Mrs Nghixulifwa from Namibia came to testify of a release from the bondage of barrenness for 17 years. 19 years ago, they got married but to their dismay, they discovered that they were unable to conceive. Before long Mrs Nghixulifwa was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and Mr Nghixulifwa had a depressingly low sperm count. They travelled to many places and spent a lot of money on treatment but to no avail. Her cousin was having the same problem for ten years and she visited The SCOAN and received a miracle baby. This inspired Mrs Nghixulifwa to do the same. They came in faith to The SCOAN and met with Prophet T.B. Joshua and they explained their problem to him. Prophet T.B. Joshua told them not to worry and gave them the Anointing Water. When they went back to Namibia they ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and then met as husband and wife. Shortly after that she became pregnant and later delivered a baby girl safely for the glory of God. They advised people not to lose faith in God but believe in Him that God’s time is the best.

A BLESSING IN DISGUISE – Mr Eric Kwasi Danquah

Mr Eric Kwasi Danquah was addicted to alcohol for ten years. It started when his friend persuaded him to drink alcohol. One glass multiplied and every day he would drink. He began to drink all types of alcohol including hard liquor. Alcohol became his breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day, his friend who introduced him to alcohol passed away as a result of his addiction. Another friend warned him of this but he dismissed it and continued to drink. He would not send money home to his mum as all he had was spent on his craving. Any party or wedding he attended, he would bring along his own plastic bottle and fill it at the same time as drinking from the glass. If he went to a party and found that no alcohol was there, he would sit down and refuse to talk to anyone, sulking. One day at a party where there was no alcohol, the lady celebrating asked him if he was okay and he told her no because he wanted alcohol. She said she was a Christian and they did not drink alcohol there. The lady exchanged numbers with him and the next day asked him if he wanted to go to church. The next day, she picked him up and took him to church. She asked if he heard about T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. He thought his mum was the cause of the family’s problems. He told her that his mum could go to The SCOAN for deliverance. The lady helped him to make arrangements to come to The SCOAN with his mum.

While in the service, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked straight to him and prayed for him. He began rolling on the ground and lost consciousness of what was going on. When he stood up, he felt a great relief and freedom.

After his deliverance, he stopped drinking alcohol and no longer has the desire for it. As a result of his freedom, many of his friends also stopped drinking.

He opened his own importation company in Ghana and was able to register it. He now has his own car and is employing many workers. Within six months, everything about him is transformed. To top it all, he got married to the same lady who encouraged him to go to The SCOAN. It was a divine arrangement indeed! His advice went to the youth: Stay away from alcohol!

His new wife told her side of the story. She came to The SCOAN and received deliverance. She had been experiencing disappointment in getting married for years. On her return to Ghana, by faith she celebrated her birthday party in a big way in a way of thanking God for her breakthrough.

It was in this party that she saw Eric sitting alone and despondent. She saw him as someone in a hopeless situation and in desperate need of deliverance so she decided to help him and introduce him to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. She was helping him as someone in need from her heart. Little did she know that this act of love would serve as a blessing in disguise and would signal an end to her own marital disappointment. She thanked God for Eric, not only that his soul had been saved but that he has also become her loving husband!

Her advice was: Sometimes God brings a blessing in disguise. Help those in need and God will reward you.


We were blessed by an inspirational message from Evangelist Fanny, titled, “We Are In The Last Days”. She reminded us that, appreciating or honouring Jesus does not consist in wild partying, carousing or any other forms of immoral, self-serving activities as usually happen during Christmas and New Year celebrations today. Christmas is a time to give and a time to give is a time to show love, kindness and compassion, for remember we are in the last days. It’s not how long you live but how you live your life that counts. We should spend more on others and less on ourselves – that is a life that pleases our Creator. When you live for Christ Jesus, you can face life’s final deadline with confidence because Jesus Christ stands for those who live for Him in absolute Holiness.

Share with us how this message blessed and challenged you to enter the New Year with Christ.


Frank Karikari was experiencing many challenges academically due to spiritual attacks. In his dreams, he would find himself being chased by animals, walking naked and eating all sorts of things. He was not able to concentrate as a result which proved disastrous as he was doing a HND in Mechanical Engineering. He ended up getting a Second Class Lower Division and was bitterly disappointed in himself.

He began working but was still not content. He started watching Emmanuel TV and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua and to his shock, he was granted a scholarship from his company to study a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

He began studying but to his dismay, in the second semester, the attacks intensified but he claimed that it was not his portion. A friend then sprayed some Anointing Water in his bottle of water. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on himself, believing for an end to all the setbacks. Within moments, his enlightenment returned and his brain was able to comprehend everything he was studying. Later, he received his own bottle of Anointing Water. He had a dream and saw himself at the Prayer Line at The SCOAN where he was prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He felt something like an electric shock and woke up. Since then, his evil dreams have stopped and his mind has opened. He was able to concentrate and began to excel in his studies. At the end, he graduated with a 1st Class BSc in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Mines & Technology, to the glory of God.

His advice was encouraging: You need to have God at the centre of your life and you will become what God has made you to be. Distance is not a barrier. Remain in faith and Jesus will listen to your request.


Mr Frank Gogo from Ghana was having the problems of poverty and setback. Everything was going wrong. There was no money or even a place to stay. He resorted to drinking alcohol

Frank Gogo
Frank Gogo

and moving with bad gangs, thinking that God did not love him.

When he was privileged to visit The SCOAN, he did not even have one dollar to boast of but he received the Anointing Sticker and by faith prayed for his breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

On his return to Ghana, he was able to register his agriculture company and to his surprise, business began to boom. Within a short period, he was able to buy two top-of-the-range cars for himself and a truck for his company. A short while later, he bought 22 acres of land for his company. He now has two branches of his shop selling agrochemical products.

He no longer drinks alcohol or smokes and is completely free. In his community, they have pronounced that he is the next King to be. He has now discovered himself in Christ Jesus. He advised all to get close to God and their testimony will be restored.