TB Joshua Bodies Delayed By Nigerian Authority

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According to a government official who did not want to be named, the delays have been caused by the political haggling between South Africa and Nigeria.

The official said the Nigerian government has been refusing to have DNA analysis conducted in South Africa “even though they don’t have the expertise, facilities and skills”. Yet the Nigerian government would not allow the South African pathologists and forensic experts who travelled to Lagos to take DNA samples from the bodies, insisting on doing that itself. And it would not allow them to do the matching of the DNA samples with the DNA of the relatives of the dead.

This proves our point the those behind the tragedy played delay tactics, thinking that when the bodies decompose the chances of finding “explosive” on the bodies can’t be traced thus refusing to deploy bomb disposal unit to the scene; What a shame!

Because of the state of the bodies, just over 40 of the South African bodies could be identified by fingerprints.


8 thoughts on “TB Joshua Bodies Delayed By Nigerian Authority

  1. Hey brother in Jesus you should shut up if you do not have any knowledge of chemicals in the dead body. Which bomb trace are you talking about? If you are TBJ Fans so am I am, but by honesty I cannot lye for tb joshua. Don’t you know that even after 20 years, they can still trace bomb particules in your DNA? And South Africa can do that because it has the expertise that the entire continent does not have. You just call South Africa because it is in the African continent but normally South Africa is more than Europe. In South Africa people respect the law and no one is above it. The court was told that the building collapsed because they did not have permit to add more floors! Period! Why would you be hypocrite because you are tbj fan? are you the only one who loves tb joshua? we all loves him because he is a goog man, but we need to be rationale because families lost their loved ones!


    1. Please cool down,let us used nice words,this matter is in God ‘s hands,he knowns better than our imaginations,the thrush would come out, for me I do believe tbjoshua is an innocent man,he did not planned to killed those people as everyone are accusing him,even he did not have permit to add,or did have it those who did targeted the building did not care,their mission were to attacked the building which they did,and since I saw the cctv camera from scoan am not worrying anymore is pure attacks,without doubts,it’s was a sabotage to venged tbjoshua so the world would hated him,but me I would stick with tbjoshua till the end of this matter,nobody would change my position and I would never said any words to against him,because I his intentions were good to builded a guest house for visitors and at same times devil were targeted the building ,how many mansion with permit,and insurance being destroyed by terrorists everyday around the world?let us have an good attitude at any circonstance ,sometime we will regret after,in french it’s say: c’est dans les malheurs qu’on reconnais ces vraies Amies! C’est devant un problemes qu’on reconnais la vrai couleur du camelion.
      For me everything were over since last month,what’s going at moment is work of devil by fabricated lies and lies,influencing people around the world the bring up the matter ,devil is doing anything he can do to destroyed man of God,but let us see and wait the end of this matter.
      I would never feel ashamed if they sentence tbjoshua according to all wishes of people,he will just accomplish the scripture.
      Do you think we don’t felt sorry for those who die?we do,and maybe tbjoshua is more affected than many people,but as man of God he has to carrying on doing his duties,every Sunday more than 500 hundreds people are waiting for him,people want to see him crying in front of everyone,locked himself in his bed room,so is what you want? Soyons quand meme des humains plein de compassions,DIEU seul connait la verite,ecoutons beaucoup et parlons un peu. Trop parler peux tuer.

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      1. Be blessed son of God! Its true! ze matter is in Gods hands..Ur right’ they with try harder to pull him to down to ze ground” As a matter of fact that” This war its between God and Lucifer and his Argents ‘ Face to Face.And this tym arround” They have penetrated Gods” house of prayerz for all nations”Phiscal..By using our normal eyes ” It luks lyk a normal war.Bt zis is a bigning of phiscal Halmagedon ” last war..Orders ar nt only coming from ze ministry of Naigeria..Bt orders also r coming fro Big boss(America) to make sure This Truely Prophet of God’ is going down to ze ground. total.Why zis tym? Becoz ” they kno that’ tym is Over” and they kno ze secrete under ze Capet..That’s why ze Anger is too much for ze Man of God.Master G.O.D he is nt silence( noo),he is working mistreously ‘Spiritual and phiscal..in zis big matter” especial in these last days, When he is about to complete his last mission On Earth” when is about to raise his flag..So we don’t have argue wit fools..G.O.D’and his System they r working” day and Night..The World WL hear soon.Shaaaaaame!.*And for Papa TB Joshua Never Mind” It doesn’t matter” Its just a matter of tym! they will try harder bt they WL nt dare to toch u! This is wat Master G.O.D saying to u papa! Zerz no any replacement for ur position under ze sun! Worry nt becoz u kno ur destney..And ze big tym is coming ahead..U WL rejoice” And for ze idiot Lucifer and ur friends..I hv this small advice..U kno we’ll..wat com’s next.
        Why don’t u give up! and start beging for 4 forgiveness to ze Master creator? May be he WL change his mind” Coz I feel’ Sir for uu.Cos this tym around Papa is Very’ very Angry..He wish he can swallow ze whl world..Bt becoz G.O.D he is nt a politician’ he WL forfil his promice to his pipo” no matter wat..I kno my mic is very small.I wish I can speak loudy..Bt ze big mic ‘ is coming soon..When ze big light WL be switchd off ..In front of ur eyes..If yu Lucifer and ur friends.U kno how exactly where is the main switch to switch oon and swich off ze Big light..Then you may try ur luck..And ze world WL kno that God is with U! not Us”..Only if u can switch off Ze Sun” And U can switch it Oon..I WL salute u big boys..Do u kno actly where God has hidden ze main switch or ze master key? I feel sorry for u” because u hv been trying hardr since zen to destroy’ ever important Object on Earth which God inserted to forfil his missions.Bt zis tym’ We will Eat in ze same plate..He is also cald a Master planner’G.O.D.He never get tired…Hv read ur comment sir..Its a comment of truely Gods General..U hv touched my soul! be blessed. zis is *+Queen of ze sky( G.O.D’s biological daughter)


  2. Its a pity that during this time when the Almighty God is using powerful men like our father Prophet TB Joshua, Governments like the Nigerian can not confide themselves in the wonderful works of Christ and be part of the blessing but instead the devil is deceiving them. His name is JEHOVA the beginning and the end, HE is the TRUTH, no matter what tactics the authorities will use, the blood of the MATYRES OF FAITH shall continue to be on them, and within the space of time GOD will expose. To father in the LORD Prophet TB Joshua, the HEAVENLY HOST is there for you. for GOD anointed you to proclaim HIS gospel and to set those in captive to be free, the DEVIL as again fallen C OUNTLESS TIMES as he failed to over come KING JESUS whom we serve. GOD BLESS.


  3. I will never believe that this was a structural failure, Never. After having seen in the emmanuel tv and news papers how it look like and how it happened, I advised these guys to go to the pigs and donkeys and tell them that it was a structural failure.
    I am touch by this why, but with meekness faith, I know and foresure that god is alive and will in due course expose those satan behind this. When they done they want to see the presence of god as they believe tb joshua is not enough to be granted the power people believe he has but they are the one who does.
    I don’t care for as long as I know foresure that there is what we call the holy spirit in him therefore, no body can separate us from that truth in jesus name.
    Emmanuel .


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