There have been widespread rumors on the SCOAN building collapse details, much to the amazement of readers, especially on how the SCOAN stifled rescue operations and were uncooperative with rescue attempts. These rumors were hastily published by the Nigerian mainstream newspapers and even surprisingly the big players in the journalism domain like CNNAljazeera and the bbc.

Recently however, very contrary and contradicting reports to the former are coming up from the coroner’s inquest into the collapse that exposes the misrepresentation of the media and other lopsided journalists. Many thanks to Nosa Osazuwa, a writer from Lagos, present during the coroner’s inquest for adequately publishing the details of the proceedings at the inquest that is bringing these liars to the limelight. True to the words of TB Joshua in which he declared that NO MATTER HOW LONG A LIE IS SUSTAINED; TRUTH WILL SOMEDAY PREVAIL.

Here is a taste of the truth:

[Nosa Osazuwa reports ] Kaduna-based bomb expert, Mr Paul Iguniwei, who has also worked as a research officer with the Defense Ministry told the coroner that the building was targeted with an infrasonic weapon by the plane-like object that flew over it on four different occasions while maintaining the same flight path on the day of the unfortunate incident.

“From what I observed, the four-time movement of the aircraft over the building could have been deliberate and that was to release enough dosage of the infrasonic weapon capable of bringing the building down. If you would notice, after the fourth movement, the aircraft did not return and then, the building collapsed,” he told the court.

Mr. Iguniwei described the infrasonic sonar as being both invisible and inaudible but capable of causing serious damage if its intensity is pronounced. Mr paul Iguniwei said that his suspicions arose after he eliminated other possible theories due to lack of plausibility.

According to him, He also said he eliminated the theory of structural defect as a result of a weak foundation because even after the collapse, there was no sign of stress on the foundation which he observed still stands intact. 

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

Foundation of SCOAN collapsed building showed no sign of stress or strain

“Engineers generally believe that a structure would fail due to bad foundation and materials but if you go there to the collapse site now, the foundation pillars are still very intact. My position is that the building was weakened from the top”, the witness explained.

Meanwhile, the Chief Security Officer of The SCOAN, Sunday Okojie, played CCTV footage to the court showing scenes contrary to the sequence of events conveyed by the first respondents such as NEMA and LASEMA. According to him, LASEMA came to the scene of the incident on Friday, September 12, 2014 around 3:10pm without any equipment while NEMA arrived around 3:24 pm. The CCTV footage revealed that both agencies came ill-equipped and didn’t spend more than 30 seconds before being ushered to the scene of the collapsed building.

Additionally, throughout the rescue operation, they reported in the morning at 8am and left the scene by 5:30pm daily. When the SCOAN’s counsel, Olalekan Ojo, asked him about the allegations by both agencies that they came with several heavy equipments but were prevented from performing their statutory duties by the church, Okojie retorted, “They were lying to cover their inadequacies. Can a vehicle carry another vehicle inside because from the video before us, they only came with one vehicle that was even empty? 

“Also, it’s so sad that they resumed work at 8am and closed by 5:30pm like office executives. The only thing they were interested in doing was talking to the media. They were busy organising press conferences and were unconcerned with the lives they came to rescue. I can tell you categorically that it was church officials and technicians who were drilling holes and bringing the victims out of the rubble. 

“It’s a shame on our country because foreigners were on ground and witnessed how all these sad events evolved. It was even the church who initiated the issue of Julius Berger bringing heavy duty equipment and we have receipts here to prove that we procured all the equipments used in saving those innocent lives. Here are the receipts of all hospital bills and even government morgues where we footed all the bills. If it was the state government who rescued those lives, there won’t be need for state hospitals to issue receipts in our name.” 

The state counsel said they were at a disadvantage due to the evidence presented by the witness and as such did not cross examine Okojie. He therefore requested for more time to watch the footage and fix a date later for cross examination, a request Magistrate Komolafe quickly accommodated.



[Nosa Osazuwa reports ] –The National Executive Coordinator of the non-governmental organization, Life Savers Foundation (LSF), Mrs Fola Shoetan, has revealed that the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) are not adequately equipped to manage disaster situations in the country.

Testifying before the court investigating the cause of the collapsed building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Mrs Shoetan, who was present during the entirety of the rescue operation, expressed sadness that the statutory respondents had no idea how to handle the crisis at the site of the collapse.
“LASEMA, NEMA and my agency were overwhelmed such that it was the youths at The SCOAN who told us what to do and where to drill which helped rescue a large number of people alive,” she told the court presided over by Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe. “Even NEMA and LASEMA didn’t come with any heavy duty equipment; they were merely onlookers and spectators.

“They were busy chatting on social media. I was angry and have evidence when people cautioned them on Facebook during the rescue operation that instead of saving lives, they were busy posting pictures on the internet. While I was there, I didn’t leave for five days because of the gravity of things on ground but these people came and went daily. I am bold to say that they were confused and mere onlookers during the rescue operation.”

 According to Shoetan, “I don’t know when NEMA officials left the scene on the first day but LASEMA officials left at 10:30pm on the second day. As at the time LASEMA officials left on the second day, persons were still trapped on the collapsed site.

“The LASEMA General Manager, Dr Femi Osanyintola did not co-operate well with other responders and I kept telling him that. What he did most of the time was to hold meetings with his team from the state.

“The police I can confirm were present throughout the period of the rescue operation. No security agent ever stopped us from working and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody was assaulted.” Her testimony contradicted earlier claims from NEMA and LASEMA officials that they were prevented from gaining access to the site and treated aggressively by church staff.

Earlier, a witness who is one of the surviving volunteer workers of the church involved in the unfortunate incident, Afusat Oladipo, had told the coroner that moments prior to the collapse of the building, she had noticed a strange flash of light accompanied by a thunderous bang. Her account corroborates those of other witnesses who had previously spoken during the inquest. Their accounts all suggest the possibility of an explosion.

 Meanwhile, Chief Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe has adjourned proceedings to January 6, 2015.

Nosa Osazuwa ( Email: ) reports from Lagos.




  1. Lasisi

    The Government agencies especially LASEMA who came for rescue were ill prepared hence their attempt to paint a picture that the church collapsed as a result of structural failure.
    1. The LASEMA did not bring a single ambulance for rescue. One wonder how it intended to move both injured and dead from the crash site.
    2. All the ambulances seen at the seen of rescue about 12 Nos Brand New were provided by the Synagogue Church.

    1. How on earth would an agency of government that claimed to have been tutored in acts of rescue would visit a site of collapsed six storey building without a crane except with portable disc driver for cutting concrete and mere electric steel reinforcement cutter.

    2. As a volunteer rescuer I was at the site the day the Governor of Lagos visited the site. After the Departure of the Governor I was not contort able with the manner LASEMA were operating the earth excavators which were engaged in scooping the debris. I approached the LASEMA man with tribal marks and expressed my fear that the excavator is likely to damage bodies and some survivors could be killed by the equipment. He responded that it was not likely any one would be found alive, this was on Sunday by just 48 hours after building collapse.

    3. Barely some 10 minutes after my discussion with him the excarvator dismembered a body of the victim, in less than another 10 minutes another body was dismembered. In less than 30 minutes after my discussion a survivor was found.

    4. We have seen instances of rescue operations in foreign TV lasted weeks and survivors found.

    5. The LASEMA had played to the gallery on the first day the building collapsed by contradicting its self in less than 24 hours. On a channel television the same LASEMA rep said the building was initially 2 storey converted to 4storey. In another interview the same man said it was 2 storey converted to 6-storey. The issue is LASEMA is not a professional agency saddled with determining cause of building collapse. The staff of LASEMA seems to be out to play a script hence is attempt to dwel in area beyond his competence. The cause of building collapse is not determine the manner he attempted to do

    6. As for the attention given by CNN and Aljezera that would be from journalists who have erroneously constituted themselves to be agent of satan by conforming with domestic campaign against the church.
    7. What ever the lagos government and its agents have to say can not erase the fact that the aircraft that hovered severally around the building and that also visited the church mountain some 20 km away was a military aircraft. The civil aviation authority has owned up that it was a military plane and it does not have mandate to know its mission. But the civil aviation agency previously told Nigerians the plane was a training aircraft. For goodness sake why would an aircraft train in a densely populated area. We know that military train site for in Nigeria is located in Makurdi in Benue State, Kaduna. It is obvious the authorities are up for consealling the truth. We all know the aircraft in question is not a training plane it is a C130 aircraft a big operational plane with capacity to carry lethal devices. It is also used as military transport plane. It has a total of 4 propellers, two on each side.
      The Nigeria Government and cohorts should explain why a C130 plane should hoovered around a six storey building, which is the tallest building in the area. If the aircraft wanted space to hover one would expect it to do so around one storey or two storey building in the area and not around a six storey building. Looking through the horizon of clips taken the vast space seen with no building standing in view would have been appropriate place for the plane and not around the tallest building in the area.
    8. It is a common fact the military plane in the like of C130 installed with device has lethal capacity to bring down moving and stationary targets
      We repeat unequivocally the SCOAN building was brought down by device which mostly find application in military operations. The Nigeria Miliatry must have explanation to make to the world


  2. iness kakompe simwawa



  3. valentina

    Two weeks before the incident I saw cigarette smoke from the roof top and was very angry why should prophet T.B.Joshua allow such thing to happen in the house of God and before I knew it the building collapsed.
    Last week I saw a young man on white shirt with black design preaching and claiming to be prophet T.B.Joshua right inside SCOAN. Please sir beware of a betrayer and pray. God must surely see you through in Jesus name amen.


  4. paul Mwambo

    To Almighty God, may His name be glorified. I think this should be a wake up call to all liars. And I am advicing them to confess



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