Reasons – T B Joshua’s Absence From Hearings

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Prophet T B Joshua did not attend the hearings set out to investigate the cause of the collapse of a building at his church because he was not subpoenaed by authorities, said the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan).

“For someone to be able to appear in court there must be a subpoena served on that person. The prophet was not served with a subpoena, personally. Once the subpoena is served, the necessary process will follow and once we’re given a date the prophet will be there,” said Scoan spokesperson Bally Chuene.

A guesthouse at Joshua’s Lagos church collapsed September 12th, killing 116 people including 84 South Africans. Preliminary investigations are has been ignord by the authorities pointing to structural defects as the caused the collapse, but Scoan has maintained it was a controlled collapse: 

“They’ve shown exactly how it collapsed. We saying this particular building collapsed as a result of some controlled demolition of some sort. Yes we want the Nigerian Aviation Authorities to investigate the involvement of that particular plane which was flying overheard at 10 feet gap between the building and the JET shortly before the collapse,” said Chuene.

By John Howard

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8 thoughts on “Reasons – T B Joshua’s Absence From Hearings

  1. Martin Ndembe

    No one can battle with the lord,not even to judge his will,even a nation in the whole wide world cannot judge Prophet TB Joshua and win,try it…The catastroph of part of the SCOAN Visitors Guest House and Restaurant was a controlled Collapse.


    1. tony gonani

      That’s the Christian journey, the persecutions of the Christians dated back during the life time of Jesus, during the time of apostles its now us todays Christians,Tb Joshua is innocent over the matter and the aviation department of Nigeria should be the responsible to give out their findings over the incident. Leave him alone he is not a politician.


  2. Alice Kalaba

    Who can not see that that was indeed a controlled demolition please.may God forgive all that are lying against Man of God .we leave it to God but the truth will surely come out


  3. Lasisi

    Yes the Aviation Authority must explain what a Military plane came to do in residential area.
    Where did the plane take off from?
    Where and when did it land?
    What was its flight plan?
    What was its mission.
    We know that Military aircraft have capacity to inflict lethal weapons on any target. We also know that Military aircraft mounted with High Energy Laser and Electromagnetic devices have successively been launched at targets. The HEL has capacity to pulverized concrete to powder form and it does with out dicipating heat to its surrounding. It is a direct target device. When the concrete around a reinforced structural element is pulverized then the structure is bound to fail. As for the SCOAN building if the columns on ground floor is destroyed with a direct energy lethal device like laser, the build would fail the manner it came down. The coroner has to look beyond the officials of Lagos State whos limited in knowledge cannot unravel the cause of collapse. The simplest and easiest thin to say is to claim its structural failure and doing this would amount misplaced judgement.



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