Ghanaian Radio Presenter, Actor and Movie Producer Awards

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Mr Frankie Taylor, Ghanaian radio presenter, actor and movie producer is back again to testify to what God continues to do in his life, reminding us that God honours those who honour Him. After 15 years of stagnation, he visited The SCOAN where he and his wife received a prophecy at the pray line and deliverance in the power of the Holy Ghost.

Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke directly to Mrs Princess Taylor about a dark time in her life when she attempted to take her life due to marriage problems. The prophet also spoke about the way and manner they met which she confirmed instantly. After the prophecy the marriage was transformed which positively affected every area of their lives and her husband’s media career took off in a big way after 15 years of no recognition.
Since then, awards kept pouring in as he was nominated and selected for so many different titles in his media career, bringing him the breakthrough he had been desiring for. Among others, ‘Best Media Promoter Of The Year, 2014, Best Radio Personality Of The Year, 2014’ were awarded to him. The awards were on a voting basis, for which his competitors did a lot of campaigning, but he did none at all. When asked why he would say, “The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua will campaign for me!

Holding his award proudly for the glory of God, he advised those listening to him: Christ dwells in our hearts through faith, faith is the channel through which the anointing flows. Speaking to those in his profession, especially to his fellow Ghanaians, he implored them to stop spreading lies about true men of God such as Prophet T.B. Joshua, stating that “Lies can never win over the truth.”


2 thoughts on “Ghanaian Radio Presenter, Actor and Movie Producer Awards

  1. forebearance

    I am glad what the Lord has done to you for the salvation of your soul. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lives and he never said goodbye.I encourage you to read your bible and pray and to make the Word of God standard for that your breakthrough will remain permanent in Jesus Christ name.


  2. Jason Ellis

    More over. The truth will always prevail. God created this world and His son Jesus Christ has already conquered it. You will see lies or more sins but at the end the Good will always prevail. Let us glorify our Father God who never forsake us who loves us very very much. Our one only God. Our Father in Heaven.



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