SCOAN Building Update – Reported By Lasisi

The Government agencies especially LASEMA who came for rescue were ill prepared hence their attempt to paint a picture that the church collapsed as a result of structural failure.
1. The LASEMA did not bring a single ambulance for rescue. One wonder how it intended to move both injured and dead from the crash site.
2. All the ambulances seen at the seen of rescue about 12 Nos Brand New were provided by the Synagogue Church.

  1. How on earth would an agency of government that claimed to have been tutored in acts of rescue would visit a site of collapsed six storey building without a crane except with portable disc driver for cutting concrete and mere electric steel reinforcement cutter.
  2. As a volunteer rescuer I was at the site the day the Governor of Lagos visited the site. After the Departure of the Governor I was not contort able with the manner LASEMA were operating the earth excavators which were engaged in scooping the debris. I approached the LASEMA man with tribal marks and expressed my fear that the excavator is likely to damage bodies and some survivors could be killed by the equipment. He responded that it was not likely any one would be found alive, this was on Sunday by just 48 hours after building collapse.
  3. Barely some 10 minutes after my discussion with him the excarvator dismembered a body of the victim, in less than another 10 minutes another body was dismembered. In less than 30 minutes after my discussion a survivor was found.
  4. We have seen instances of rescue operations in foreign TV lasted weeks and survivors found.
  5. The LASEMA had played to the gallery on the first day the building collapsed by contradicting its self in less than 24 hours. On a channel television the same LASEMA rep said the building was initially 2 storey converted to 4storey. In another interview the same man said it was 2 storey converted to 6-storey. The issue is LASEMA is not a professional agency saddled with determining cause of building collapse. The staff of LASEMA seems to be out to play a script hence is attempt to dwel in area beyond his competence. The cause of building collapse is not determine the manner he attempted to do
  6. As for the attention given by CNN and Aljezera that would be from journalists who have erroneously constituted themselves to be agent of satan by conforming with domestic campaign against the church.
  7. What ever the lagos government and its agents have to say can not erase the fact that the aircraft that hovered severally around the building and that also visited the church mountain some 20 km away was a military aircraft. The civil aviation authority has owned up that it was a military plane and it does not have mandate to know its mission. But the civil aviation agency previously told Nigerians the plane was a training aircraft. For goodness sake why would an aircraft train in a densely populated area. We know that military train site for in Nigeria is located in Makurdi in Benue State, Kaduna. It is obvious the authorities are up for consealling the truth. We all know the aircraft in question is not a training plane it is a C130 aircraft a big operational plane with capacity to carry lethal devices. It is also used as military transport plane. It has a total of 4 propellers, two on each side.
    The Nigeria Government and cohorts should explain why a C130 plane should hoovered around a six storey building, which is the tallest building in the area. If the aircraft wanted space to hover one would expect it to do so around one storey or two storey building in the area and not around a six storey building. Looking through the horizon of clips taken the vast space seen with no building standing in view would have been appropriate place for the plane and not around the tallest building in the area.
  8. It is a common fact the military plane in the like of C130 installed with device has lethal capacity to bring down moving and stationary targets
    We repeat unequivocally the SCOAN building was brought down by device which mostly find application in military operations. The Nigeria Miliatry must have explanation to make to the world
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6 thoughts on “SCOAN Building Update – Reported By Lasisi

  1. ismael francisco

    god of abraham , isaacs , and jacop. Father in the name of jesus dont be quite reviel the truth . And strength my prophet tb.joshua, so that he must stand strength, so that we his follower must not loose our strength AMEN


  2. Apostle Wellington

    We are struck down but not defeated,Persecuted but not abandoned.Emmanuel!!! The truth which we stand for is greater than all the propaganda of the children of Satan the devil Liar. God Almighty is with the Prophet and so the SCOAN. AMEN!!!


  3. forebearance

    Leviticus 20:7
    Consecrate yourselves and be holy because I am Lord Your God.

    The Holy Bible advises us to consecrate ourselves and be holy: that is to keep ourselves holy because the Lord is our God is Holy. We must obey his laws, because he is the Lord the wonderful Savior and he is the one who makes us holy.
    We must make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy. He provided redemption to us and made an eternal covenant with us. Holy and Mighty is our God the creator of heaven and earth
    I encourage the people of God to worship and exalt our faithful Maker our God before his throne because he is Holy, he is a good loving and faithful Heavenly Father.
    He gave us his only faithful Son Lord Jesus Christ who is Holy and who is a loving shephered.
    We must acknowledge our Creator that he is Holy and he is able to make us holy.


  4. Sizwe Ephraim Mashinini

    The truth will soon prevail and I wish all will see the God of the universe and His goodness to His people! Amen!



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